Lady Death tosses and turns as she sleeps. Her mind plagued by an unknown force. A haunting voice echoes within her mind. It scoffs at her efforts to rest easy and relaxed as she once did. Grabbing the sheets of the bed feverishly trying

to fight the unknown. Her body sweats and seems to be turning on itself. Lady Death awakes with a blood curdling scream as she looks around for the unknown threat. Seeing nothing she falls back onto her satin sheets and blankets made of animal skins.

"Twas nothing" as she breathes heavily trying to collect her thoughts. Easing herself back into comfort zone she closes her eyes, but as she closes them she sees a shadow cast across the walls. She gasps as she rises to her feet wondering if this is the one who taunts her.

Lady Death regains herself, grabbing a dagger, and stands to meet this new threat as she creeps into the hallway from her bedroom. Carefully and with great stealth she peers down each hallway. Her long red satin night gown flows against all of her curves as she moves further into the hallway. Slinking like a mystical cat on the prowl. She sees the shadow once more not much further away from her.

Lady Death springs into action as she rounds the curve dagger in hand to meet this foe. She smiles to herself as she sees her Nameless wolves and their new found prey a small mouse cornered.

Shaking her head wondering why she was so jittery to begin with. She knew her pets were around, but

what of these dreams..well nightmares.

She shakes her head and thinks to herself a ruler of Hell should not quiver so in her sleep. She knows all too well the consequences for a sign of weakness even in Hell. A battle would rage to take her throne and her title as ruler. Her title of Death well written in time, but not so much her title of Queen of the condemed. It would be fought for many times over. Her blood thirsty nature endured it and lavished in the battle cries for victims to fall to her blade.

Maybe it was demonic bloodline calling for more or perhaps her angelic side wishing for her to stop these wars. No matter she needed sleep desperately. Her thoughts were clouded as of late. What of this voice that taunted her soul....it was no inner voice. It was more like someone parading in her mind.

Lady Death returns to her bed chamber and puts the dagger back under her pillow. Crawling back into

bed exhausted and drained. Lady Death again retires for the night. Hoping to rest enough to have energy for the days/wars to come. Closing her eyes once more to dream another dreams she sleeps for now.

LD @---}---

Posted by Asymmetrical

Awesome writing! Hope to see more of it soon!