Comics are Forever!

Here is a list of the polls that I have recently done. I like the conversation that polls like this spark and am very interested to see as to what people have to say.

  1. Who is your favorite writer?
  2. Who is the greatest ruler?
  3. Which is the best vehicle?
  4. What is your favorite DC Crisis?
  5. What weapon/concept would you prefer to have?
  6. What is the best Infinite Crisis tie-in?
  7. What is the best comic related cartoon?
  8. What is the best "Age" in comics?
  9. Who created better characters?
  10.  Who is your favorite Flash?
  11. What is the best X-Men story-arc?
  12. Who is the best Teen Titans writer?
  13. Which Outsiders team do you prefer?
  14. Who do you think is DC's top character of 09?
  15. What is the best story arc of 09 so far?
  16. What is the best Mark Millar project?
Keep in mind that the polls are to spark conversation about comic books on a comic book crazy does that sound.....Also with some subjects your particular favorite might not be on there but for the sake of the Poll just answer from the options provided!

F Diamonds.........COMICS are  FOREVER!

Posted by Kurrent

I will add more polls that I make on to this list to make them easier to find.

Posted by Hawk

lol there

Posted by G'bandit
  1. Don't know any
  2. Magneto
  3. Batmovil
  4. The one Superboy died
  5. Speed force
  6. I would of love to read Villains United
  7. Teen Titans 
  8. Modern
  9. Cris (Just a filler)
  10. Wally West IS Flash, to hell with the others XD
  11. I heard a lot from the Phoenix SAga
  12. Don't know
  13. Winik
  14. Dick Grayson
  15. Battle for the cowl

@Kurrent: the link to "Which is the favorite crisis" is wrong, it takes you to the vehicles one

Posted by Kurrent

Thanks hawk and thanks G'Bandit....fixed