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For all of those who want to know what I look like

That'd be me on the right with the dorky glasses, hubbie's to the left being all spiffy


Name: "Mirabel" Rosalina Lalatia

Gender: Female.

Age: 13

Height: 5'2 inches.

Weight: 95 pounds.

Hair color: Blonde.

Eye color: Orchid.

Skin tone: White with a slight tan.

Affiliation: Novus.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Relationships: In a very committed and quite deep relationship with Johnathan Edenson of the Astartes.

Species: Novian Demigod

Rank: Didact

General power level: Solar system scale.

Name: Viktor.

Gender: Male Programming.

Age: 200

Height: 7'8 feet tall.

Weight: 2,000 pounds.

Hair color: N/A

Eye Color: Blue optical lenses.

Skin tone: White armor plating.

Affiliation: Novus.

Species: Novus

Sexuality: Asexual

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Biography (under reconstruction)

"Mirabel" Rose Lalatia

Mirabel, actual name Rosalina Lalatia is one of the last two of the Novians, the fraternal twins of Dirkal Strilek and Roxalia Lalatia, two prominent heroes and nobles of Novian civilization, both of whom could claim two of the Novian gods as their parents,, who were given the titles Prince of Heart and Rogue of Void respectively due to their descent from the Novian god of Souls and goddess of Void respectively, while the two, demi-gods in their own right were named the Seer of Light and the Knight of Time, two of the Primalborn.

When the Hierarchy attacked the Novians, she was orphaned in the ensuing assault by the Fear Dragon Vorzhilok. Her father gave his life to destroy Vorzhilok's ship and her mother fought off Vorzhilok one on one, leading to her demise while giving the twins the chance to escape long enough for the Founder's diplomatic party to return to Nov, finding that the people the machine was created to serve had now been killed to a man...leaving only two children left, all alone in the smoldering ashes of a dead world.

Raised under the vigil of the founder, Rose's powers developed as she was raised into being one of the Didacts of the Coalition military against the Zolkri and the other forces that threaten the multiverse. She was raised to be a warrior from the day she was born, and proved herself to be one of the best, utterly devastating the Hierarchy even as a young girl. Now in the burgeoning throes of puberty, Rose has developed into a fine young woman committed to the battle to save all things. And in that battle she has found a partner, a charming if socially awkward Earthbirthed Primalborn known as John Edenson, the Heir of Breath.

Rose's father, Dirkal, in full battle gear.

While some may wonder if fate had a hand to play, Rose insists the relationship formed was of their own volition rather than the hand of any higher power. But that by no means she is defined by her relationship. She has proven a vital asset in the war against the forces of darkness, letting the Coalition go from battle to battle and strike at the weakest points of the enemy while she herself has proven to be highly effective at using her own powers on a personal scale. Like all of the primalborn, a large variety of equipment personalized for her is at her beck and call.

Like the other primalborns she has a direct and personal reason to oppose the fallen primalborn. Her orphaning is a direct result of Vrakmul's attempts at cheating fate by killing the primalborn before they could get old enough to fulfill the prophecy. The entirety of the Birthstar war was orchestrated by Vrakmul to distract the universe from his own operations, having the right bean counters file out the paperwork needed to launch a small and lightly armed mining expedition into the Observable universe bubble.

Discovering that the Zolkri and other races in the Hierarchy consider the colossal force arrayed against the inhabitants of this section of space to be the equivalent of the Chinese military sending a single squad of fresh conscripts to set up a camp has been quite sobering for Rose. The war has only avoided being lost in seconds because the Zolkri just don't notice the Universe enough to consider it worth the effort of an actual invasion fleet. Rather, all that has been fought so far are analogous of a bunch of underpaid mall cops This has convinced her of the need to convince the overseers of Klo'vis to give up on the war by any means necessary as she desperately fears the possibility that simply crushing Kamal's forces will cause the Overseers to actually pay attention and send in an actual military force.

Having also discovered the oncoming threat of forces like the Protectorate, the Legion, and the Black Hand has also convinced her of the need to end the war with the Hierarchy and seek an alliance with them against the forces of Alderymora and Mehrudagoth. She's a pragmatist and realizes that having such a formadible ally, regardless of the Hierarchy's incredibly callous attitude towards other life forms, would be invaluable in the upcoming war against the Black Hand, which according to her sightings of the future, would by all means be far, far more devastating than the Birthstar war could ever hope to be.

Keeping her through this is her bond to her boyfriend John, a human boy who often helps her remain grounded in her constant war planning, while she aids him prepare for his own battles. Together the two make for a highly effective team, her grim nature being offset by his dorky habits. The two are rarely seen far apart from each other, and attacking one will surely bring the wrath of the other down on one's head.

Light and Breath

That being said, while she is willing to work with the Hierarchy, she has neither forgiven nor forgotten what they had done to the Novii. She has plans for the raging justice of her dead people. And they involve humbling the Overseers once and for all. Making them pay for every life lost to their rapacious expansion and brutal empire. Justice and Vengeance must be meted out, or her world, her civilization, her species will never know true rest.

And despite being only thirteen, she is already proving to be a master manipulator. She's literally running rings around the intelligence heads of the Peacekeepers, Grand Red Guard, and Axis Uber Alles, manipulating them into courses of action she desires to prepare them for the greater coming war. Already she has convinced the Grand Red Guard to join the coalition against the Hierarchy, and she's working to make the peacekeepers and Axis powers into buffers against the Hierarchy as she sets her plan into motion.

Even the revelation of the MARATHON rings has not truly altered her plans, having already foreseen their discovery and the impact it would have on the war. She knows that she cannot allow the Hierarchy access to such weapons, but does not truly believe that these devices, regardless of their awe inspiring power, should be destroyed. She foresees a possible usage for them, a device that can wipe out all life, any kind of life, and be keyed down to a single, individual Prion, could very well be useful to her.


Fighting skills: Rose is trained in all the martial arts of her species, fitting as she's one of the two last representatives of them.

Intelligent: Rose is superhumanly intelligent and shows a great deal of skill and proficiency in the fields of problem solving, strategy, analysis, and tactics.

Better than human: Rose can smash promethium with her bare hands and has wolverine like regeneration and FTL speed. During adrenaline surges these impressive statistics can go up by a great deal, though this is true of anyone, As one of the "champions of fate" she has enhanced senses, far in excess of that of most metahumans.

Immunity: Rose is immune to disease, poison, mind control, radiation, even of supernatural varieties, additionally Heat and Cold simply cannot hurt her, and her resistance to magic and psionics is simply astonishing. As she is immune to poison she is incapable of getting drunk. She cannot become zombified, undergo vampirism, or lycanthropy.

Psionics: Rose specializes in the telekinetic and telepathic fields of psionics, though she also dabbles in biomatic and energokinetic.

Seer of light: Dave shows an incredible amount of control over light, fortune, water, positive energy, and electricity. She's also capable of flight, She will cease aging the moment he hits eighteen. She can outshine countless stars and outright fry entire planets with just visible light, rip apart whole worlds with their liquids, revive the dead with a flushing of positive energy and obliterate whole worlds of the unliving, satisfy the electricity demands of a type 3 civilization or flash vaporize an entire planet with nothing but elecrtical current, and warp and foresee probability, to the point where she's a serious threat to Vrakmul's abilities at foresight and posseses a near infallible danger sense and can alter probability to the point where she can make every particle in a planet suddenly decide it'd rather be scattered across the universe or allow tissue paper to "randomly" realign it's particles to become stronger than adamantium.

Creature of light: Rose is not a living creature as biology understands it but is instead a manifestation of the will of the abstract personification of light. What you see is really a hard light form capable of mimicking life if it wants to after she realized that what she thought were biological functions were really just her unconsciously mimicking them. Now aware of her true nature, she's not bound by the standards of life. Her powers can't be altered or dampened against her will, even by multiversal level reality warpers. She also has no Chi to alter or manipulate, not being a truly biological entity.

Magic: Rose has an incredible degree of control over the mysterious force of magic, and is considered one of the most accomplished spellcasters in the universe. Her talent with the arcane arts would have given her the most potential power were it not for Jade's tremendous cosmic power from the Green Sun. Her skill with magic encompasses every field of the arcane arts and allows her to accomplish tremendously potent effects, especially when channeled through her favored items.

Truenaming: While the more laconic high draconic shouts are only Dave's thing, all of the primalborn can use truenaming. Truenaming is the art of speaking the true, primal tongue of the omniverse, telling reality what to do. The power of truenaming is limited only by one's imagination and vocabulary. Truenaming becomes virtually impossible to resist if the user uses the Truename of their target in their true speech rather than a generic description. Rose is quite proficient at truenaming, and more than just occasionally crafts poems in truespeech, which creates surreal effects on reality as the cosmos bends to her lyrics and stanzas.

Armor modes: All Primal born suits have four modes, Speed, Power, Stealth, and Armor. In speed mode, Rose's already incredible speed is further enhanced as the armor's nanomachines bond to his cells and allow them to contract far more quickly than they already could while rewriting her neural pathways to move and react even more quickly, to the point that even other FTLers are virtually incapable of perceiving her. Power as it suggests, has the armors alter her musculature for greater leverage and elasticity for enhanced strength. Stealth mode creates a lensing field that bends all forms of detection away from Rose, even vibration simply flows around the suit, and even precognition is incapable of distinguishing a divine steel user in stealth mode. Armor mode does exactly what the name implies, it causes the nanostructure of the armor to realign for maximum strength and shock absorbtion, while Divine steel is already more or less invincible, this greatly reduces the amount of shock transferred to the user. Multiple modes can be activated at once and each mode allows for special maneuvers and techniques, but they cost energy.

Novian Physiology

While Novians appear almost identical to humans outwardly; though with a predilection towards being tall, pale skinned, and fair haired and eyed, inwardly they have some major differences. Most notably they possess lungs with bird like air sacs as well as diaphragms to allow for much more efficient respiration. Additionally, their Apendix, unlike in humans, is fully functional, allowing them to eat tough cellulose such as grass, whereas humans have long lost the ability to properly digest such matter.

Their brain has two special sections of it devoted to psionic ability, meaning that their entire species was a highly psychic one, with empathic abilities being universal amongst even the least developed of their kind. Their hemoglobin equivalent contains a higher percentage of Iron, giving their blood a stronger reddish colour than typical humans, this is again a adaptation for better respiration, brought on by their predilection for living in high altitudes.

This means that Novians can comfortably live in low oxygen conditions that would cause numerous health problems for humans. Their toxin filtration system, aided by dual livers and a quartet of kidneys is extremely sophisticated, making them virtually immune to poison to help overcome the vulnerability to inhaled toxins that such an awe inspiring respiration system would cause. While humans can only see in visible light, Novian eyes are also capable of seeing into ultraviolet and infrared, again adaptations to their high altitude environments where blizzards could sweep in and render visible light based vision nearly useless.

To help them maintain their balance and avoid falling off, they have very developed inner ears, giving them an impeccable sense of balance. This however, means that they are easily made dizzy. Additionally; as their vision is more acute than humans, they are more easily blinded by bright lights, a fact that their pitiful amounts of melanin only worsens. They can hear lower pitched sounds than humans, but some higher pitched noises that humans can hear are inaudible to Novians, an adaptation meant to help them detect the rumblings that precede an incoming avalanche.

Notably, compared to humans, the Novian sense of smell and thus taste is quite weak, as the nose is more adapted for breathing rather than smelling, and that while they existed as hunter gatherers; there wasn't terribly much to smell up on the mountains anyway. This means that when they became a highly advanced technological civilization, they never invested much into perfumes and spices the like; to the irritation of many merchants.

Equipment (basic descriptions up for now, more detailed descriptions will be up later)

Quills of Destiny: Magic enhancing divine steel needles that can be used much like wands. Much as how Jade's gun, Dave's sword, and John's hammer tie into their powers, so do the quills. They greatly intensify and focus her magic to allow her to enact even greater and more fearsome feats than would otherwise be possible with just her normal magic. The wands, being made of divine steel, also penetrate through just about any form of armor or energy shielding when used as stabbing implements, and their simple presence is hateful to beings of the darkness, and their very touch is deadly to the undead, the evil, and the chaotic. They cannot be utilized or wielded by those she does not deem worthy.

Evangelion interface suit: An underlayer of armor which provides three quarters of John's dragon armor's strength, allowing her to snap primary adamantium with ease, enhancing her magical output and granting her incredible durability through it's triple shielding and divine steel construction.

Light suit: Even more formadible, the light suit provides three quarters of the raw strength that John's does, giving her the physical might to break Nth metal with little effort while also providing her with an array of futuristic devices such as scanning, enhancements to her powers, and highly sophisticated counter magic systems as well as it's divine steel armoring and triple shielding.

Viktor: The final layering of armor, three quarters as strong as John's teutonic armor with a phletlora of weapons, the sapient armor suit's divine steel body is virtually invincible, as is it's immensely tough additional layer of shielding, meaning that fully enclosed, Rose has nine layers of shielding for any potential foe to get through.

Staff of the Magi:A potent artifact staff, while more capable at focusing magic than the Quills, they are a tad more cumbersome and are for obvious reasons, less good at impaling things. But it makes for a good impropatou club given it's divine steel construction. The staff once again is imbued with the power of light and her alignment and acts as a focusing rod for her abilities, letting her do more with them in the midst of combat and handle even more dangerous foes than she normally would.

The Novus army

Universal Colossus: A massive juggernaut of war that stands three hundred and eighty one meters tall, the Universal Colossus is typically the final say in Novian ground warfare. Equipped with a Quantum Phaser in it's optics and two gravimetric beams in it's claws that suck in lesser foes to death by deatomization and conversion into resources as well as a great deal of secondary weapons and turrets and shielding, the Universal colossus is thought to be amongst the most potent ground warfare systems ever developed.
Harbinger heavy assault mech: An automated War machine equipped with powerful shields and a potent beam system along with smaller turrets, this eighty meter tall mech is a powerful threat on the battlefield. It's seemingly gracile design hides a surprising amount of durability, and it's lethal ray can sweep entire armies off the battlefield, while even it's smaller turrets can easily gut any system developed by earth bound humans.
Serenity Superheavy artillery: On the battlefields of the Birthstar war, bigger is typically seen as better. This eighty five meter long death machine certainly exemplifies that, carrying a massive sononance cannon that can literally shake whole armies to pieces, and despite the size of the system, it is capable of firing on the move. Smaller turrets adorn the system to ward away lesser attackers.
Fervor light artillery: While roughly the same size as modern day self propelled artillery systems, the Fervor is more potent due to it's vastly superior technology and a good deal faster as well. It's concussion cannon blasts targets from afar with an orb of explosive kinetic energy, rupturing organs, peeling open metal and shaking apart structures.
Ascendant mobile flak tank: Armed with two twin linked "fizz cannons" The Ascendant is a potent twenty meter anti-aircraft system that rapidly bombards the skies with clouds of deadly nanites and shrapnel that literally eat apart incoming aircraft even as the blast wave and fragments rip into it. Their high maneuverability further assures their valuable place on the battlefield.
Blaze assault tank: Twenty meters across and armed with dual quantum autocannons as it's primary armament, the Blaze has proven to be a valuable hovering armored asset in the neverending war against Kamal and his allies. Smaller weapon systems ward away lesser targets such as infantry while the autocannons pummel away with an amount of firepower modern tank commanders can only dream of.
Aurora light tank: armed with an extremely long ranged disruptor cannon, this zippy vehicle, roughly the size of an abrams tank, is used to harass enemy lines with low rate of fire pulses from it's main cannon, although it's durability leaves much to be desired. It has been a mainstay of the Novian military for quite some time.
Obsidian heavy tank: A massive thirty meter long hulk of war, the potent anti-matter rays and magnetic rail guns on this machine allow it to waltz through enemy tank columns without care. It's thick and heavy armor is impervious to any weapon made by modern earth science save for direct impacts with nuclear weapons, even anti-ship missiles just lack the punch to stop them.
Spirit scout: A relatively tiny six meter machine, the Spirit is a reliable and extremely quick if very fragile (by Novian standards) scout unit equipped with a potent light laser that allows it to battle the enemy and harass supply columns.
Eversong mobile missile launcher: A twenty meter mobile artillery platform, the Eversong can rain explosive death from vast distances with it's unceasing volleys of rocket propelled munitions. While not the most accurate of systems nor the fastest, en masse they can level a battlefield in seconds, and they are quite quick to produce.
Shimmer light bomber: With a nine meter wing span the Shimmer brings death from above with it's graviton bombs that create crushing fields of gravity for a short period of time, crumpling up enemy formations into superheated balls of unusable matter. While somewhat fragile, they are cheap and extremely quick.
Blade trooper: Heavy elite infantry, these robotic warriors were once bodyguards for important Novian dignitaries Following the virtual eradication of the Novian race, the Blade Troopers have since taken the role of shock troopers. Heavily armored and equipped with two power saws mounted in storm shields that are capable of firing deadly plasma crescents and a central optic, the Blade trooper is also bolstered by incredible speed and remarkable durability.
Ohm Robot: The lowliest ranks of the Novus, the Ohms are built for expendability. While not all that threatening individually, in large numbers the small blue bolts fired by their quantum pulse guns can cause even the toughest armor to wear apart due to the special properties of Novus quantum technology, making the enemy increasingly more vulnerable to further attack. When in danger, they can self destruct quite violently.
Osvlad Anti-matter tank destroyer: Often erroneously called a main battle tank, the Osvlad Tank Destroyer as it's name suggests, fires a concentrated beam of contained anti-matter to shear through virtually any armor, and in dangerous situations, can vent it's core to release dangerous amounts of the highly explosive material that can devastate whole battlefields.
Klepacki Amplifier Self propelled gun: A self propelled assault gun, the Amplifier lets loose harmonic waves that rapidly shake apart targets and can combine for exponentially greater firepower with the beams of other Amplifiers. These are invaluable assets for taking down the heaviest of opponents, though they are rather sensitive to incoming fire.
Frylack Hackers: Formerly a class of engineering drones, the Frylack are perhaps the most humanoid of the Novus' arsenal of machines. As their class suggests, they are ill suited for direct combat, and instead use potent novian technology to attack enemy technical systems and meddle with esoteric abilities such as magic and psionics,
Dervish multirole strike fighter: A powerful aircraft equipped with anti-matter missiles, quantum autocannons, and miniature graviton bombs, this vehicle is capable of doing just about any role that can be asked of it, and thanks to it's amazing speed and maneuverability, can easily weave about the battlefield, though they aren't necessarily the most durable of aircraft.
Vertigo air supremacy fighter: Built for the role of acquiring air dominance, the Vertigo's incredible agility, speed, and lethal armament of gatling quantum cannons, twin cutting lasers, an array of anti-matter missiles, and extremely potent electronic warfare suite allows it to devastate the ranks of enemy strike fighters with contemptuous ease.
Infectors: Electronic warfare systems armed with a cutting laser and a powerful EW suite, the Infectors can wreak havoc upon the enemy much as how hackers can, and their ability to pierce through cloaking fields makes them invaluable as is their ability to rapidly write devastating computer viruses that can decimate enemy armies.
Dirala Constructor: While officially labled a constructor and indeed equipped with rapid matter fabrication systems, the Constructor's heavily armored frame is also quite well armed, and it can reverse it's construction beams to use them as powerful matter disruptors that can disrupt even heavy troops. They are an invaluable asset as they help the Novus build reinforcements in seconds and can construct whole bases in no time.
Specter gunship: A large armed transport, this twenty five meter vehicle can lay down withering fire from it's cutter beams, missiles, and pulse cannons while allowing large numbers of troops stationed inside shoot out of firepower amplifying fireports that allow it to absolutely devastate an enemy with lethal firepower.
CZAR strike craft carrier: Technically a small spaceship at well over a kilometer in diameter, the CZAR carrier, a massive saucer that rivals even helicarriers, creates whole waves of strike craft from within the bowels of it's nanofabrication systems, and it's lethal weapons systems ensures that it's by no means defenseless without it's aircraft, targets below for example, are typically treated to a massive death ray.
Swift wind combat fighter: A larger sort of air superiority machine than the Vertigo, this vessel relies primarily on sheer speed and the potency of it's missiles and lasers to attain air superiority in addition to quite durable armor. Roughly twenty five meters long, the swift wind is quite large compared to most other air superiority craft.
Shocker strategic bomber: A hundred meter long colossus of air to ground warfare, the Shocker is equipped with enough turrets to send off waves of incoming enemy aircraft and carries extremely potent strategic missiles and bombs that can devastate capital ships or utterly crater entire battlefields in a single pass.
Aeon Support command unit: An Eighty meter tall war machine equipped with advanced nanofabricators, this bigger brother of the constructor can rapidly assemble bases and units for the Novus war effort, and it's sweeping quantum lasers, anti-matter missiles, and gatling pulse cannons ensure that it's by no means defenseless, especially with it's strong shields, smaller turrets, and teleportation systems.
Illuminate command unit: A hundred and forty meter tall colossus, this massive constructor takes everything good about the Aeon and multiplies it dramatically, making for an extremely difficult command unit to crack that can set up whole battlefields and turn entire planets into fortresses on it's own.
Engineer: Armed with multiple nanoconstructors the engineer works tirelessly to build up Novus bases and factories to keep the eternal war of attrition going on and on and on without cease or pause. Despite not being meant for frontline combat, Engineers are quite durable and being on the receiving end of a reversed constructor is typically quite bad for one's health.
Skimmer ground attack craft: A thirty five meter tall cousin of the A-10 warthog, this machine has a twelve barelled anti-matter railgun as it's main weapon along with a large array of missiles, rockets, and bombs to be lobbed at an unsuspecting target. Obscenely durable, these robotic aircraft have been known to return for repairs with over 90% of the chassis compromised.
Solace stealth craft: Equipped with advanced cloaking systems, this fifty meter craft is armed for massive single target damage (more accurately straight line), though it's flak burst weapons can also damage hordes if need be. They are often used to gut capital ships or rip apart superheavy walkers or break a hole in enemy air defenses.