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I hated this comic too. I hated Ann Nocenti's Catwoman issues (Don't think I read more than 2 or 1 1/2.) One of the things I hate about her writing is that she tends to mention everything going around in the world with the character or whatever the character is doing. For e.g. Catwoman would usually say, "Oh, now I'm moving on the roof slowly which is made of purple colored brick & would easily be able to take my weight if I take one step at a time with my purple boots..." etc. This comic suffers from that too. Other than that, everything else was bad as well. Maybe the art was the only thing that was alright.

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Hahaha I knew that slap sound was real. It sounded so real.

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For me, it was also in 'Animal Man: Annual' The cat asks Maxine to roll down the windows 'cause he has to take care of some business & Maxine asks him, 'What business?" So the cat answers, "I need to urinate." That was the best scene lol. Cracked me up.

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I used to read 'I, Vampire' until 'Justice League Dark' joined in & ruined everything for me.

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IMO avengers shouldn't be involved. The current Mark Waid run is beautiful & the origin by Frank Miller & Jeph Loeb were beautiful too. I think they should make it more 'Mark Waid-ish' like. Or Fox should let Affleck direct it this time.

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This article is exactly what I usually think. As a kid I loved superman from movies, cartoons & action figures. I never read any comics then. When I read his comics after 2000s I didn't like many. The only story I liked was by Jeph Loeb. The recent Superman stories from 52 have been boring for me. However the recent issues by Dan Jurgens/Keith Giffen have been interesting. I hate Grant Morrison's run on Superman (I love his work on Batman though) & George Perez couldn't do much either specially 'cause Morrison & DC never told him much about the stories in Action Comics. People including me loved Smallville. IMO they need to get him out of Metropolis & send him to smallville, add Lana to the stories & make humans his villians or the write about how Krypton can bring trouble to town folk in different ways like in the first seasons of smallville. Plus, it should be written by Jeph Loeb after Morrison's leave.

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I love Mat Elfing's list. Agree w/ most of it. I mean they were my fav moments too.

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I would too say that the simple answer is no...

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This is one of my fav new DC comics. Jason Todd is cool. He would soon be one of my fav anti-heroes.

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Great article. Other than the silver age, the good thing about the 'jerk' superman is that we can relate to him more. People can't be all "goody goody" & perfect. That's unrealistic. The more a character is like an anti-hero, the more we find them realistic. I don't like the new costumeS though. I just like him in his old underwear thing. As far as 'super man can get injured' is concerned, I agree that the stories would be less repetitive but I think it's just a reason DC needs for his new armor suit :(

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