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ha ha ha... thats totally hilarious

Vader got B-Boy Moves
Posted by Decept-O

That was Suh-Weet!  Thanks for posting it.

Posted by Battalion

Vader the lord of the dance

Posted by Homicide


Most awesome Star Wars video I have ever seen xD 
Posted by pixelized

that made me smile

Posted by MC Hammer

Vader's got the moves.

Posted by Lady Tlieso

I think I have watched it at least 10 times, I wish it was longer. Vader is the man.

Posted by Risky

You attempted murder at me, Lady T. I nearly laughed myself to death. This so awesome and the level of funnyness eludes my feeble vocabulary if there are even words for it. ROFLMMFAO

Posted by Dreadmaster

Holy sh!t!!! That is awesome, i didn't know Vader and his Stormtroopers had moves

Posted by Lady Tlieso
@dreadmaster: Vader is the man!
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Lol! I love these videos, I was there one time, but Vader never did that

Posted by The Devil Tiger

YEAH !!!! LOL !