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"You will in due time. Be sure to have some form of technology that repels telepathy when you do, because if she finds whatever it is she'll be doing at the time to be more interesting than you, she will attempt to take over your mind to make you more entertaining", Santiago paused, an impish smirk festooning his suave features, "Or at least that's what she says when she attempts to justify her actions". At the tender age of seven, Yana was armed with a deceivingly intimate knowledge of quantum mechanics and prodigious talent in her unorthodox form of telepathy. Coupled with her dexterous ability to exploit the radiant sweetness of her visage to disarm and manipulate her targets however she saw fit, she was already one of the globe's most dangerous individuals.

Her playful justification of her profound interest in the field of psychology and it's ability to enable her to manipulate the human mind, as well as her subsequent jab regarding his well documented obsession with scientific knowledge elicited a terse but wittily sniping response from the Black Viper. "True, though while your field grants you the preternatural ability to toy with the human mind, mine guides me on a path that will allow me to construct the gun kills God", a statement made in jest of course, though the deliberate haughtiness with which he conveyed his words may be misleading to the ordinary mind. "You do?", he inquired, a smile of devilish contentment growing to meet the revelation of her intention to impeach President Clarice Michelle Pierce. "Well then, consider me a willing collaborator, bella".

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As the silence lingered in the atmosphere, Santiago's focus experienced a minor diversion, his cerulean gaze settling on what he assumed to be decorative pieces of art painted by Antonia herself, and for a moment his thoughts rushed to his own paintings, detailing the subtle differences in their respective preferences. He had always harbored some degree of favoritism for classic Renaissance art, often obsessing over perfecting the Unione painting technique in his own personal works. "You'd be surprised, bella", a knowing smirk edging upwards as both eyes returned to meet Antonia's, "If Avalon had something to do with art, I'd quite possibly be involved in that as well", a half-jest imparted with partial truth. At the very foundation of his character, he was a scientist, though secondarily he was an artist.

"De nada, mi reina", civilly inclining his head, arms folded behind his back with patrician poise as if he were truly acknowledging the gratitude of a monarch. It was a flaunted fragment of the engrossing repartee that often rendered their conversations an engaging, winsome experience, even when greater austerity was more or less warranted. He watched, radiating dignified quiescence as she who was to no longer be his corporate superior seated herself, leisurely indulging in her glass of premier whiskey. Though he remained mute, the instinctively tame smile that decorated his august, proud countenance expressed with more effectiveness his thoughts better than his words could. His gaze never truly wavered, remaining quietly transfixed on the entrepreneurial 'reina' as he'd put it, as if he were admiring a captivating work of art.

Finally the aromatic silence broke as she initiated what would be a momentous revelation of her identity. "Oh I do", accepting the offered seat with a sportive smile, "I was simply waiting for the Queen to offer me one", the Queen of Avalon indeed. Internally bracing himself, Santiago retired to a seat situated several feet before her. Though not entirely informal, the Spaniard's posture did sport his iconic flippancy as he rested his left leg by the ankle atop his his right leg's thigh, his left hand insouciantly caressing the left portion of his jaw as his sapphire gaze met Antonia's, taking in all the information that she was willing to offer. As a person who harbors a deep appreciation for secrecy and often resorts to selective disinformation to preserve it, Santiago perceived an unorthodox intimacy in Antonia's willingness to reveal this much regarding herself.

He certainly wouldn't do so if not in conversation with a trusted friend. Generally, the revelation would have been overpowering to the ordinary mind and soul. Save for a momentary widening of his eyes and raise of both brows in sincere surprise, the Spaniard more or less managed to maintain his tangible composure. "That is a lot to take in. More than I did before, I now know why you're so filled of conviction, and no need to worry, Tonia. This conversation will not be known beyond these walls, of that I can assure you", the affirming nature of his words promised that no other soul save for those she personally informs would be aware her extra-universal origins. She liked to know things, indeed she did, "I know you do, Antonia. Tis why I'm so fond of you", as a genius, it was frustrating to not be surrounded by peers he can hold an intelligent conversation with, "...More than fond if I'm being sincere", he paused, his mouth subtly curling into a tenderhearted smile.

"And if only to get you started, here's an interesting theory about time. It's one that suggests that time emerges from quantum entanglement, an exotic relationship in which two quantum particles share the same existence, even if they're separated", he continued. "This link between two particles, electrons for example, can be used to measure time. The way a pair of entangled electrons is evolve is not at all so different from a clock used to measure change. For example, one can compare the change in entangled particles with an external clock completely independent from the universe. Making observations outside the universe and measuring the evolution of the particles using an external clock would show me that the particles appear entirely unchanging, that time, strangely enough, does not exist. However, inside the universe with an internal clock, you would be able to compare the evolution of the particles with the rest of the universe. As an internal observer, you would witness a change, and this difference in the evolution of the entangled particles compared with everything else would be a measure of time, one that implies that time is a phenomenon that emerges from quantum entanglement".

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It was rather heartwarming for Lena to so readily accept the responsibility of raising his daughter in the event of his untimely death, considering the sheer laboriousness of the task. Yana was no facile child, her spirit was not one that could be tamed, it veiled the calculating, analytical nature of an apex predator behind a disarming persona of overpowering sweetness and infantile innocence. "I appreciate your willingness, Lena", audible sincerity laced his voice, "Although I should inform you, that my daughter will be difficult at first. She's a polite child though has a fondness to do whatever she pleases when not being watched by someone she respects. Earning her respect will subsequently earn you her affection", and truth be told, Santiago knew no person other than himself that his daughter respected.

Perhaps the only exception was Merlin, with whom his beloved Yana shared a tenderhearted bond. "Again, thank you", a quiet smile of genuine gratitude curled to meet the perpetually elfin gaze of Avalon's finest legal representative. Addressing the other prioritized topic of Antonia, Santiago tersely shifted his eyes towards the neighboring window, peering outside to taciturnly observe the robotic movements of wandering pedestrians, "Well", he began, returning his attention to his dear acquaintance, "As she may have informed you, she intends to leave Avalon in favor of... well, I'm sure she told you", he subtly shrugged, "In any case, you know that she left the responsibility of overseeing Avalon's activities to both of us, at least until her successor ascends to the throne so to speak", Santiago paused, meeting the arrival of his glass of Monte Velho red wine and the delectable fruit salad with a quick wink of personable charisma in the waiter's direction.

"Naturally, I'm here to discuss the new terms of our joint-ownership. I'm not asking for much, only to be the leading figure in every scientific department while you cater to the less... fascinating branches", a harmlessly taunting smirk curled following his engaging quip. "Unless of course, your interests are as nerdy as mine", he jested, "Although to be frank, bella, I don't consider myself one at all. Simply a man with a mind of overpowering beauty with paralleling good genes", he laughed with evident self-amusement. Soon curiosity crept into his comely features, "A new endeavor? Please Ms. Dante, elaborate".

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I should feed my babies first or they'll steal my phone again.

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@xenon_: Yeah I like it as well, she's fun to write LOL

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@thunderbolt: If you know of a way to work that in, I'm all ears, mano.

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