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@lady_liberty: Lol venom could never take raiden. Raiden is a immortal thunder god. Capable of teleporting and could kill you without trying in a human form.

Now this takes me back lol.

Although Raiden's 'elder god' title is very impressive his feats, as of the MK9 canon, simply do not match up with his hype.

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@jack_: My plans are classified top secret ~_^

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@jack_: Ah yeah, post deletion is the worst.

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Born Again

The sound guy clipped a wireless microphone to the inside of my jacket collar. He was all business. I stared straight ahead.

Camera men hustled, muttering about angles and lighting. The general bustle of set operators filled the room with a soft hum. Even the industrial air-conditioning couldn't save us from sweltering in the body heat.

My suit was deep navy blue, my blouse pearl white. Gold cuff-links. The line of metals on my chest glittered in the harsh studio lights. I'm six feet tall, my heels make me six two. I looked into the mirror at my left; I was as young and beautiful as I was forty years ago. Didn't age a day, I thought with a smile.

There was a big red timer on the wall. When it hit two minutes producers shooed me through the door, snapping last minute comments on demographics and commercial breaks. I walked down a dimly lit hallway and into the studio proper. Kelly Megyn sits behind a curving hardwood table. She stands and shakes my hand. "Pleased to meet you Kelly." she says.

"Likewise Kelly." In the moment the absurdity seemed terribly amusing. We both chuckled.

I set. In the moments before we went on the air I mentally reviewed my talking points and double checked my posture. Kelly gave me a thumbs up and a big smile.

The countdown ticked down to zero. We were live. My heartbeat ticked up a notch.

Kelly was straight to business. "Hello, and welcome to the Kelly Files. As many of you know there has been a breakout of so called 'super criminals' from Gothic's Bedlam Asylum. Now I'd like to turn to my special guest, Kelly Coltaine also known as 'Lady Liberty', for her thoughts."

The camera cut to me. I didn't smile; it wouldn't do to appear jovial. "Ms Coltaine you have been involved in the metahuman community for many years and you were an early enforcer of the Registration Act. Do you feel the current administrations failure to aggressively prosecute violators has contributed to this atmosphere of violent lawlessness?"

"No, I do not." I paused for a moment, allowing my answer to sink in. A flicker of confusion appeared in Megyn's eyes. Got your attention now, I thought, suppressing a grin as I passed on the softball. "As you have pointed out I was an enforcer of the Act in its early days and my first hand experience showed me that you cannot regulate your way out of problems."

I saw understanding and intrigue bloom in her eyes and I kept going. "Just as you cannot regulate away gun crime or economic downturns you cannot solve the metahuman problem simply by adding red tape. NSA surveillance did not stop terrorism any more than the Brady Act emptied our prisons. More laws are not the answer."

"Then how would you respond to the violence in Gothic? Specifically the Bedlam breakout?"

"There is no question that metahuman violence is one of the great challenges of our generation. To address it we need to remember the lessons of previous generations. Its important we use the tools of our criminal justice system, which remains the best system in the world, to punish metahuman criminals appropriately. We cannot allow savages to ravage our civilization and only slap them on the wrist. And it is clear to me that Bedlam Asylum is a slap on the wrist. Quite frankly many of those who escaped did not belong in an Asylum they belonged on death row." That was my sound bite. It played well over scenes of burning Gothic streets all night.

We cut to commercial. My time was done and I stood, thanked Megyn for her time and walked out the way I came. Steve King stopped on my way out the lobby and shook my hand.

"Nice segment. Listen, I'm having a barbecue next week. Family and a few friends you might like to meet. Why don't you drop on by Iowa and let me pick your brain on immigration?" He grined like a shark. "You never know, I might like what you've got to say."

"Representative, it would be my pleasure."

I smile back.

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@necrommander: Yeah. They don't have that "Your RPG isn't good enough for me" vibe to them.

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@ojo: Hahahahaha, that's good.

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@necrommander: Right? I mean if you're so important to the RPG that its critical I know weather you join or not I'll just PM you and ask lol.