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According to Godwin's Law you have failed right out of the gate.

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pineal gland

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@ccraft: Self preservation is still at play in any situation that involves you wanting to hurt someone.

This needs explanation.

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@jnr6lil said:

@pooty said:
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@pooty: Media doesn't report anything.

My post said nothing about the media. Why are you mentioning the media?

Are they not stat collectors, or the ones who show the stats to the world?

The media is biased and are definitely not the place to go for stats. For this you would need an independent sociological survey akin to the links Pooty gave above. The fact that you keep alluding to the media as the source for statistical information is actually a little worrisome.

My point was not alluding to any specific statistical studies (though I was wondering if such existed). My point is that considering the vast number of interactions between the police across this country with people of color (traffic stops, warnings, citations, arrests, etc), the number of occurrences of normal, peaceful, routine, run of the mill encounters verses the number of beatings/killings would be a massive ratio which I bet (because I don't have said stats) would be more than 100 to 1 hence the "a percent of a percent". If you add in all police interactions with all possible demographics then the ratio increases again.

So just in case the point still hasn't been made, let's take the link Pooty provided which stated that in 2014 there were 1,000 police involved killings. This would only have to mean that there were 100,000 police interactions in 2014 for the "percent of a percent" to be a valid assumption. Add the beating stats (which are probably much higher) which might be say 10,000 occurrences in 2014 and then you would need to increase the number of police interactions to 1 million which to my thinking is probably not that far off the actual numbers.


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They should have used a progressive pundit instead of a canary.

At least that would have actually provided a valuable service to humanity.

Why use a poor defenseless animal when there are so many useless human beings available?


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cute n hot

a rare combination

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Out of all the people who are confronted by the police or arrested. I wonder what percentage of them are "beaten or killed" while complying with police instructions?

I bet that it is a percentage of a percent.


Generally after so many days had passed I would not respond but I didn't get the notification (or I didn't see it) and although for me this seems to be severely obvious I thought I should elaborate.

First, just for a moment consider how many folks of color are confronted or arrested by the police in a given day/week/month/year all across the USA.

Then calculate the percentage of those encounters which result in beatings or deaths.

The ratio is probably something around 1,000,000 uneventful encounters per annum to 1,000 occurrences of beatings/death and my variables are probably conservative.

The the perception of escalation lies in the effect the media has in over-hyping singular events or a grouping of completely unrelated singular events along with the human mind's capacity for finding patterns where none exist.