Jaw Dropping BAMFS that kick butt!!!

Those super powerful beings that are in their own league of super being.

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Thanks for putting Rogue on this list, she may need to get close enough before being any threat to ANY of these beings but all she needs is that one chance...

Posted by Lady Loveless

@infonation: Yeah she is by far one of the strongest x-men! If she could somehow develop her powers to increase her reach, or maybe just locking eyes she takes powers then it is the end for the rest on this list!

Posted by infonation

@Lady Loveless: True, It always feels like they went a step backwards with her character in that respect, don't get me wrong, when I first saw her in action, I thought Rogue was a tad overpowered, but when I got used to her I started to actually kind of LIKE her! After seeing the X-Men cartoon from the 90's, I was angry because Rogue seemed to be a replacement for Colossus and he was one of my favorite characters EVER! So I really didn't care much for Rogue, but then after learning more about her I began to feel sorry for her. And soon I actually began to LIKE her again! But I wonder, in the comics how exactly does Rogue lose Ms. Marvel's old powers? I thought they were hers PERMENANTLY?