Beast finds a way to revive the mutant race.
No more crossovers for at least a year. 
Consistent writers/artists on titles. Changing them constantly is annoying.
Never hire greg land again.
Bring Marvel Knights back & make it like it used to be. 
Focus on characters other then Deadpool, Wolverine & Captain America. 
Promote Guardians of the Galaxy more, it's an amazing & consistently good comic that is always overlooked.

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Posted by Dreadmaster

I like the last option the most. :-)

Posted by Lady Tlieso
@dreadmaster: Thats cause you have very good taste in comics. :-)
Posted by Dreadmaster
@Lady Tlieso: If i'm not mistaken the same could be said for you. :-)
Posted by Lady Tlieso
@dreadmaster: aw thanks!! I hope you don;t think that I was trying to out you down in DC's thread about Elite Replacements. I think you're all really talented but why limit yourself to trying to be another person, you have a lot of things going for you that DC doesn;t. Hopefully we'll be in the same RPG one day.
Posted by Dreadmaster
@Lady Tlieso: Oh no its cool, i don't epect to get praise from everyone, i think its actually quite funny to mirror myself from Darkchild, really i may be going down te red path and using his powers but i already have a direction planned for my character and hope its not too similar to Darkchild. Hope you like what i come up with and being in the same RPG with you would be AWESOME!! I mean you are a top notch RPG writer and your posts are nothing sort of spectacular and i would be honored to be in the same RPG as you. Thats the truth.
Posted by Slinger

I knew I forgot something; Greg Land shouldn't ever be able to find work.

Posted by dstorres

Guardians (so far) wasn't canceled, it and Nova were put on Hiatus due to Thanos Imperative (that's the official line at least).