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@darkknightdetective [Last one out of here lock the door] : P

The Blood Dimension:

Alex started to call after the mysterious stranger, but he was already gone deep into this bizarre reality. She could have given chase to demand answers. What had he meant by saying the baby was a part of two now? Alex held the baby to her chest with her left arm, not quite believing it was over so easily. Of all the fighters and warriors who had came for this child, with intent of good or evil, she had been selected by the Fates to be its ward. Its protector.

It is said the gods play a unfathomably huge game across the universe. And maybe across other universes as well. Perhaps the board had been reset for a new game. If so, then some deity had selected the Victories as his or her champions for this round. The baby fussing against her quietly brought her back to the moment. Murmuring the words of the teleportation spell, she vanished, and reappeared in the Victories HQ.

Victories HQ:

She knew she should go back to help the team. But teleporting twice in a matter of hours at wiped her magical energy reserves. "I'll just rest a moment." she told herself as she sank into a soft chair, holding the child loosely, then fell asleep.

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@darkknightdetective @ownagepants

Alex watched in confusion as the child returned briefly, only to be spirited away again. All the while the battle raged on around her. A fight of desperation that had quickly became one for survival. So much anger and pain. Fear and rage. It was more then simply distracting for Lady Magicka. Due to her empathic abilities, it was wrecking havoc on her emotions.

Pushing her mind through the insanity, she focused on the babies whereabouts, recoiling as her mind found touched the place. It was in another dimension. Not like before. That had been a construct of the child's mind. Now however, it was in an old place. A place that few magic users knew of. A place Alex thought was just a myth. Or had thought rather.

She knew what was at stake, and what the Knight of Vengeance would tell her to do if she asked. Locking in on the child, she transported out as a section of the roof came crashing down, loud even over the sounds of war. She couldn't think about Dark Vengeance getting out. Couldn't think about any of the team. Had to focus on the spell.

The Blood Dimension

The arcane atmosphere of the Blood Dimension immediately protested to her presence. It was true she was not a master of blood magic. The Daemon Manu though was one of the most powerful magic artifacts in existence, and allowed her to interact with dark magic in ways that other witches of light could not. She could survive this dimension fair easily enough. But whether she could survive her encounter with the one who took the baby was another matter. And what is she did? The demon hand whispered across her soul.

"Then I'll take it back to the HQ." She replied. The child is powerful, and dangerous. And we are the only ones here, it whispered again. Masking infanticide as the right option in this situation. "I couldn't if I wanted to. Its too strong." She replied, then realized what she was actually discussing. Strong, but it can be surprised. Alex continued into the temple of blood silently as the demon hand absorbed and stored up power.

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"Wow." Alex grinned as they appeared in the blessed fields again. "That is so much easier then teleporting." She took a few steps forward, breathing in the heaven'y fragrance. It was like the purest air ever, but also subtly laced with spring flowers. Or maybe vanilla. It seemed to change every time she thought she had it.

"So... You gonna show me around your pad Z?"

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I would like that. This is one of my alts. : P

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@darkknightdetective @amazingangel

With the whispered enchantment or arcane words, Alex teleported herself, Dark Vengeance, and Amazing Angel to Hell, Michigan. Or maybe it was just Hell now...

The reality was far worse the the vision. The air was warm and sticky, and heavy with the stink of rot and human waste. Alex gagged involuntarily at the sickening toxic soup the atmosphere had became. Dark Vengeance quickly handed an air filtration masks to her. "Sorry." her voice is muffled bt the mask. "I wasn't expecting the smell."

Alex looks around herself then. The plants are dead, but alive. Wilted, but animate. The buildings nearby look old beyond their years, covered with grime and filth. All the cars and light posts are riddled with rust, like a brownish red infection. In some places black vines with three inch thorns grow through the sidewalk and pavement. The team awaits Dark Vengeance's orders.

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@zaniel or @pyrogram

The suggestion sounded wonderful to Alex. After all she had been through lately, she had earned a small vacation. Z could transport them, so she wouldn't be walking dead when they got there. And best of all, she wouldn't have to worry about getting on an angry gods bad side. "Yeah Z, I'd love a more leisurely stroll around Heaven. See the sights, ride the rides. get a t-shirt." She giggled. She was being a dork, and she knew it. But she couldn't help being giddy. "Its a date."

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Victories HQ:

"Dark Vengeance, this is Alex. I just had a vision. A horrible vision." She paused to take a breath. her throat felt constricted. "Something horrifying is happening in Hell, Michigan. I don't have the details, but a portal to the dark realm seems to have been opened. Aspects of the pit has oozed out of the opening, and its affecting everyone and everything. But a small populace seems to have been spared. Maybe due to natural immunity, maybe for sport." She shuddered. "I am bound by oath to investigate this evil, and if possible, heal the breach. I recommend a small recon group. If the Victories arrive in force, the whole town could come against us."

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Alex had barely arrived in the empty park before being grabbed up in a rough hug. Her shoes left the ground slightly as she was lifted with ease in the friendly embrace of her old friend. This sort of thing would normally annoy her, but Zaniel had obviously forgotten his own strength in his excitement. "Hi Z." She squeaked, being squeezed a little too hard. He quickly released her with a sheepish smile.

"So, um." She found she couldn't keep her smile off either. "How are things going in Heaven? Had any more adventures? Still seeing Zoe?" That last question was a bit direct, and she silently chided herself for sounding like a nosy high school girl. She tried to reign in her giddiness, but it was difficult because she was picking up on his happy feelings as well. It was very overwhelming.

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@zaniel or @pyrogram

At a secret library known only to those in occult circles:

Alex looked up from her book as someone called her name, then realized she was alone in the library. She had been studying for days, learning new spells. She was part of a team now. A new circle who shared her oath to protect, albeit in their own ways. She rubbed tiredly at her dry eyes with her left palm. The Demon hand took her distraction as an opportunity, and swept the books and her notes to the floor.

'That voice seemed familiar' She thought to herself. Strong but gentle. Heavy and casual at once. The voice of... "Zaniel" She said aloud, forgetting the books on the floor for a moment as all her adventures with the angel of luck came back to her.

Quickly she picked up her notes, folding them and jamming them into her coat pocket. "I could use a break." She told herself. "And how often is Z in town?" Remote locating Z was a simple matter. His call out made him easy to locate. Speaking the words of the teleportation spell and vanashed from the library.

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Gothic City. Street level

Fear and anger slammed into Alex like a wave. She would have been overwhelmed by all the negative feelings under ordinary circumstances. So many people were hurt and scared, it was like the city itself was in pain. Add to the fact that Alex was very much out of her element here. Dealing with evil witches, or demons, or even the occasional fallen god was one thing. Playing superhero and fighting a literal robot army was quite another thing.

Alex was working crowd control. Kind of. Rather then fighting on the front line she defending the fleeing, terrified people. It was hard, what with the demon hand grinding its teeth into her hand and wrist. But she had a mission to focus herself on. And that helped her maintain control as much as anything else.

Somewhere an explosion sounded off like the last trumpet, heralding the end of all. Alex shook the thought out of her head. Its was a frightening situation, yes. But not unstoppable. "Find your center. Your place in the universe." She told herself. "I am the sword of the weak. Defender of the defenseless. The servant of light and the adversary of darkness."

Even as she said the words, she saw down one broken street a school bus full of people hit some debris. Moving without thinking about it, Alex summoned a strong wind to catch the bus and right up. Hand sign magic was faster then spoken or written, but it also cost the most from a witch. Alex waved as the bus drove past. Her smile quickly faded as she saw the doombots coming up the street from the direction the bus had came from. 6 of the emotionless robotic soldiers marched towards her, their feet indenting the pavement in places.

Alex quickly pondered her options for dispatching the merciless machines. Muttering the words of a spell, the pavement became like quicksand, and two doombots were quickly bogged down to their waists. The other four simply began to hover over the street.[Meta-human resistor discovered. Scans show Beta level abilities. Threat assessment. Moderate] one of the doombots said in what Alex assumed was a recording of Doom's voice.

"Beta? You must not know me." Alex replied, throwing up an invisible shield as the doombots began shooting at her. The shield held well, reflecting the shots. Her ability to create and hold shields was much better then it had once been. Suddenly she had an idea, and made the shield to curve back, causing the plasma fire to hit two of the doombots, melting through their chest plates, and burning up strange circuitry. But she didn't see the doombot come from her left side. The powerful machine knocked her to the ground, making her concentration slip, and the shield dissipated.

Before the doombot could finish her, Alex pulled her modified gun from its leg holster, and pulled the trigger. A stream of hell fire hit the robot in the face, destroying its head and upper body in the blast. "What's my threat assessment now?" She asked as she fired at the remaining doombot.