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The Avalon Heir's expressed dissatisfaction over her inability to fluster him garnered yet another tame laugh from the flippant Spaniard. Tersely casting his gaze aside to observe Merlin's odd habits with the curious A.I.'s new avian acquaintance, Santiago coolly shrugged, it wasn't like he needed a promotion, he was more than financially stable, though Anastasia's offer was appreciated prior to it's revelation as a jest. "That is debatable, little niña", he paused, returning his attention to his provocatively clad boss, "In this building, I do not have fun, conventionally. I come here to work and make money. Having fun... for me it would be counterproductive. Besides", Santiago paused, subtly tilting his head to the side, a cavalier smirk curling at the edges of his mouth as his viper-like, sapphire eyes met hers.

"My type of fun is not for offices and young girls. I'm not that risque", he quipped with a quick, sportive wink. "Oh and when he", the Black Viper paused, gesturing towards the airborne Merlin outside the neighboring window, "Is done with that little bird, he will escort you to your office, Boss Tasia". "Welcome to Avalon", he smiled.

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"Oh, so nothing severe, bueno", Santiago remarked, voicing his contentment with the efficiency of the process. Succinctly shifting his gaze towards a neighboring window to catch a glimpse of a hovering Merlin studiously interacting with the bird he affectionately named 'Clark', a relaxed though mildly pensive expression fell upon the Spaniard's suave features, "Hmm". Merlin's behavior had grown more peculiar in recent times as the synthetic juggernaut adapted to the world all about him. Santiago simply hoped that this adaptation would not be the beginning stages of an unlikely but potential moral shift for the Artificial Intelligence Platform. Returning his attention to Anastasia as she openly declared that she was now his corporate superior, a tinge of curiosity overtook him.

Until of course, an elfin smirk curled upon the young woman's features before she revealed her racy garments. "Gracias, Tasia", Santiago politely remarked, issuing a subtle yet cordial inclination of the head in response to Anastasia's commendation of his work prior to her inevitable ingress. Though her provocative suggestion of a more carnal reward garnered taciturn amusement from the Black Viper. A mildly entertained smile adorned his visage as a tame, relaxed laugh escaped his dapper person, his sapphire eyes always projecting the cool, flippant air that seemed to hang like a force of nature whenever he stepped into a room. "A promotion is fine", he calmly answered.

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Taking momentary notice of the lethargy with which Merlin was conducting himself, Santiago, in tame curiosity, cocked his left brow, "Merlin", he paused, garnering the Artificial Intelligence's attention, "Qué pasa aqui?", the Spaniard inquired, "You are usually much faster than this", he remarked. (--Apologies--), Merlin responded prior to shifting his photoreceptor towards the neighboring window, (--This unit was distracted by the ingress of Clark, the bird that rests on your window every day--). Flippantly dismissing his robotic assistant's infantile tendencies with a taciturn shrug, Santiago watched with tangible focus as Merlin commenced the anticipated process, transferring every bit of the necessary quantum information into Anastasia's brain, and emancipating Santiago from the trouble of having to actually teach.

Come the process' speedy conclusion, Merlin excused himself from their presence and made his exit from the Black Viper's palatial office. "How are you feeling, little niña? No headaches or anything peculiar?", he inquired, clasping both hands together as he leaned forward in expressed intrigue and moderate concern for any potential consequences brought forth by abrupt transfer of information to her brain. "In any case, if you feel like every bit of knowledge regarding the corporate world is at the tip of your fingers, then you are now my boss, Tasia", he smirked.

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Having dismissed the importance of whether or not Antonia truly was Anastasia's mother as the young girl had claimed, and having formulated his own conclusion, Santiago couldn't help but respond to her expressed irascibility with tangible insouciance. "Oh it really doesn't matter to me anymore, bella", he remarked, relegating the topic of conversation to one of nonexistent importance, striding towards the neighboring shelf and pouring himself a glass of Johnnie Walker's Blue Label scotch whiskey. Composedly bringing the glass to his lips and indulging in a succinct sip of the alcoholic beverage, he subtly tilted his head to the side, a relaxed, entertained smirk curling upon his exotic features as he met Anastasia's gaze.

"Good instincts?", he inquired, and then wondered. Truly, Santiago believed that in the corporate world, and the world in general, the greatest instinct was not trusting anyone, period. Those who seemed to be people of trust were simply the people one distrusted the least. He certainly hoped that Anastasia, Antonia's supposed daughter of all people, had this instinct. "Sit", he gestured towards a neighboring chair, "And relax", he paused, "He", pointing towards a taciturn Merlin, "Will transfer every bit of knowledge and whatnot to not your mind with whichever channel for quantum/physical information he desires", again he paused, flippantly seating himself in his desk, kicking both feet up to it's surface, "And I will watch to ensure that he does so in a manner that is not distasteful", he smirked, somewhat sportively.

"Be gentle, mano. And provide her with some sort of biological search engine to sort through all of the information you will abruptly transfer into her brain", he instructed, distracting himself with solving a Rubik's Cube while Merlin commenced the fifteen minute process of transferring clusters and clusters of informational units carrying in-depth knowledge of the corporate world and how to both survive and thrive in it.

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@cutthroatbitch: (Let's just skip the training/teaching part ;P)

"Antonia? Your madre?", Santiago paused, not so much questioning Anastasia's remark, but expressing his curiosity and admittedly, his intrigue over the possibility that Antonia was in any form of the word, a mother. Subtly squinting his sharp, sapphire eyes, the Black Viper coolly rubbed his goateed chin, "Hmm, forgive me, bella, but that does not sound quite right". A portion of him believed that had Antonia been a mother, either biologically or a stepmother, he would have known, certain that he and his former corporate superior shared a relationship imbued with tangible trust, at least as much trust as two jaded, logically inclined individuals could impart in others. In essence, he believed that former Avalon CEO he dotingly dubbed 'Tonia' would have told him... something.

"I believe I would have known. Although it seems like in this situation, my belief is not required. But tis strange, Antonia is too young to be the mother of someone your age. Unless of course, you are the result of some risque teenage moments", he shrugged with a degree of flippancy. "Or perhaps you are a clone of hers of some sort. Or from an alternate timeline. In any case, Antonia was not who I felt you resembled but that is not important now", he dismissed prior to pausing, a cavalier smirk foretelling his coming sportive tease, "Besides, I'll know everything in due time. Or perhaps not, we'll see", he playfully winked. "Hmm, most people prefer Nastya... I don't want to be most people so I will call you Tasia. If you don't mind, of course".

"Si, she did not have immediate experience but she learned everything she needed to know when she worked at Kamelot as an assistant to it's CEO. In any case, it would be unnecessary to have you repeat the same steps because I can teach you what you need to know, Ms. Tasia", Santiago smiled.

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Allowing the arriving young woman her required moment of taciturn wonderment, Santiago subtly tilted his head to the side, observing his new acquaintance with an expression of partial intrigue, and partial amusement, the corners of his mouth curling upwards into a smile that so naturally showcased his charismatic witticism. "Your throne?", he began, "Hmm muy interesante", the Spaniard murmured in his native tongue, "So you are the one that Antonia vaguely told me about. She said that I would know that you are the one once I met you. Your claim made recognizing your identity as her heir much easier for me". Softly rubbing his bearded chin, a pensive expression coolly falling upon his exotic features as his viper-like, sapphire eyes studied the young woman's visage, he remarked.

"You look a little bit like someone I've seen before", Amaranth, it was Amaranth. "This person, the identity is at the back of my mind but I cannot remember, and if I cannot even remember then this person probably has not warranted my attention for a long time". Nonchalantly stepping forward, approaching the woman with his characteristic, swashbuckling flair, Santiago flippantly positioned himself inches from her right, "What is your name, niña?", he inquired, "Oh and your throne, it is yours. But I am curious. You have inherited a billion dollar corporation. You'll have to forgive me for assuming that you are not familiar with overseeing something of this scope due to a possible lack of the necessary managerial skills so in case I am not wrong, I'll help train you to be better equipped to be Avalon's CEO".

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"Very few animals look like drunken combinations of other ones, mi hermano", the Black Viper remarked, coolly stirring the fine aged Black Label scotch whiskey in his glass with his right pinkie finger, his sharp, sapphire eyes subtly squinting in response to the projected hologram of the unorthodox desert rodent, the jerboa. (--It appears to be an amalgamation of a kangaroo, a rabbit, and a rat--), Merlin added, the 'Artificial Intelligence' Platform's monotone, robotic voice failing to convey it's sincere degree of curiosity regarding the animal under studious observation. "I think it looks like a real life Pokemon", Santiago paused, the corners of his lips edging upwards ever so slightly in poised amusement as he brought his glass of premier whiskey to his eager lips.

"I have no idea what that verbal code means"

Following a controlled sip, the Spaniard rested his glass atop his grandiloquent desk's beige surface as he swaggered from his seat to assume a position inches from Merlin's left, their gazes both resting on the jerboa's gargantuan hologram. (--This unit concurs. The jerboa's long, springy hind limbs and unnecessarily large ears displays the type of exaggerated disproportions found only in Japanese animation--). With the affluent scent of Montecristo No. 2 Cuban cigar smoke lingering in the office's cool, serene air, the shirtless Madrid Viper taciturnly shifted his attention towards the audible knock on his door and the subsequent ingress of an assistant cordially informing him of the arrival of a rather peculiar young woman. "I have no idea what that verbal code means but alright, this seems like it will prove to be an interesting encounter, bella. Send the girl in", the Black Viper smiled, calmly buttoning his onyx, form-fitting Ermenegildo Zegna dress shirt.

"Turn off the hologram for me, Merlin. We will find amusement in the mistakes of evolution some other time". Little did the Spaniard know that she who would soon pass through his office door would be the foretold heir of Antonia Dain. "For now, it seems that there is someone hoping to speak of things I assume are important".

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@xenon_: Oh my God if Xenon does that, I will literally LMAO ;P

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@la_espada: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


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Rhythmically drumming his fingers atop his desk's wooden surface, an expression of pensive austerity fell upon his exotic visage, "And you say this because you believe that you must be born into royalty to be a king? You're a man, Xenon. A man does not require any genetic predisposition to set out and achieve what he wants. I do not want to be a king but if I did, I would rather be a king through my efforts than through royal blood. Nothing good in this world is easy, my friend. More than anyone, you should know that". Resuming, Santiago coolly returned to his former position, resting both feet atop his desk with characteristic, swaggering nonchalance.

"Love, love, love... she is a deadly mistress, mano, is she not?", the Black Viper inquired, "I can see that you are... desperate to find someone. You long for companionship of the romantic sort, and there is nothing wrong with that. I believe we all do at some point or another. But", Santiago paused, a tame exhale escaping his dapper frame, "Why are you giving these sentiments permission to take over your life? You almost seem to be in a state of self-loathing, all because Doctora Steele kissed Senor Archer? You barely know this woman. You cannot love or be in love with a woman you just met. That is loco".

"I am not the best person to speak of about this but I will tell you what I can. Don't fall into a pit of despair over this", he calmly advised, "Besides. If you don't even love yourself, why should anyone else? Tis worth thinking about".