Last Daughter of Nov, an in-character poem.

This part of Primalborn issue six, but I liked the Poem to let it stand on it's own and give a bit of characterization for Rose, one of the last two Novii in the entire Universe after Vrakmul attempted to kill her in the crib.

"To watch a world die is like watching the last gasps of a flower

To hear it's final breaths is to hear a culture, a history, a story end

To survive it is to watch a jagged knife plunge into the hearts of a community

To live past it is to know a loneliness like no other

To watch the last world of a once great people die is to be an orphan of a degree no one can imagine

To see it's continents split asunder, it's surface bleed rivulets of magma while it's skies burn

To know with crushing finality that you are one of the last children the world will ever bear

To witness the end of all you knew, unable to shut it out, unable to make it stop

To dream every night of a dead sun, a dying world, and the endless stench of death

To go every cold, lonely night and cry, because you survived what no one should ever witness

To weep every forsaken moment you are alone, when no one can see you in a moment of weakness

To try to comprehend why you can never leave the moment when your parents die

To ask every night why you will never know mother or father, home or hearth

To understand that your deities are as dead as your world, never to hear another prayer

To feel the emptiness inside, every moment no one is there for you, the emptiness of being the last

To realize that all this was because of one who had broken his oaths and sought to cheat justice

To be the last daughter of a dead world and a buried people, that is my burden."

-Last Daughter of Nov, by Rose Lalatia.

The whole thing should come...sometime this week. *Shrug*