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Alex believed the demon had honestly been mistaken. Its demeanor was an air general aloofness, but there was something sly in its aura. The demon hand had nothing to say on the subject. Since Dr DeLancey's experiment on it, it had gone into some kind of sleep. Some how that had put a major damper on Alex's other magical abilities as well. For now though she was enjoying the reprieve, and she genuinely liked the Delancey family, even if she was leery around their demon.

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Hi new friend. Wv said you were awesome and we should be pals. -_o

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Alex helped herself to a few chicken wings, and stood off to one side by herself. The snow demon muttered something about getting blamed for Izzy's hex and left the room. She was still wary around him given her past experiences with demon kind. "There's a few left in the bucket." She said to Johnathan.

He seemed reserved around her, but not unfriendly. He was like the opposite of Cat, who seemed ready to be friends with all comers, and had attached herself to her sister. Alex herself had never had much family except her mother, who she still missed some days. The other witches had been nice to her, but she was never super close to any of them. She felt a mild pang of jealousy for the closeness this family shared.

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Alex walked into the kitchen, following the sounds of the Delancey family. She rubbed sleep from her eyes with her normal hand, having just woke up from a much needed nap. As she stepped into the large well lighted area she saw a weak sprite of dark magic bouncing around the room like a rubber ball. Apparently Izzy had tried to perform another spell.

Alex felt bad for Izzy, the girl thought she was terrible at magic. She had some ability, which only came from a bloodline, but not much in the way of talent. With practice though she could get better. The girl needed a proper teacher. She already had a circle. As standoffish as she acted, she was close to her family, and that was the essence of a magic circle.

Alex felt awkward offering Izzy advice though. It made her feel old. As nice as Dr Delancey, and the rest were, she still felt an intruder here. "Did I smell lunch?" She asked hopefully as her stomach rumbled.

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@heehaho: I dunno, Johnathan turned out okay. DeLancey spoiled Izzy though.

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Composite Leatherface with a chainsaw vs Jason from part 6 with two machete's. Who wins?