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I believe that we are all racist to a degree.

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"Senate Bill 101 will prohibit state and local governments from “substantially burdening someone’s religious beliefs, unless that entity can prove it’s relying on the least restrictive means possible to further a compelling governmental interest"

Essentially. Bill 101

It basically is a backlash to the perceived growing encroachment of government upon civil liberties. It is much more far reaching than simply being "anti-gay" and though it could potentially be used in that way, what is actually happening is fear mongering by the progressives attempting to use a very small potentiality to overshadow the much larger issue of growing governmental encroachment and overreach.

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@penderor: People aren't racist they are taught it. Racism is a relatively new phenomenon in regards to world history, and this is my issue with white people because instead of trying to overcome their own history when it comes to dealing with other ethnic groups they just want to lump everyone with them to make themselves feel better. Racism is only common among white Europeans, most people don't segregate themselves by skin color.

This simply is not true.

It hasn't been my experience after living overseas and working in Asian communities for the last 20 years.

It is not remotely intuitive nor demonstrable.

In fact internal secondary migration of immigrant communities, ethnic enclaves and even anyone with any awareness of grade school "cafeteria politics" can see that it is not true.

The only possible positive thing to say is that often times we conflate "racism" with what I shall call "ethnic preference" based on cultural and psychological comfort.

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83,000 Bibles Sent to Cuba to Keep Up With 'Incredible' Growth of Christianity

"Since the Cuban government amended its Constitution in 1992, declaring it a secular state, instead of an atheist state, religious activities have been given room to grow and flourish."

"The Havana-based Western Cuba Baptist Convention will get 32,000 Bibles, while the Santiago-based Eastern Cuba Baptist Convention, which reported nearly 30,000 professions of faith in 2014 and has opened over 1,300 house churches in the last few years, will also get 32,000 Bibles...With the Eastern Convention reporting 29,063 professions of faith in 2014"

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@batwatch said:


I have had a lot of bad experiences with cops, and it all stems from that ego the many of them have. I have had good interactions with them, but sixty percent of my professional interactions with cops have been negative. I've never committed anything more serious than a traffic violation, yet most of the times I've been pulled over for speeding, I've been treated with unnecessary hostility. I'm not objecting to being ticketed; I've had friendly tickets. Just don't be a dick while writing me up. Even when I've asked cops a question in a non-ticket situation, I've been treated with disdain. A lot of cops have a massive ego, and I can't stand that.

And again, I've had some which went out of their way to be nice, but if any other profession had a fifty percent bad customer service record, they'd be out of business.

I drifted off a bit, but back to topic, I think the ego is a problem for the police force and it might have come into play. The officer sure didn't seem like he had a protect and serve additides towards Eric Garner.

This has been my experience with police as well. Some have had massive egos and were overly hostile.

And I totally agree that the officer who put the restraint upon Garner was overly hostile. In previous posts I have called this incompetence. But because I don't think he was at all aware of Garner's medical history, I don't think this occurrence is equal to brutality or manslaughter or any other hyperbolic claims.

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@batwatch: Im rather torn on whether or not the cop should be charged with manslaughter. If Garner had consistently refused police orders, I probably would back the cop, but the fact that Garner resisted for about half a second before the cop sprung really bugs me. Garner didn't immediately cooperate...he resisted for a split second, and the cop went for overwhelming force. That seems completely unnecessary and overly aggressive to me. I can easily see myself instictually withdraw my hands if someone tried to grab them even if I intellectually knew I should cooperate. Clearly, the cop didn't intend to kill, but was he out of line? Yeah, no question. Whether it deserves a manslaughter charge is less clear.

I agree with you. The cop acted in an overly aggressive way. But he probably didn't know anything about Garner's health issues. So despite the policeman's rash behavior (which was probably due to one of those pervasive "god complexes" which seem to be common in police officers) had Garner simply been compliant he would have offered no ammunition to the police officer and the whole altercation would have been avoided and Garner would probably be alive today.

But as I continue to ponder these things, I really wonder if given the possible level of police machismo and "god complex" even if Garner had been totally compliant, the cop may still have acted in an overly aggressive manner.

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@kuonphobos: I never heard of those crossovers before. Are they any good?

I didn't think so. But I am not a fan of the costume set nor crossovers in general so I may not be a good source of reference. =)

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I just hope they eliminate all the crossover BS and stylized cheesy costumes like that clown suit they had Papa Midnight in recently. The New52 stint sucked. Just cut out all the costume and cape influenced crap and get back to the grit, cynicism and horror. I don't care if you make it PG-13 or whatnot...

But I'll give it a try.

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