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@8008s said:

Okay, time to be really immature.

The energy-ray-thing that approaches Earth... does the shape remind anyone of anything?

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Mutants stom... No wait, movie mutants? Then most of them die, unless Xavier in Cerebro mind-kills Manhattan, with him being existentially conflicted and all. Also I don't remember much telepaths in Watchmen, so there's no reason for Manhattan to have resists for tp, meaning Xavier in a stomp.

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AMAZO was talked out of destroying stuff by Lex Luthor, which kinda speaks about his mental integrity. Discord would grayscale him into rampaging across the multiverse for lulz.

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@kyle_dornez: When? I don't remember that happening if it did please show me. (not combative just a curious )

also If toon force is allowed Saitama will likely win

I was mistaken - according to tropes, even Hero Killer Garou wasn't good enough. He and Boros had a good shot though...

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Yeah... Flash would probably beat up Touma even without superpowers, given that Touma is a teenager, and Wally is thirty-something trained by Batman... Unless of course light novel feats, where his arm is Lucifer or something... But I digress.

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I'm not sure In Thor and Hulk vs Saitama though. I haven't read the manga for some time now, and I remember there was time in strips when Saitama actually met his match, so... World Breaker Hulk would probably be able to take him on.

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It's always frustrating to fight Index characters, since they're designed to be untouchable for anything except Touma =__=

Personally I join the opinion that Speed Force dump would probably work in first two cases. Or, since battlefield isn't defined, we can assume he runs to Fortress of Solitude, borrows Phantom Zone projector and dumps Accelerator there.

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Hulk and Thor might take a hit from him... Vision would have an edge of intangibility, but I wouldn't bank on it... Others fold. In one punch =3

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Diana takes this. Sure, Mark is powerful in his own right and has insane pain tolerance but then He lacks the skill and experience that Wonder Woman has

Took words right out of my mouth =)

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To quote from thread next door:

@redbird3rdboywonder said:

Assuming Kyle wouldn't die from the overload and had complete mastery over all rings, how could he lose?

Well, for example the rings grant him complete control over Emotional Spectrum, which is rather nice - hard light constructs, bonus powers of individual lights, and (arguably) the White Light of Life.

Thanos on the other hand, no pun intended, controls reality with just 1 (one) Infinity Gem. An argument can be made that he can wipe out the Emotional Spectrum completely with only Mind or Soul gems. And Infinity Gauntlet houses what, six of them? So yeah, this is probably a mismatch.