Legacies, Coattails and other self-important bullsh*t

First things first, this is my opinion on my blog and if you don't like it or me why the hell are you reading it?

Since the launch of Anime Vice, well no this has actually been going on longer than that I think that by having a similar site to go to has really drawn my attention to it. Yes, a lot of people have switched over and not all of them are huge anime fans. I personally like some anime but don't know enough about them to be getting into any serious discussions about them. I am more of a comic fan and while I don't plan to leave the Vine entirely, I probably will be spending more time over on Vice. My reasons, and many others, for switching to a site when are main interests lie here are simple, there is no drama. Everything that has made the Vine an unpleasant place to be are not over there. All the back-stabbing, attention hungry , self-important bullsh*t hasn't made it's way there and it's amazing! It reminds me of the Vine as it was when I first came here over a year and a half ago. People can talk, joke around and pick on each other without having to worry if someone is going to take it seriously. RPGs are about different people not the same couple that they're always about. I'm sure things will change in the future but I certainly hope not. Yes, there are teams there now and many of the same threads but who cares? Having the same thread in both places doesn't make one better then the other. As for teams, I can only speak for myself when I say that while I like being a part of one I sincerely hope that they don;t ever get to the level that they are here. People have gotten a seriously overinflated opinion of themselves because of them. People seem to forget that they are not real! You are not a powerful leader with a vast army loyal to you! The Vine is not reality people!!!!

Now onto another topic at hand. When I think about the vine and legacies I think about three people and three people only.

  • Mighty Magneto
  • Final Arrow
  • Gambler
I have had the pleasure to role play and team with them several times in the time I've been here. I have had the pleasure (and displeasure in some cases) of being on teams with other people and they have yet to live up to these. Some people have charisma and are good leaders, others are just friends with the right people.

Well enough venting, if you want to stay on the Vine then stay here. If you want to go to Vice then go, just stop talking sh*t about everyone who's decision is not the same as yours.
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Of course....

Several years ago I dressed as Poison Ivy, not the lame one from the movies though. I had a picture but I have no clue where it is now.

The rad red Dryad.
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For me the art is everything...

I would love to say that good writing could make up for bad art but I don;t believe thats true. Bad artwork can distract me from a story so much that all I can remember is how everyone looks the same now & not a thing about the actual story. Greg Land is a HUGE example of this. I cannot put into words how much I hate his work on the X-Men. Try as I might I cannot remember a single thing about the most recent issues other then how everyone looks the same now & what the hell did he do to Pixie?!?! How did she go from an undeveloped girl to a porn star looking raver?!
Another title I'm having trouble getting used to now is the Runaways. This anime/manga style is really not my favorite but I'm hoping it'll grow on me.

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Well Duh!

Of course my friends know that I read comic books. I am not ashamed to admit that I read them & have made more friends because of it.

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