Characters of "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes"

Here is the list of every character, object and location (including cameos) in upcoming animated series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I won't add real life objects and locations like United Nations Headquarters or Las Vegas. I also will add "mention cameos" if they will be, but after they (objects, characters, locations etc.) would appear in the episodes, i'll put them chronologically right where they've actually appeared. The later appearances (not mentions) of objects, characters, locations etc. will be marked with only titles of micro- or full episode.

You are free to remind me if i miss someone or something. 

Some of the episodes of these series are first aired online divided to parts as micro episodes, so i'll list the characters in the order of appearing in those micro-episodes, even if appering in the micro-episode is chronologically later then it is in the original series. For example, Iron Man is the first Marvel character that appeared in micro-episode #1 which will be a part of the full episode #3, and it's still unknown who will be the first appearing in the first full episode. Micro-episodes will be listed as M01-M20, and the episodes will be listed as E01-E(...) for saving place. 
p.s English is not my first language, so any advices for editing my mistakes or typos are welcome.
UPD#1: I have not identified prisoners of The Cube, except the Leader and Abomination. Who are these guys?  
UPD#2: I have recognized Radioactive Man, X-Ray (that skull in a glass jar with body is probably him, but i'm not sure), Mad Man and Vapor (and one giant, i think it's Abomination) on the second pictures. Who are the others?

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