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I'm a massive SP fan, can't wait for the final book coming in September :DD

Even though Skulduggery's had over 400+ years of experience he's still overcome by Cleavers, and they're as skilled as Bruce in my eyes.

Bruce wins 6/10 in both scenarios.

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Regarding R1, isn't Logan more skilled and experienced than Bruce? I see Logan taking this more times than not.

R2: Batman could win this.

R3: Wolverine.

R4: Wolverine.

R5: Batman.

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Azazel potentially solos.

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Dang, no one debating this?

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lol, Hulk godstomps.

Amaterasu isn't stopping him either.

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@ghostravage said:

@comicstooge said:

I know little about Hellverine, but Shadowland DD was ridiculous by street level standards.

From what i've read about Shadowland, he is indeed not a street leveler. Way too strong with healing factor. Definitely a team buster. According to Slim, Hellverine was a good match for him, we'll see what our Wolverine and Daredevil experts have to offer.

Which Shadowland DD we talking about? The one that Spider-man nigh-solo'd or the one that was punking Ghost Rider?

Nigh-solo'd? Since when?

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Team 1 wins.

Itachi and Sasuke aren't beating BSM Naruto and Killer Bee enhanced with a Kyuubi chakra cloak.

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@princearagorn1: He is but it's only effective against ranged techs. Also, it requires Minato to be stationary and use hand seals.

Senju share the same characteristics, if not arguably greater; Hashirama completely broke Orochimaru's restraint on him and Tobirama was able to do this until Orochimaru used Hashirama's cells to strengthen the binding. This was all due to powerful chakra and it's a feat Nagato was unable to accomplish.

And, Tobirama made the room shake, created cracks and scared everyone in the room except for Hashirama just by powering up/rousing his chakra.

Hashirama powered up and almost destroyed the entire room.

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@princearagorn1: Sealing techs aren't going to help Minato in a battle against someone who'd be extremely hard to subdue.

I'm talking about the advantages of being a Senju; extraordinary life force/physical chakra. Honestly, I don't see either of them landing a hit on each other, just Tobirama outlasting Minato due to superior chakra reserves.