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    Lady Loveless is the alter ego version of Mz P!NK. In Mz P!NK's realm she is an odd villianess that enjoys watching the weak be crushed. Lady Loveless is a strong willed heroine in her realm that loves to help out especially the weak. 
    Daphne Hart is Lady Loveless's great grand mother and one of the heroes to emerge during the "Golden Age" (see rpg) of herosim. She had similiar powers such as astral projection but has a few different from her great granddaughter. She is new to the whole hero business and spotlights as one of NYC's news reporters during this time of the Great Depression (1930's) 
    Lady Loveless's other selves:


    Evil Doctor Magnus uses cybernetics to try and make LL destroy meta humans one way or another.

    Lady Lovless can be found in the "What Tomorrow Might Bring Timeline as an easy going young 20 something new york delivery girl that was snatched up by a government agency bent on the end of all meta humans. Her future self (80 years in the future, she is ageless though do to being mostly computer now) is used to try and reverse the existence of meta humans, but in desperation evil Doctor Magnus sends her out into the field as cyborg meta human killing machine.    
    Lady Loveless appears in the Foundations RPG as a member of the Vine Titans: West. Not much is known yet of the VT: West version, only that she has spirits she can control utilising her life energy to track whomever she so chooses. Who knows these powers may develop further. If her spirits do not return her body begins to decay at a rapid rate. Eventually the shell of her body will awaken and go savage absorbing whatever energy lies ahead. However, she does retain her memories of who is friend and foe to give her some moral heroics still. After using this just once LL is never the same, she still must absob life energy to stay alive, but will there be a hope to cure this new vampirish ability?      

    There is a reality which she is a member of the X-Viners
    There is also one where she is a member of a secret government hired team (but thats all I can tell you ^_^, jk it's the Unknowns)

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