150+ Followers for Anything! <3

That's right! ChiMeGo's first game Anything now has 192 followers! We're still heavily in the planning phases but a visual mock up is set to be released extremely soon. The video will demonstrate just how the battle sequences are planned look and work in the final product.

To celebrate the amount of followers we've accrued, I threw together an audio sample with some music (which will not be in the game product due to it belonging to another game of mine that has been in the works on and off for some years) and some Voice Acting for Anything provided by one of the voice actresses. Via it you can hear a little of the "vision" this game will be imaging through visuals and game play.

You can hear the sample here. http://www.esnips.com/displayimage.php?pid=34164125

  • Mixing and Voice Editing by Me/Kurui
  • 'Eve Maiden' voiced by Christina Jones/Kitty
  • Sound Effects created by Alan Jackson/Nightmare Nadia
  • Music 'Kneel and Perish' is (c) SEFA and composed by Michael Morgan/Burstknuckle
  • Based upon the world and game 'Anything' produced by ChiMeGo Studios, lead by founder/CEO Mortimer Toynbee/Deadwater/Toad
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It had To Be Done ~~~~~~

Toad doesn't have many fans now, does he? I noticed that even though I come from a pocket of internet that is rife with Toad fangirls. And by making him sing, I hope to gain him some new followers ~__^. And not ones that just feel sorry for him either. Because I think he has good potential. Or maybe I'm just completely wooed by his nice singing since I've been working with him in UTAU. >_>;;; Eiiither way, I've enjoyed looking up some comics with him in it because I'll admit to being a total Toadnewbie. I guess if he does ever get fed up with being janitor he can take up being a singer now XDDDD Soooo I decide to make him sing 'My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion because that's totally not random at all! <_< >_> <_<

I've been being hard at work with my first fully custom UTAU UST. XD; Almost done with the first verse and choruses minus some few edits and the last bit. *victory milestone dance* HE IS SO BRITISH (this is movie Toad ofc) so you'll have to excuse his Britishness. I know there are some kinks. He doesn't have the best of voice bank actually and I have to work with what I've got. His voice is so gentle but powerful! <3 I think someone said "He reminds me of a British Josh Groban". <3 Yesh, totally accurate.

Anyway, Toad respect! If not for his awesome character than at least for his b-e-a-UTIFUL singing~

Well who else here likes Toady? Besides me? *crickets chirp*