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Of course those whale killing Norgies have the bestest per capita wealth. ]=<

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@strigidae_22: South Korea works like 20% more hours on average than Japan or America which already are two of the hardest working countries.

The RoK also has some of the highest suicide rates and stress related illnesses on Earth.

Japan and Singapore I believe are entirely on par with the west living standards wise. Japan's huge economic growth in the post WW2 era was more the country reaching our per capita wealth. If China hits 1st world per capita wealth then it's golden for economic supremacy. It doesn't need to pass our standards man to man, just get to a good fraction. And that's entirely doable, almost easy even.

Of course, China does not want to be the new USSR. There's more benefit to the west being friends with China rather than an adversary. For now anyway.

Brazil also has the potential to be the America of the south, she's big, she has resources, and she's by far the strongest country in the continent. All it needs is a run of competent leadership and good times.

Of course a lot of twentieth century rags to riches stories followed Stalin's example of an authoritarian or even totalitarian nation forcefully dragging a large or strategically important backwater into the present day and not letting anything stop them. Of course, the Stalins of the world were ruthlessly competent, meanwhile you have your Mussolinis who say a lot but don't do squat.

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@lord_rake: A lot of bad guys are coming.

Like, every villain I ever used in Prime.

I'm also putting in some heroes.

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Rose is just flat out better than he is in every way.

YC vs North Korea, except all the propaganda about them being super-powered hyperadvanced ubermenschen who can punch tanks apart and are invulnerable to harm is true. And by north korea I mean all of it.

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@_legion_: Also I'm throwing in just about all my Prime villains in a massive attack. Tombstone , @_the_ant_,and @the_ghostly_girl will be my main earth heroes here.

This will also be where you get to meet two of my masari and the four new primalborn.

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@ownagepants: There is no air for sound to go through space.

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@strigidae_22: They also forbid talking about other boards as a way to stop cross-board invasions (a relic from their days as the counterpoint to star before they became a general nerd site).

Check their BROB section under spacebattles general tomorrow when the lag clears.

See about bringing some home. Via PM, of course.

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The call does not come simply when it would be convenient.

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@strigidae_22: Put ten of them here and they'd make a clique devoted to poking the setting with a stick until something breaks.

They do take all comers and literally any RP idea will get players. No matter how dumb or silly.

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Pots and kettles come to mind.