ingredients for a good survival-horror game?

After mulling over in my mind the last twenty years of history in videogames, I realized that the most recent horror games just suck. Like in the last five years, I have yet to have seen a scary game that came out that was even close to games like Silent Hill 2, System Shock 2, or maybe even the original Resident Evil or Alone in the Dark. The sequals to some of these games (Fatal Frame, Silent Hill, Resident Evil) are being made with action movie stories or shooter controls. None of the new stuff seems all that original to begin with, like how Dead Space was just a mix of The Thing, Alien, and Event Horizon. Where are the Eternal Darknesses or the Condemned: Criminal Origins at this juncture of games history?  
My questions are; 1. what do you think makes a videogame scary (story, sound, mutants/aliens/psychopaths, horrible things happening to small children, etc.), and 2. If you could make a scary videogame, how would you go about making it to make it good and original. 
answer one, both, or neither, i'm just wondering where my scary games at. 


give a list of weird comics

As much as I like batman, Deadpool and several mainstream characters, I always kinda liked the different comics, like Transmet or Hellblazer. Stories where the characters aren't exactly traditional or have badass superpowers, but are awesome just the same. I know a good number of these comics, but I probably don't know several others. 
in summary give a list of your favorite comics that were different, to help me find something else that's awesome to read.


what comics changed you?

Have you ever read a comic that changed you, like after finishing it profoundly impacted you in some way. If so by all means share what that comic was. 


What scares you?

After looking at the horror movies, games, books, and comics that have been out there for the past year or so, It all looks crap in comparison to earlier horror. So, out of a desire to learn if there is anything I missed, please tell me about a good and scary game, comic, etc. that you feel to be terrifying and fairly original. Or if you can't think of anything that's out tell me about a story you thought up that seems like it would soil trousers if put in something

A question

Since this is the first time I have ever written a blog that some teacher has not forced me to write for fucking politics, I figure that the first thing I would like to pose to the comic book community is an idea; what makes a superhero awesome? Is it that they wear tights, or that there powers are badass, or even that they get to get it on with other superheroes and create meta-powered spawn. What do you, as a reader, find to be the most important part of a superhero in a comic or any comic book character for that matter. For myself, I feel that the most important thing in any character are their flaws. It's just that any creature of fiction can seem all the more relatable and deep if they have problems of their own. After recently reading William Gibson's  Nueromancer , I thought that a computer hacker with an amphetamine and cyberspace addiction, along with a chick that had a pathological urge to fight, they seemed like real people, and therefore interesting. For comic books however, the obvious flawed type characters would be the guys who snapped under their masks, like Rorschach and to a less serious degree Deadpool. To finish what I said, what do you think is the most important ingredient for a superhero, the virtue, or the vice? the sex, or the laser eyes? Think about it. 
P.s. just to satisfy my curiosity and hopefully get the readers of this thing to learn some shit, try to look up or think of a character, any character, from whatever media, with a deep character flaw that isn't merely attached  to him or her, and ask yourself if that character's interesting.