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Boss Level, Game On! 0

Let me start off by saying that if you didn't think Arcade was a sick individual, this issue will seriously make you reconsider that. The love triangle between Nara, Cullen and Anachronism starts to play a major point here and Cullen gets his backstory which is not only really cool, but extremely tragic in my eyes. I was annoyed at first at what happened to X-23 but I will admit, it did create a good segway to the next issue. Also, as I mentioned, Arcade is SICK and twisted. I will give him prop...

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Superb 0

This had to be one of my favorite issues. The POV this time is Nara and she gets an interesting back story. As far as character development, this issue shows Nara in a different light and Anachronism also gets a bit of development. X-23 has a small part but I like her parts, and Cammi's sass is always welcome. If story is not your thing, there is still plenty of action. Monster Cullen is such an awesome addition and the fight brings back a lot of the characters. There is a death, but I won't spo...

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