Deals with Death

((An old post in a RP that never went past the first post, but I liked the post so much I had to blog it to keep it.))

As she lies back in her over-sized tub full of hot water and bath salts, she reflects upon each attempt of the past to find a human that had some useful qualities; loyalty, honor, or even a semblance of justice. Humans would gladly point at her and say she is evil, but in the end she was a scorned woman who's past is riddled in death. The white skin under the water twinkled with the moon light shining into the bathroom. Lyn watched as the light moved and flickered upon the water she rested in. Few humans have even come close to passing her tests. Two rang out in her memory. Not because she felt any love for them, but because they came close.

The first was Dorian, an aristocrat from the 1800's. She offered him a long life in return he not look upon an unfinished painting of himself. As long as he did not look upon the painting before completion the man would live an eternal youth of a life. Dorian broke his word and gazed into the eyes of the painting of himself. Lady Death appeared before him and claimed his life was doomed unless he alone could find a way to stop it. She left him to reflect on her words as she explained he had to stare at the painting for ten minutes a day to keep his youthful look. Dorian knew his life was now connected to the painting.

Each day he would look into the painting to be revolting more and more by the hideous man he saw. After many years the man in the painting became a corpse with maggots crawling from the skin's broken and frail appearance. Dorian went mad as he could not bare the horror he would become if he did not look at the painting. He found solstice in the eyes of a young woman who was quite beautiful. Death watched from the shadows as the love between these two unfolded. Her father/Dorian's friend found out of the affair and damned it. Dorian killed his friend to keep his beloved. Just as the young woman was pulling him from the brink of madness, he plummeted further into ruin. Dorian had gone completely insane with rage and lust for his new found love.

Lyn could not watch any longer and secretly told the father of the young maid of how to destroy Dorian. Before nightfall the next day, Dorian could not stop the destruction of the painting that held his life in the living realm. His corpse fell to the ground before he could kill his young lover along with him. In his last ditch effort he tried to strangle the girl so she too could join him in the afterlife. Lyn walked away discouraged once more. There was just a glimmer of hope and it was quickly extinguished by insanity and lust.

The second was yet another man. Unfortunately Lyn could not find any woman who came close to passing her tests. This man still lived without any knowledge of what she had put him through. Lyn had taken pity on him for once by removing all memories of the ordeal. It was rare occasion, but still happened.

Lady Lyn Death rose from the tub and stepped out from the serenity of the water. She wrapped herself in a silken robe as she moved through her home within Eternus Obscurum. Her hair laid flat to her back from being dripping wet. Water trailed itself from her flesh and rested onto the floor below her feet as she moved leaving behind puddles of feminine footsteps. Lyn made her way to the highest balcony to look out onto the world around her. "Perhaps Kain is right. I should stop reflecting on the past and look only to the future, but even the past can bite back.", Lyn thought to herself. A breeze made her wet hair sway and move within the moonlight. It made her look almost like a deity of the mythological legends. Some legends hold too many truths.

Lyn crossed her arms as she leaned her elbows onto the balcony's fencing and sighed heavily. Ever the strategists and thinker, Lyn still trailed her thoughts onto the upcoming events. There was word of someone searching for Death and that was something she could not have. Lyn held onto her secrets better than any government did. Right now all she could do was send out denizens of the night to search out the one who was searching for her. Hopefully she would find them fast and dispatch them from the realm of the living.

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I'm going to knock that truth jerk on his ass! Just you wait!

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@SurelockeHomes: LOL! I loved this post and sad to see the RP never took off.

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@ladydeath: Oh it will. I promise you, it will.
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This is actually a good idea. I might do the same with some of my old posts

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