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@the_superior_sapien: Atomikill presumably just has a busy schedule.

Me? My time is being devoured by Crusader Kings 2 and World of Tanks.

I've already got two hundred hours of gameplay logged into the former and I've only had it for two and a half weeks. @_@

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@warsman: Guardian of Gravity is me yes.

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@_atomikill_: I think you skipped me over.

I'm LJ by the way.

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Warsman is a Darkseid/Thanos tier character. You're not beating him with people lower than superman's weight category.

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The Scourge of the Universe, the Hierarchy has been responsible for the depopulation of vast swathes of the universe in it's holy war to eradicate the lingering legacies of the Masari from the cosmos, meaning the deaths of each and every species that shares the Masari's general phenotype, a quest to eradicate every near-human species in the cosmos that has seen much of the universe embroiled in a war for a hundred thousand years. Throughout this war, a great many beings with great powers have been battled by the Hierarchy, and so fire was fought with fire. Cadres of metabeings were created or recruited, some as little more than elite fodder such as the infamous Brutes, others were so much more than that.

Underseer Vulkoros falls into the latter group. A Zudjari, Vulkoros enjoys a special relation with the Overseers that lesser favoured species in the Hierarchy do not. Relations that let him easily transfer into the ranks of the Underseers, among the most elite of the Hierarchy, after a distinguished career as a fleetmaster and part of the Overseer guard. There he underwent a supersoldier project of his choice, meant to allow him to handle ultra-high end foes. A veritable grocery list of metapowers were given to him, turning him into an undeniable powerhouse.

As Underseer, he would be given command over vast numbers of forces to go along with his newfound powers, and would take on the most important and glorious of missions for the greater glory of the Hierarchy. Countless scourings, a vast number of species wiped out for the Hierarchy's honor, conquest after conquest, innumerable foes were laid low by Vulkoros. His name became a legend both among the Hierarchy and it's allies, and among all it's enemies and even those who tried to stay neutral in the universe shaking birthstar war.

The times of conquest were good for him. Glory and prestige were his and the exhilarating thrill of combat flushed through him. Wondrous battles across the stars were to be had, with him at the forefront. It was an exciting time to be alive. Though a true believer in the Hierarchy's genocidal mission, the chance to engage in a level of combat he never could before was what really got him interested. It was this that he lived for above all else, and he grew a sort of respect for many of his opponents, though they were certainly still enemies to be vanquished. Even the Novii he grew to respect as he took part in the eradication of that species from the stars.

Vulkoros in a stripped down ersion of his normal suit

But as the millenia wore on, it became clear that the Hierarchy would not have the quick victory it imagined itself as having. Though many polities allied with the Hierarchy for one reason or another, even more nations rallied against the Hierarchy to fight against the threat of annihilation that the Grand Overseers had presented to them all. The resistance just kept on growing and growing, and despite initial great gains, even standing at the very doorstep of Chiron in their invasion of the Imperium of Man, standing so close to the Platinum Palace that they could make out it's spires, a goal that was always first in their minds, the Hierarchy began to stall.

Lantern sects threw themselves whole-heartedly against the Hierarchy, Ork Waaaghs drew themselves to the Hierarchy in search of a battle against the invaders, the Protectorate increasingly began to plague their efforts, cosmic entities deemed their empire to be a threat to the continued existence of the cosmos. Resistance movements flared up in already conquered territories, and old foes found second winds to press them back. Vulkoros went from leading countless conquests and deep territory grabbing maneuvers to stalemates, retreats, and having to battle with his all for every centimeter of territory he sought to take for the Hierarchy.

Even as other fronts for advance were sought, bringing them into conflict with yet more powers and taking in more allies for their cause, Vulkoros found that the Hierarchy had thrown itself into a situation that it could only come out of either in total victory or in total surrender. And that was before the troubles hit the Hierarchy, the secession of a number of important member states, the loss of their capital to the thoughtsin, the loss of two Grand Overseers in rapid succession, wildly successful offensives against the aliens, the surrender of many allies to the coalition built against it.

Now Grand Overseer throws his last rolls of the dice in hopes of winning what seems to be a losing war as the enemies of the crusade circle around it. And Vulkoros has been tasked with ensuring that these gambles pay off by any means necessary. Whether it be accessing the resources of Hierarchies of other realities, finding superweapons or ancient artifacts that could turn the tide, recruiting new allies, or throwing what he can spare into offensives or defensive actions meant to stem the tide of a Universe lashing out against millenia of evil.

A hundred thousand years of total war changes a man


Super strength: As part of his alterations, Vulkoros was made into a titan of physical prowess. Capable of shattering even godly weapons and armor with his hands or towing/pushing the often light years wide installations of the Hierarchy and easily taking on entire teams of metahumans, Vulkoros' physical might has very ill defined limits, and he grows more powerful as a fight goes along to seemingly no limit, resetting to a certain base if he has gone without conflict for an hour.

Super durability: Vulkoros is of course, as durable as he is strong, having pushed through supernovas, godblasts, planet atomizers, and he is similarly also tremendously resistant to matter, spacetime, reality, and energy manipulations such as transmutation, timestops, attempts to meddle with his history or reality, or steal his speed. That is not to say he is immune, sufficient force can in fact overcome this resistance or partially affect him. Like his strength, his durability increases across the board over time. His immune system is also similarly enhanced, being immune to all disease, toxins, and radiation, and the Me'traaynid vaccine has given him protection against the thoughtsin.

Super-speed: Vulkoros is tremendously fast and nimble, capable of engaging in hyperluminal combat with mega-gauge frankensteins, primalborn, or others possessed of the speed of the Zephyr. In terms of pure travel speed, he is quite capable of traversing inter-galactic distances within short spans of time, though for gulfs of space covering quadrillions of light years it is usually faster to just use a metaspace drive capable ship. In addition, his speedy metabolism can allow for much faster healing and renders him tireless, though not the regeneration of severed limbs without aid. Like his other powers, this increases over time as a fight carries on.

Enhanced senses: All of Vulkoros' senses are highly enhanced and capable of being fine tuned as the need arises. This includes all wavelengths sight, olfactory sensors capable of detecting any chemical, all frequency hearing, and so on. If tuned to the maximum of any particular sense, sensory overload can become a severe problem, resulting in ignominious defeats by things such as bright lights when his vision was set to maximum. The maximum limit of his senses can increase as time goes along in a battle.

Flight: Flight is of course, a necessary power to truly compete in the big leagues of metapowered beings, and Vulkoros is no exception. A skilled flier, Vulkoros has had a great deal of time to practice this particular skill.

Bio-energy: Vulkoros' most unique ability is the ability to project biologically generated energy effects, as well as manipulate other forms of energy. Commonly expressed through heat vision capable of burning through Adamantium, electricity that can burn away much of a planet, energy draining torrents that result in deathly cold, kinetic energy amplifications for more force behind whatever he needs doing at the moment, or lethal ionizing radiation effects to quickly put down organic foes, the Underseer can also engage in energy manipulation or absorbtion if he is aware of the energy source. Energy attacks that catch him off guard still harm him normally. Energy abilities increase over time with a fight. Sufficiently powerful energy attacks can simply overwhelm his manipulation and absorbtion abilities.

Psionics: Psychic abilities are quite ubiquitous among the Hierarchy, and Vulkoros is no exception. Primarily focusing on Telepathy and Biokinetics, Vulkoros is capable of mentally disabling a foe or hijacking the very organic structure of their bodies, or using said powers to enhance others, healing them or even granting them powers of their own. Technopathy and Telekinetics are skills that Vulkoros is also picking up, but his ability with this is substandard compared to his preferred disciplines of psionics, generally only being capable of basic or moderately complex effects of this nature. The limits of his psionics increase as time goes along, though his skill does not.


Intelligence: The Hierarchy for all of it's faults, does a good job at preventing fools from getting into power. This particular Underseer's keen mind for combat, politics, and warfare helped him get where is now. Though by no means an omnidisciplinarian, he's well educated and does his best to ensure that he can at the least understand the gist of anything he's told.

Skill: Though experience does in fact, plateau in terms of returns, it's hard to discount someone who has had a hundred thousand years to train and practice and an unspecified but long time to get used to his abilities. He knows his abilities inside and out and customizes his fighting style to make use of his powers and experiences as best as he can.


Power suit: Made out of Omega Alloy, a material that is about as strong as the laws of physics will allow, his Power Suit serves primarily to provide him with sensory enhancement such as all angles sensory ability, technological interface, constant communications, as well as a booster for his own energy generation abilities. Though it does have physical enhancements, they're relatively minor, a simple tripling. The suit also possesses high grade multi-layer shielding, scanning equipment, and femtoparticle composition that allows it to reshape itself, usually to assume a more shock absorbing structure in anticipation of impact. Though resistant to technopathy, the suit is by no means immune, and he requires special modules to stop intangilable opponents. On rare occasions he can access suits that incorporate Primordium for truly high level play, but the substance is extremely precious among the Hierarchy and the material is usually needed elsewhere.

Hard-light omnitool: An all purpose device, the omnitools on his wrist can serve just about any purpose he can need them to as the technology allows photons to mimic being matter while still being easily reconfigurable. In battle the most relevant usage would be to form focusing or amplification devices for his energy generation or psionic powers, or to create melee weapons if he feels that being unarmed would be too much of a disadvantage. They can also augment his shielding, though as it draws on his power generation, repeatedly striking the shields with sufficient force literally exhausts him, and breaking them takes all the wind out of his sails.


Needs outside assistance to regenerate severed body parts: Self evident.

Energy manipulation and absorbtion only works when he is aware of the attack: Self evident

No explicit resistance to magic, cosmic energy, or psionics: Other than refocusing his psychic powers to defend his mind and body and attempting to absorb or control incoming energy, he does not have any special resistance to these energies. A spell that directly targets his soul such as hellfire, a cosmically empowered artifact attempting to entrap him inside of itself, or a psychic scream to flense his psyche all bypass his usually formidable resistances unless he brings outside devices for protection.

Energy X: Energy X powered attacks cause him significantly more damage to him than they should otherwise do, something about the nature of his empowerment means that this mysterious empowering force does not agree with him unless carefully dosed to him, otherwise what would simply knock a hundred tonner off their feet could blast a hole in him. He is not capable of absorbing or manipulating this energy either. Energy X charged substances cause him physical discomfort to excruciating pain or even risk of death depending on how much of the energy they are radiating outwards.

Technopathy: Other than powerful computer security systems and attempts at shutting out unwanted signals, his equipment has no special resistance to technopaths, rendering these usual assets a dangerous liability, especially the suit as it is strong enough to actually restrain him entirely or move against his own will. His suit can also flush him with special energy X batteries, a special failsafe mechanism in case he goes rogue, one that a technopath could access and immediately use to put him out of a fight.

Human-esque anatomy: Save for some differences, such as having a dual diaphragm/air sac lung structure, a redundant heart, a completely different mouth structure, a front/back hemispherical brain structure, a six chambered stomach, and purple iron and cobalt based blood, Vulkoros' body has an anatomy that would be quite familiar to an anatomist. It would not take long to figure out the slight differences in pressure points and generally any weak point of a human is a weak point of his.

BFR: While directly attempting to teleport him is usually futile, there's nothing stopping someone from opening a portal in front of him and entrapping him somewhere he cannot easily leave or rejoin a fight from. Though his transponders allow him to be located across dimensions, he has to either wait for pick up or find a way back on his own if he were to be trapped in for example; Asgard.

Blood Knight: Vulkoros loves to fight, so much so that he will take steps to actively prolong a fight if he senses an opponent is a worthy challenge, doing foolish things like offering them back their weapons, letting them recover, or offering them tips and advice to provide as much fun for him if they can. A flaw of personality that has lead to a number of defeats at both the personal and strategic scale.

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@_atomikill_: @strigidae_23: @pyrogram: @rafael_romeiro: @the_superior_sapien: @jack_:

Rose was one of the last of her kind. Just three others of her species existed in the whole of the Universe. Just four remainders of a once great people extinguished just ten years ago. She had seen her world burn, her mother devoured, her father give up his life. She had fought the Hierarchy and other madmen who sought to burn away the old to make room for the new. A legion of revolutionaries convinced that all that was standing between them and Utopia was a pile of skulls here and there and prior existing civilizations. And she was so damn sick of those kinds of people.

She attempted to stop the devastation of the city, to unleash the weaving webs of wonders that her wands could have released, but the sickening, dark corruption of the Lord of Doom seized that strand of fate, forced it from mere possibility and turned it into inevitability. The slightest force of will from her dark adversary made her own intervention at the needed hour impossible. Fate had been set, destiny was scripted, the path could not be altered, and a city died in an instant for that nefarious purpose. Anger seized her heart, clutching at it, made her almost want to puke up something as emotion seized control.

She had to bite her tongue so that she could regain control of her faculties, seize the moment of calm back in her hands and beat back the dragon of rage. Focus was what she needed, not blind unthinking anger. Focus would be what carried the day. She could be angry of course, but her fury had to be tranquil or else she could very well cause more damage than already had been done. Mantras of calmness passed down to her by the Jiracho Retain calm, bring your mind to a place of ease even as the world before you lays bare it's most hideous of insults.

John of course, was always the more tempermental of the pair. "They....they didn't do anything to him!" He exclaimed as he gripped the haft of his returning hammer while Rose's needlewands jabbed through the torso of one of the machines, primordium slicing cleanly into the adamantium so that a spell of transmutation could take effect, turning the insides of the machine into a ticking timebomb of chrono-warping proportions so that when she flung it back into a mob of it's brethern, they would be given a one way ticket back to the cosmic inflation event to get a front row seat to see the deadly collision of matter and anti-matter in proportions far vaster than the meager survivors of that cataclysm that made up everything today that would decide which form of that which is would dominate the universe.

"John, please, do not let your temper get the be-" She said, but her words were already lost on the boy as his gaze was cast skywards in hopes of finding whomever did this. Injustice had been done, and now it had to be rectified. A Paladin's upbringing may have helped him maintain his incorruptibility but it also made him far too quick to leap into the good fight. "Someone's going to pay!" He shouted as he prepared to throw himself into the fray before a firm hand gripped his pauldron, an invisible force conjured by her magicks and her mind.

"John listen to me! My premonitions are dark and clouded, meaning he is being given the unknowing support of the dark two. We cannot just throw caution to the winds and heave ourselves into combat without a proper idea of what lies ahead!" She said, her verbose voice perhaps starting to fray a bit at the edges as she found herself battling with her desire to avenge those who had been lost.

"I won't let him hurt anyone else! We can't wait, we've gott-" He started before Rose promptly slapped him, a blow that did not injure, but quickly informed him that she was not having it. "John, no! Just...listen to me. People already have been hurt. I don't them getting hurt because we were being stupid and reckless...I...I don't want you to get hurt because you were being dumb. Please, John, just let me think of a plan." She said, dropping her verbal mouthfuls in favor of plain, simple speak.

Turning his winged helmet to her, he let out a sigh. "Yeah, you're're good at planning." He said, smiling meekly beneath his helmet as the clutch of shame gripped his chest. Giving him a nod, the girl quickly set about on how to best draw their adversary away from the city and towards the countryside where there was a minimum of individuals to risk harm or injury from the likely ensuing clash. A few mullings over the strands of fate and her own knowledge of the psychology of violent utopists later and she had an idea.

"John, I think the situation calls for, what did you call it? The windy thing?" She said, prompting him to smirk.

A few minutes later

On the machine's scanners, a tremendous outpouring of utterly unnatural winds would be detected as the heir of breath conjured forth storms that no natural power could conjure unaided. Lightning far in excess of the mightiest bolts that storm clouds typically produced was brought down, winds that could carve through rock like butter whipped about in a frenzy, battering aside machines that stood in their path. The Adamantium of course, held trivially. These winds were nowhere near what it took to breach something as powerful as that particular substance, nor was the lightning anymore than a nuisance. Even the freak rainstorms that flooded large swathes of terrain could at best, knock the machines off their feet.

It was the fact that the storm actively avoided any living beings that would be the attention grabber. Wind wrapped well around surviving people or incoming heroes, Lightning took impossible directions to ensure accuracy against the machines but no harm to the people, even the water flowed around and away from people. All of this was meant solely to get the Machine Gods' attentions, to distract him and make him turn his focus away from the city. Surely a storm of this nature meant that some sort of Thunder deity was issuing a challenge to the machine. It could be anyone from Thor to Umvelinqangi, the Zulu Skyfather and lord of Storms and Earthquakes.

Well, if he guessed Thor at first, he wouldn't be wrong about part of the storm coming from a hammer wielder. Hopefully distracted, Rose had set up a plan for the machine to receive one hell of a sucker punch as John's hammer came hurtling right through the storm and aiming directly for the machine's chest, the sound barrier issuing it's thundering protests as the instrument of doom rocketed for it's center of mass in a way meant to knock the wind out of his sails and set him up for flickering magical faerie flames to ghostily appear in his path to attempt to absorb his retaliation while keeping him disoriented and cut off from the outside world so that the follow up barrage of magical brilliant white force bolts from the heavens would be able to cascade with the faerie flames, amplifying their own strength so as to literally knock him out of the park just as the winds swirled into blue tendrils of incredible velocity that would snake towards the machine and smash it into the ground if they could but connect.

There at the ground, John would be waiting to reclaim his hammer and then lift it over his head, shield at the ready in the other, to bring it down onto his chest once more and piledrive him into the dirt. "Easy way or hard way. Easy way you stay down, hard way I give you a few more hard knocks." He said, not fully expecting the machine to know him unless it had kept tabs on his brief intervention in the Hierarchy's invasion of the Earth as the storms disappeared on cue, nightmarish weather disappearing instantly.

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It was a popular point of debate in the Imperium as to which of the four known primalborn was the most powerful or dangerous to the foes of good. John with his all surpassing strength, mastery of the concept of freedom and lordship over all the winds and weathers of the cosmos and the warp, Dave with his incredible speed, his deep knowledge of truenaming, mastery over time, and overall superior skill, or Jade with her mastery over space and access to the limitless power of the green sun. Rose on the other hand, Rose was more than just a sorceress, she was more than a provider of light to smite down enemies, she had more than just mastery over probability, but she was a mistress of knowledge. She had her fingertips on the pulse of the skeins of reality, she could always see the way to enact the best possible outcome, and she had staggering degrees of remote awareness and clairvoyance.

As she lost herself in studying the myriad strands of reality, doing her best to perceive which was tainted by the dark touch of the Fallen one, to see where the Lord of Doom's mastery over fate and reality had bent the paths out of their proper shape, her musings of the future were disrupted by the altercations of the present. Amidst the sick, diseased order forged in subtle craft by the master of fate and death, she saw a ripple, not ahead, but beside. Separated not temporally, but spacially. She investigated, drawing her mind away from her eternal mental games with the vast intellect of the fallen one and his bride. Curious, she followed it.

Use of magic was used to supplement her own inherent abilities, seeing where this ripple originated from, and where it would lead. The drop came, the small minded always seeking to take the power of that which they idolized and turn it into something they could bend and twist to their own dark designs. As ever was the folly of those who were strong who witnessed something stronger than they. A being of great power replicated, but unfinished, left of strong body but feeble mind. Capable of destroying the world on which it hailed from with a simple too hard tread. And it greedily sought more.

Power from the division of the Atom at a facility made to feed the energy needs of the Earth she had only visited on brief occasions. Power that would bring only ruin and catastrophe in the hands of one who lashed out with childlike simplicity at all things it perceived as threats. Already, some had gathered to oppose it, but the skeins of the cosmos revealed more possibilities. Others joining the grim caricature's fumbling crusade for energy. A great scaled beast that drew on the power red, a myriad of entities connected to dark powers, all malevolent, all having something to gain through nuclear disaster and the world's potential scouring.

And as ever, the Dark two stood to gain from this, their sinister grip profiting from all such misfortune and woe. She would not, could not allow this to transpire, her mind already formulated plans with which to act, her mind calculating and reviewing potential strategies and tactics in her planned commencement of conflict. She reviewed her potential list of allies, compatriots in battle forged over her years of activity. She dismissed one after the other, each failing to meet her stringent criteria. Tuaragol the World that Lived was far too large, and the Earth would certainly throw itself into a panic if that being appeared and loomed large in it's horizons. Ssi-Ruuvus, the Druid Supreme; was busy in another dimension, musing on the power of life and nature as it sought to rectify the wrong doings of a hell lord. Taranis was on a diplomatic trip to the Kami, seeking to establish ties with the gods of the land of the rising sun. The Morrigans were lovers of violence for it's own sake, and she doubted she could drag them away from their conflict with the Jotun at the current moment.

Powerful though they may be, she did not feel as if the adventurers in Jade's large posse of space farers would suit her needs, and so she dismissed that thought outright. Her brother and his beloved Jade were currently on a romantic excursion throughout the bounds of time itself and she did not have it in her to interrupt them for this task. Razzle-Dazzle was certainly fast and speedy to be sure, but to drag her out of Canada would require a confrontation with Andreinov thanks to his sealing of the borders to Canada's southernly neighbor. Again and again she thought up allies before settling on one, her most trustworthy compatriot in all things.

Turning to John, she patted the boy in blue's shoulders and asked a simple question. "Would you care to accompany on an excursion to the Earth?" She said, her young lips curling into a smile as the bespectacled lad of the winds turned up to her with a quirked eyebrow, mouth currently stuffed full of gushers to create a veritable explosion of fructose saturated multicoloured junk when he bit down on them, his blue eyes inquisitive and curious, but also a tad dorky when accompanied by his hamster cheeked expression brought about by his present activity. With a hard swallow, the boy decided to pose the obvious question.

"Oh sure! But ummm...what for?" He asked before she sat herself on the arm of the couch that lay in his personal room in the Platinum Palace on Chiron. She had some fair measure of explaining to do.