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Deadpool = my ♥  
Peter Steele = my sex bomb  
Marvel = my life  
Video games = my blood  
Sex = my oxygen  
Metalhead = my everything else

The name's Destiny, and in case you haven't noticed, I love Deadpool. ♥ He's the greatest Marvel character of all time. It matters not how popular he is now, he has every reason to have popularity. FINALLY! After being pretty much nobody in the Marvel universe, hated by every character (he still is for the most part xD), he's finally being recognized for his greatness! :D I love video games, which you will soon see as well. Horror movies and good novels are what keep me interested. :) I smoke pot and I don't care who knows it. :D I love cartoons and stuffed animals. :B I collect old computer appliances as well, never know when you could use a spare part. 

She's got a date at midnight, with Nosferatu. Oh baby, Lilly Munster, ain't got nothing on you!