I'm trying to find an Asian female comic character & not having any luck. Of course there is Psylocke but she's not at all what I'm looking for. Please help me!!

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Going to be gone longer than expected.

Some of you now that I had surgery yesterday, what I originally went in for ended up not being there at all. Weird right? Anyways, i ended up getting my appendix removed.  Since that was a little more invasive it's going to take longer to recover. I'm staying at my parents til I feel better & they only have dial-up :-( so I won't be on again til i get back to my place. I tried to just PM some of you but the site keep freezing up (Yay for AOL!) so I gave up & did this. See you later, Long live the Femme Fatales!!!

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Curiosity killed the Viner?

I recently published a blog announcing my frustration with some things that have been going on lately. There was no swearing, no one was fighting or being sexist/racist/etc. Do anyone know why it was locked? If I was doing something wrong I'd like to know so that it doesn;t happen again in the future. And before you ask I have already talked to several Mods & they didn't see any issues with the thread. So what exactly causes a thread to be locked?

Hopefully this won't get me banned. *crosses fingers*


Morons on the Vine part 3

It's been a while since my last Moron post but it seems it's time for another one. As I've said before, this is my opinion and my opinion only blah blah etc.

I'm not some uptight prude or overly sensitive by any means but lately it seems like the vine has been leaning towards the rude side. All the threads wanting to know if girls read comics, if there's any girls on site, female characters breast size and just uncalled for rudeness in posts. You just know if a lesser person had said some of them they would have been banned. It's getting a little f*cking ridiculous.  I understand freedom of speech and all but gimme a break. That is exactly why many females pretend to be male on the net so they don't have to deal with that kind of crap. Any thread about female comic readers always ends with far too many people saying that they're all ugly. Maybe some of you should look into the mirror before you make comments like that. I've been here for several years & it makes me feel very unwelcome, I can't imagine how a new person would feel. Some people seem to think that the moon and stars revolve around them, it's pretty d@mn sad.


how do i feel..........

I think that is they are well written they can add a different dimension to the comic. Take Molly from Runaways for example, she adds so much to each story & is written like an actual child. Some kids seem to only exist so they can be killed & cause drama. No thanks. Molly is awesome!

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Twilight................with Cheeseburgers?

Those who know me are aware of my utter hatred for Twilight & it's sparkly vampires, real vampires don't f#cking sparkle. Anywhoo, I have to say I would actually watch this movie.  I love the sparkle effect when messy hair guy is lying in the sun.




I would love to see Fables made into a cartoon series. It'd have to be for adults of course but I think it would be highly entertaining & unlike anything else that's out today.

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Only one choice for me.....

The first character that came to mind when I read this question was Colossus.  When he injected himself with the Legacy Virus the way he cried out to Illyana still makes me sad. It was such touching moment.

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