The Vine Women of 2012 Team Shall Be...

Alright so I was hoping that this would give me the poll option, but I was sadly mistaken. So I am just gonna post the options that have come up thus far. 


  • Vine Bad Girls Club (VBGC)
  • Femme Fatales (FF)
  • Pandora's Mighty Warriors (PMW)
  • Vine Vixens (VV)/ Vixens of the Vine (VoV)
  • Vixens of Valor (VoV)
  • Vine's Valkyries (VV)
  • The Vine Sisterhood (TVS)/ or The Vine Sisterhood of Justice (VSJ)
Posted by Feral Nova

femme fatales have been done already >_>

but I like Vine's Valkyries xD

also you might have want have made this in the rp section so you could have gotten more votes >_> and made it into an actual poll lol

Posted by Angeni

Vine Valkyries xD

Posted by Lady Loveless

I was gonna do that, but I didn't want random people voting, just people thinking about joining*

Posted by Naamah_Obyzouth

I also like the Valkyries one, and the Vine's Vixens aswell. Also I would like to make the suggestion of The Valkyries of Freya... (TVOF)

Posted by _Zombie_

I like Bad Girls Club or Valkyries, myself.

Posted by Queen's Halo

Vine's Valkyries for me. Can't resist a mythology reference.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

I like sisterhood of justice

Posted by Brynhyld

This is a Naamah Alt, could someone add it to the team PM please and thank you.