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I'm digging Mighty Avengers much more than New Avengers these days. So I guess Mighty is my Avengers team of choice.

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Was Zatanna actually without clothes or materials before that scene? The "now working" bit makes me unsure despite the bathtub. She is usually portrayed manipulating or at the least transmogrifying materials, as seen in her recent fight with Mary Marvel. None of that is to say Zee isn't a capable and hella powerful hero, natch.

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There is often a misunderstanding of Zatanna's abilities. Zatanna doesn't "zap" her foes. Nor does Zatanna simply conjure nondescript "energy blasts" or make things happen without materials at hand.

Zatanna may say something to the effect of "Reh kcams kcirb" or such, but she doesn't actually create the object from the airs alone. Zatanna is not the Scarlet Witch.

Conversely, Wonder Woman is incredibly powerful, as written and implied. Both Wonder Woman's person and gear are inherently magical. She was also raised by an immortal race of warrior women empowered by the gods; possessing a killer instinct that notably separates her from the other 6 demi-gods of the DCU.

Wonder Wonder has fought and won battles with deities, for goodness sake. Going so far as to deflect Omega Beams and beat the entire Justice League while utterly BLINDED, literally...


As far as power structure goes in the DCU, Wonder Woman is in the top tier of heroes. Her equals are Superman, Captain Marvel, Darkseid, Black Adam and such. It's not even fair to match Supergirl or Miss Martian with Wonder Woman. It'd be a slaughter, dudes.

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Which era of the JLA and Avengers?

Classic Avengers vs. Classic JLA; JLA wins easily. The Classic JLA are God-like in their power.

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Wonder Woman wins. She's as physically capable as Miss Martian & Supergirl but far more experienced and tactically minded. Zatanna could give WW trouble, given the right circumstances. However,in the end WW could end Zatanna's life in a blink. Wonder Woman isn't just a powerhouse (and she is quite powerful), she's also smart.

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Someone provided the digg link on another forum and so here I am. Great site.

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Thanks for the help.

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Hi, I just joined up and am enjoying the site.

I could not for the life of me figure out how to edit a character's first appearance. Example: Mary Jane Watson first appeared fully in "Amazing Spider-Man #42 [1966]" (Cameo in Amazing #15) but I can't seem to change her bio page. Take pity on me if the answer is grossly obvious.
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I enjoyed Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man and his Avengers stuff. However, it was reading Powers (Daredevil too) that ultimately won me over. Love Bendis' writing.

(I should have prefaced this by saying I read a lot of trades. So I'm behind some books.)
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