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Processing a voice actress' voice with effects for the battle that she will be in for the game. She's got quite a few lines, and some will probably have to be re-recorded due to excess noise I can't find a way to remove. But so far, so good. I'm also finding a way to render Toad's word "love" for a UST I'm creating. His "lah" isn't exactly the cleanest sound, so I'll probably have to use "lu" (clipped to just the L sound) "a2" "vu" with varying envelopes and pitch bends to make it sound natural. Which is fine because envelops and pitch bends are the most fun part ever! <3

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Whew. After hours of fiddling with that UST, I got the verse and chorus done. I plan on completing the whole song eventually. But for a from scratch UST and this being my first one, I think it's not bad! But you can judge that too. I love Toad's gentle voice. But his British accent makes it hard not to laugh. I've yet to find a good way of working around it completely.

The S flags work miraculously for his voice when paired with bkh01 resampler. Rain Stain IS coming, although I don't know exactly when it will be. That's due to my wanting to rip the UST apart and fix it to his voice specifically, much as I've done with this one only not from scratch. So I'm tossing that idea around in my head of rendering piece by piece for the sake of sheer realism (if not anything else). Either way, Rain Stain will be his first coming out officially although he's made a pretty good mark with 'My Heart Will Go On'.


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Making Toad sing that cheesy romancy song from Titanic,XD;;;. Except it's really hard because I'm having to make the note file from scratch. TT_TT And I am a fail at that. But god is it hilarious hearing him sing it.

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I barely ever finish anything I do. Mostly I like to sketch or doodle randomly outside of full game art things (which I can't post here since they belong to the game teams so I can only post WIPs of said stuff).

So here......a bunch of random randoms. o_o

Game over~ Mr. Dark from Rayman, blowing you away. It's an animation so maybe your need to click it to see?

A WIp of the character I was making for a game.

The sprite of character in my game. Spriting is my real art passion i think XD

And here is a character card + sprites for nother game. ^_^

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Music <3 One of my favourite past times whether it's listening or creating it! I saw a place for art and writing dump but not for musical dumpage, so I just start it here ^__^


I recently have a liking for Xmen Toad! So I make him sing (the movies version of him) with a digital voice! I've not complete any songs in full as I'm still fiddling with his flags and resamplers that sound best on his voice.

This one is chorus of Starduster. Also the songs in Japanese only language. I submitted subtitles though! The first test I made was this, using standard samples. So you can hear, the twingy effect that won't be in the final version. I made the note files in this, plus made him sing, then mixed!

I started to try another resampler which make the twingy less but it corrupt some files and made his consonants buzzy. I had no knowledge of flags to use, but I made this mix and music video of Paranoid Doll, shorter version. The ust file belongs to Mr. D. I did not write the notes! o_o Just made him sing and did mixing and video.

And then finally Mr. D shows me how to use the S flags for the resamplers! So my current project has a much smooth and better sounding voice for Toad. ^__^ The new song I'm working in next is called Rain Stain. It will be his first full length song and here is a sample.

^_^ See muuuuch better. I did not make the notes there either. The credits are in the video at the beginning. I just made him sing it and mixed it.


Here is my own voice singing in the program. This mix is very better than mine because Mr. D mixed it. >__>;; he also knows how to better work in all the programs. I learn from him. The credits are on the video. My digital singing persona is Inaba Kurue which is slight change from my original name Kurui. xD;; I'm not creative. Here was Kurue's introductory song, In Chains!


And I don't just create digi voices! I also sing normally. I have a high voice I use, and a deep voice for some rock. It depends on the songs I sing which voice I need to use. Here are a few samples of my singing normally. Also I mainly sing in japanese. Sorry for the no subs on these videos.

Short covering of a song from Slayer anime opener. ^__^ My friend drew the drawing.

My original song I write ^_^. A more rock version. I used my rocking voice for this one.

And a full song! This is my singing of Sugar Baby Love Japanese version! It's a very cute song. NnsNightshade is another handle of mine for stage.

Thanks and please well tell me if you like them~. :3

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Me. owo
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I like rap and hip hop but mostly of the horrorcore variety. I sing in some horrorcore songs and I just love the storytelling in it. It's an extremely creative way to storytell. Unlike what some people think, rapping takes talent. Rap/HipHop also tends to be one of the most purest forms of speaking one's thoughts, but it is difficult to find a flow; Either you have it or you don't.

I can enjoy some of the south krunk rap too where it's all about guns and hos and cars and rims and bling and money. But I think that horrorcore is where it's at. <3 Exploring the dark side of the human psyche is just very interesting to me. I'm also a horror fan to begin with so that might be why I have that preference.

I'm not very good at rapping, yet myself, but I have experimented with covering songs from my favourite musician who is a horrorcore rap artist. Because of that cover I had other artists ask me to rap and sing in their songs which is VERY exciting! I'm working on a RnB type hip hop beat with some singing and rap now to brush up my skills. Only got as far as laying down some melody and back vocal for the chorusy part. I'm not one of those who have a gift of rhyme so the rapping takes me ages. XD

http://www.esnips.com/displayimage.php?pid=34151599 <- tunes I come up with. Musick by Jaydop (A korean rap artist I collab with).

http://soundcloud.com/kurui/rap-vocal-test and my cover of a verse from my fav horrorcore artist. I'm nowhere near as good as him and I trip on my words but I got better since then. <3

But yay hip hop/rap is a very nice genre of music I listen frequently ^___^

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I think I don't like playing games as much as I like making them. I prefer 2D or 2.5D games typically over full 3D, but it really depends on the plot of the game and or fun factor. A deep, innovating story usually pulls me in. I like captivating characters as well. Star Ocean: The Second Story is still my current favourite game, although there are other titles that I enjoy: Silhouette Mirage, Super Adventure Island, Deadly Premonition, Nightmare Creatures, Rule of Rose, The Boy and His Blob, Lunar, Phantom Brave, Hoshigami, Yume Nikki.

I usually play RPGs, Horror, Platformer, and Simulation games. I used to play MMO games before bandwidth caps hit. Mabinogi is my favourite online game followed by Fragments (a game that I made with a team that didn't stay up for long but was enjoyable).

Currently working on 2 games; A commercial VN/Tactical game set in gothique lore and a chapter by chapter RPG called Anything. I usually work on the art side of things with games, because that is my strongest point.

I LOVE sprite-based games, especially character sprites. I don't mind environment in 3D, but for characters 2D is best <3. You just can't get the nostalgic and beautiful artsy quality with those in 3D it seems. But some 3D environments blow me away with epickness. ^___^ Rayman 1 and Origins are very inspirational to me with the breathtaking 2D quality. Alot of the games I work on has a mash between the two "look and feel".

In games, I can enjoy both linear and semi-linear gameplay (with some sandbox mode). I tend NOT to like completely sandbox games because it takes away from the "getting caught up in adventure with new character friends". I like to have something to hang on to, I don't like just walking around doing random pointless quests or missions for the heck of it.

I'm more into the sci-fi than fantasy. A blend of the two is perfect. I feel more at home in the future than with other genre, except for gothic. Gothic fantasy is amazing setting. <3

For "battles" I like Full Active Action, which tri-Ace's Star Ocean 2 set up for games today. Yes, that kind of battle system you see in many other RPG, SO series was the first, a deviation of the Tales Of Linear Active Action. I sometimes feel though, that battle mechanics are skimped on in games with how you learn skills. Some skillsets that are available to pick up make older sets completely obsolete and I don't enjoy leveling up a spell or set just to have something come that is better than it in every way.

I can be overly critical of games, especially ones that really have no meat and are only popular because of mainstream. I think games should be judged on other qualities beside which is more popular to like.

And there are some of the things I think about gaming/game designing. :D


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Writing here~. Also experimenting with the S flags in my Utau program, making Toady cover this song as my next project. Must say, it's lots better than my last attempt. >_>;; But his lack of proper Japanese pronunciation is killing me.

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I'm Kurui/Shi. I live in Arkansas state but I spent a lot of my life living in the Gulf Shores near the beach. I hate the beach. >_> Anyway! I'm disabled and draw disability, but for "work" I am lead artist or top dog for some indie games in production. I also sing frequently for people if they compose things for me to sing to. I'm usually to sick to do all that for an actual living though. =_=

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