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They should have used a progressive pundit instead of a canary.

At least that would have actually provided a valuable service to humanity.

Why use a poor defenseless animal when there are so many useless human beings available?


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cute n hot

a rare combination

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@jnr6lil said:

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Out of all the people who are confronted by the police or arrested. I wonder what percentage of them are "beaten or killed" while complying with police instructions?

I bet that it is a percentage of a percent.


Generally after so many days had passed I would not respond but I didn't get the notification (or I didn't see it) and although for me this seems to be severely obvious I thought I should elaborate.

First, just for a moment consider how many folks of color are confronted or arrested by the police in a given day/week/month/year all across the USA.

Then calculate the percentage of those encounters which result in beatings or deaths.

The ratio is probably something around 1,000,000 uneventful encounters per annum to 1,000 occurrences of beatings/death and my variables are probably conservative.

The the perception of escalation lies in the effect the media has in over-hyping singular events or a grouping of completely unrelated singular events along with the human mind's capacity for finding patterns where none exist.

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Funny, another conversation based around a Morgan Freeman quote.

I also hate the word homophobia. It makes no sense and it is poorly understood what exactly it is supposed to mean.

Although the definition is not at all clear, it seems to be used mainly as an alienating pejorative much like the term "racist" and essentially is supposed to mean an attitude of hatred and discrimination against the gay community.

My problem with the term lies with the idea that any disagreement with something related to homosexuality (ie moral, ethical or even scientific) is automatically equated with hatred and discrimination. Disagreement over definitions and ethics is neither hatred nor fear...it is simply disagreement. If there isn't room for disagreement in a free society then that society is doomed.

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sweaty thong

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The bottom is a render by the artist anyunov who has a gallery on shutterstock.

Are these the same character and if so who is it and what does it's vehicle look like?

@mrdecepticonleader (I know you are a transformers fan)

It's for a friend

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The world will be several steps closer to the film Idiocracy in nearly every way.

But still no time machines.