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well well well...*sigh*

I'll reserve judgement until he actually makes an appearance on the show.

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Interesting theory. I feel that this Bart Allen is so different, personality-wise, to the character I'm familiar with (Bart Allen pre-New 52).

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I'm indifferent about it, i enjoyed it in the theater but i have no real desire to see it again. It didn't leave much of an impact (which isnt what every movie should/set out to do).

Agreed. T'was a good film though.

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Interesting. I like the sound of this but I do not like the look of that new Harley costume (if that is her new costume).

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@digbykong: That sells it. I'm definitely going to pick up the issue so I can get the recipe. BTW those ninja guys have knives. Where are their forks for the love of God? Savages.

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Awwww...Pizza Dog :D

I'm definitely going to pick up:



Justice League of America



And more money from the bank. *sigh*

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I think the problem is that people are too familiar with one aspect of Superman. This film explored other aspects of the character, like his kryptonian heritage, in great depth. Obviously looking at Superman from the angle the film did it seems as if this isn't the character some fans are accustomed to. However I feel that even though this Superman did things we didn't expect him to do (destroy Metropolis during the fight between him and Zod) he is still a very accurate interpretation of the character. If an individual like this existed in real life I think most of what happened in the film would've happened in real life. People need to remember that despite being godlike Superman is no god; he has extraordinary abilities and can do super things but he is also flawed. He is SUPERman not PERFECTman.

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@ptigrusmagus: That has actually confused me a lot. I know not everyone's a DC fan but the hate seems to have come out of nowhere. Just MO.

God let that be Wally West.

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A World's Finest film would be amazing. If they're going for a MOS2 next year they need to follow up with a Flash or World's Finest film pronto. After that Wonder Woman and if we're lucky Aquaman (which would be too awesome for words). There is no need to get Justice League out there so quickly.

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Great review. Definitely going to see it.