Some Guys that I can see Working out with X-23

Now I know I was a big X-23/Hellion shipper but honestly, Julian's character change ruined it for me to the point where I was happy they broke up. Here's a list of a few guys I think X-23 would really work well with.


Remember him from the initiative? He's the son of Nightmare and has fear based powers. Laura's a weapon and a former assassin and prostitute. I honestly think these two would have some good chemistry based on their mutual backgrounds of not growing up normal.


Before people go asking me "WTF" at least hear me out. Genesis is the reincarnation of Apocalypse and he knows it. Laura's a weapon and the clone of Wolverine. The two of them have been through the ringer and they're technically similar in age. Even if it doesn't turn romantic, I'd like to see some interaction between the two of them. I feel the two of them would have some very interesting interactions to say the least.


Now I don't know too much about Darkhawk other than amulet thingy, space adventures, loners, and amulet thingy. But honestly, considering the fact that she's fighting him in AA coming whenever, It'd be nice to see her find herself unusually attracted to him and then bam, I can't fight you. You have a shiny helmet.


Elixir's twisted but they had some good interactions back in X-Force. I'd like to see what would happened if they continued.

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OMM: Completely Changing a Character's Personality

 A weapon with a heart

Sometimes, storylines take to alternate universes. Sometimes the entire franchise reboots. And throughout the course of storylines, characters go through some radical change because of a journey or a lesson they learned, or even a traumatic moment. Consider X-23 for example, who also happens to be my favorite character. She started out as a cold-blooded assassin who did anything without question and went through endless amounts of torture because of the circumstances around her creation. Over the course of her creation she was eventually and gradually learned how to be human. Although she isn't the happiest of people, she experienced a massive change where she went to being filled with nothingness to being filled with massive sorrow and a desire for normalcy. But this "inhuman" being eventually learned how to be real in certain ways. She gained friends. She formed a crush on a popular boy. She gained a mentor in a man who similarly walked down a dark path (Gambit) and wanted to find himself in the dark world. Despite the circumstances of her birth and the tragedy she has experienced, I believe that Laura has come a long way. 

What happens when a person overcomes their shyness? Sometimes it's a good thing. Take Cypher for example. The timid omnilinguist who had his life cut short thanks to a stray bullet but found himself back to life thanks to a lucky break with Necrosha. He had his experiences with drunken escapades and his moments of roughness as a kid but with his resurrection, Cypher has not only become more of an asset to the team, but he has gained more of a human side, despite the fact that at times it seems like he lacks a personality. But he makes up for that a serious sense of justice and a chance to live the life he thought he was denied.
 Shyness is no longer a language
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Fan-Fic One Shot Topics: Here's for those who want to try it out!

1. Take your favorite character and put them in a situation they would never be caught dead in, then add in a person they would never want to be near. The only catch is the end has to be a ludicrous plot twist.

2. Re-write part of Schism of the X-Men and create your own reason why it happened.

3. Take any character and make them overly emo, like Sasuke from the Ninjabridge series emo. Have them in an upbeat situation with an internal monologue.

4. Take your favorite comic book characters and place them in the Pokemon universe with their original powers intact. Cause chaos.

5. Re-write a character's death scene but change it to where their death was caused by their own stupidity, and not other circumstances.

Will think of more later.

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Dateline NBC: TCAP: Wolverine: Post-Schism

Jubilee's voice: Come on in, Logan! I'm just looking for my raincoat!

Logan: Of course my dear, after all I'm just here to say goodbye...mwahahaha.

(Chris Hansen enters)

Chris: Goddammit Scott Summers If I catch you in here again I'm going to remove your testicles and throw them into the Bog of Eternal Stench...oh (looks at Wolverine). Where's Cyclops?

Logan: He's playing Pretty Pretty Princess with Deadpool, bub. Wade blackmailed him by threatening to post pictures of Summers wearing Emma's costume, and covering his junk with a copy of "Breaking Dawn." Personally I thought that's exactly where that book belonged. So, he's not here.

Chris: He isn't but why are you? Come to see Jubilee have you?

Logan: Jubilee aint a minor, bub.

Chris: Come to see Shadowcat then?

Logan: Aint a minor either.

Chris: What about your little girl, X-23?

Logan: Ok, THAT you can get on my ass for. Not that I'd ever touch her. No way in heck.

(Daken enters the room)

Daken: Doesn't mean I wouldn't. Giggity!

(Wolverine punts Daken out a window).

Armor: One sec Logan I'll be right down!

Logan: Dammit, Hisanko quiet! He's still here!

Chris: Ah-ha! The jig is up.

(Logan shakes his head)

Logan: Aint the only thing up, bub.

Chris + Daken: GROSS!!!

(Chris clears his throat)

Chris: So you're here for the Armor girl. That's sick. You personally attacked Scott for being a pedophile and yet here you are doing the same thing. What about the other girls over the years? Was it all just a father figure or is there more you aren't telling us?!

Logan: Let me tell you, I'm the best there is at what I do. And what I do ain't pretty.

Chris: So that's a yes.

Logan: That's a shut up before I gut you. In nice terms of course. X-Men policy.

Chris: X-Men have a policy?

Logan: There's an official X-Men handbook. Written by the author of the official Saiyan handbook.

Chris: Let's see, X-men come back ten times after they die, Scott Summers Pwnz you, Guess who it is? Ghost Phoenix, there is a homo sapien standing behind you kill it like the rest, and there's a shut up before I gut you policy. Who the hell would read this?


Logan: We also have health insurance. And our own theme song.

Chris: What is that called?

Logan: Shut up before I gut you.

Chris: I see. Wait a minute! THIS WAS ALL A DISTRACTION! Don't try to pull a fast one on me, I know you're here to do bad things to a minor.

Logan: Bah, there's no point in fighting, but you know there's someone in charge of all of this. Someone controlling both Cyke and me.

Chris: Well!? WHO IS IT!? Because this is an obvious lead to a cliffhanger that'll be picked up in a sequel that will be most likely nowhere as near as good as this story.

Logan: The mastermind is.....?



Dateline NBC: TCAP: Scott Summers Post-Schism

Idie: Come in Mr. Summers! I'm busy doing something but I'll be there in a minute!

(Scott Summers rubs his hands)

Cyclops: Oh Idie, you can light my fire any day. (Sees Chris Hansen). No. NO.NONONONONO. GTFO!


Cyclops: Actually...this was the whole reason behind our little Schism.

Chris Hansen: Say what now?

Cyclops: You see it all started one day after the Sentinels attacked, Emma got bored and decided to telepathically take control of people on the island. She made Logan do the safety dance wearing Psylocke's costume, which apparently he liked wearing anyway, she made Hellion act like a duck, and she made me act like an angsty version of my dead wife. I even started slitting my wrists. But she also made all of the new mutants come after me and we had a giant sleepover.

Chris Hansen: You're making this up aren't you? You're just abusing your power.

Cyclops: Oh, maliciously. I just like younger girls. And Logan wasn't too fond of that because he found out that I had been chasing after the young ladies since before Jean died and even before I cheated on Jean with Emma.

Chris Hansen: What would Professor Xavier say to you if he heard all of this right now?

Cyclops: He'd high five me! He lusted after half of the X-Men ladies as well, especially Jean. By the way, that clone of Wolverines? I told him that she had a cute ass as a joke. And well...Logan wasn't too happy about that.

Chris Hansen: You probably weren't joking. How have you not gone to jail over this?

Cyclops: Because, I'm awesome. So in your face.

(Wolverine enters)

Wolverine: Goddammit, Summers! I'm taking Idie with me.

Cyclops: No! I'm keeping her with me!

Wolverine: Yeah right, ass! I'm taking her with me to save her from your stupid child molesting---

Cyclops: I've never actually touched any of them!

Wolverine: I'm sure you would have given the chance. What's the matter, Emma not good enough? Jean wasn't either?

(The two of them begin to fight and Emma enters the room with a resurrected Jean)

Emma: I'm sorry I ever slept with him.

Jean: Unfortunately I am too. I've never slept with Logan before though.

Emma: Really? I would have, those claws are hot, to be quite honest.

Jean: Ahh well, boys will be boys. I'm off to go die now. (Dies again).



Strange Schisms: Loyalties Lie (One Shots): The Five Lights

It was over. Xavier's dream was a bust, and yet who hasn't seen that coming. I dreaded the very idea of this utopia thing ever since I first arrived here. Ever since that girl touched me. It's a lot less dirty than it sounds, perverts.

Oh right. You probably never have heard of me. My name is Laurie, and I'm a mutant. Or something. I'm also Canadian, but I'm not one of those gun toting ones that say eh? at the end of every sentence. Freakin stereotypes. So yeah, anyway one day I was a totally normal college student majoring in god knows what anymore, and then all of a sudden BAM, this mutation thing comes on. So I get all freaked out and decide that okay, losing my hair is one thing but my bones getting all hard and cracking, yeah that didn't cut it for me. That's when I decided okay, suicide is my only option. So I'm going to jump and stuff and then lo and behold, miss redheaded messiah child touches me (again less dirty than it sounds) and I can fly! And i'm all blue plus my hair is now red. I never read about this stuff in science class, let me tell you. So all grateful and stuff, I decided since normally it's kind of hard to find a job if you're a giant blue chick, I had no other option but to go with this kid. It seemed like a swell gig for about..five minutes. Then I began noticing. Whatever the child said, I couldn't refuse. Kind of like Ella Enchanted without the handsome prince. I got a little p.o'd obviously and as more Lights, as she called us, got recruited, I noticed that all of us were sort of tied to this girl like she was our master. One of us, Teon from Kiev, was literally treating her like one and I swore that the girl, Hope, had a secret hobby of sadomasochism because she treated him like a dog! So when the Fifth light Kenji was found, he was all murderous and angsty and stuff, not like all of us weren't. I mean come on we had me, a Canadian college graduate who nearly killed herself cause of this mutant stuff, a Mexican who was aspiring to become a college student in America and the second he was about to start his knew life, his life came undone, a young African girl whose family was killed because she lost control of her powers, and dog-boy from Kiev who won't stop peeing on my leg! Kenji was different though. When we found him he did not like the fact that Hope was going around making everyone her little puppets. Heck, I started to slowly resent the fact and Kenji, who was going on a murderous rampage basically decided that Hope, and everyone else, should just drop dead and leave him alone. Hope thought that we could all save him, you know raa raa raa A team. And I wasn't about to die for a little girl who went around touching people. So I was like " I'm staying over here." But I couldn't. That little runt used my link to her and suddenly I found myself fighting in a situation where I was sure I'd end up toast. Not the burnt kind. Kenji was defeated and he joined our merry band.

He and I actually became friends because the second he joined our merry band, he noticed Hope had a strange power over everyone. The others were too blind to see it or something. Idie was doing it out of loyalty, Teon viewed her as his master, and Gabriel? Well, let's just say he's a typical male. But little by little, I noticed the more she asked us to do something, the more I hated her. Kenji noticed it too, like I said. Instead of his usual gory work, as he told me, he was painting a pretty picture of a pretty girl. Something he said he never did. He and I decided to investigate this matter further, making a dynamic duo. Then the unthinkable happened: Idie murdered some people under the orders of Cyclops. I never liked the fact that this little girl was stuck with us rejects but now I was beyond livid. Even Kenji, who went psycho and killed people was shocked. When Hope mentioned that we had to go into battle, I screamed at her. I didn't want Idie on this island anymore because it was too dangerous. And we fought. I held my own for a little while but she overpowered me and then began to mock me about the bond. I was unable to do anything against her. And I hated it. Kenji came over to me later on and told me he found the bond that Hope had with him weakening and he told me that he was able to kill her in her sleep if he wanted to. I wasn't one for murder but part of me wanted to see her dead. We were going to discuss everything but our conversation got cut off when Wolverine and Cyclops broke out into a large fight.

"Who do you think she would be more frightened of?" came the voice of Wolverine.

The two of them duked it out for what seemed like hours. But the fight had irreversible consequences. The X-Men were no longer united. Wolverine left Utopia, taking a bunch of people with him. Despite her protests, I convinced Idie to go with Wolverine, because while he was a bit on the bloodthirsty side, I wanted to get her as far away from Hope as possible. People stood around and decided where they were going to go. I walked over to Kenji, or Zero as he now called himself. I now called myself Transonic.

"Zero!" I called out.

"Ahh, Laurie. I found that to be quite amusing, did you not?" He chuckled. I groaned.

"It was two men fighting under the pretense that they actually give a damn about this race. I swear, those two belong on Jerry Springer."

Zero walked over to me and put his tentacle-arm thingy (he doesn't have hands, so I find it mildly creepy but he's cool) on my shoulder. "So, have you decided where you want to go? I assume you want to get out of here and join Wolverine. You know to get away from the witch herself, and join Idie. It was a brilliant idea of yours to send her away. That child does not belong with blood on her hands."

"If you haven't noticed, you two, blood on your hands is a rite of passage with the mutant race. Now whose idea was it to send one of my lights away?" came the voice of Hope. I grunted.

Hope descended from the top of the stairway in the courtyard of Utopia park. She landed in front of Zero and with a sneer, looked back at me. "So, why did you send her away? I didn't order you to."

"Go to hell you..." I wanted to rip this kid's throat out and maybe feast upon it or something. If Kenji heard me say that, I'm sure he'd applaud. Extending my arm, I made a move to grab the Redhead but was restrained by one of Kenji's appendages. "Laurie. Control yourself."

Hope laughed. "Ahh your boyfriend knows better. Be a good girl now! And know your place." She jumped onto the ledge and disappeared.

I grunted. "What the hell was that for?"

"Now is not the time, Transonic. You want her dead, you have to play the cards right," Zero told me. "Now then. Where are you going to go?"

I shrugged, trying to calm myself down in the process. "I want to get off of here naturally. You?"

"I am staying!" My eyes widened.

"Say what?"

"I am staying. Not that I desire to. If I had to be anywhere, I would have gone with Wolverine, however if I leave now, I wull miss my chance."

"You can't mean..."

He laughed. "Of course I do, Laurie. When I said I could kill her in her sleep, that is precisely what I intended to do. I am going to stay here until the time is right and exact vengeance. Then if I still feel like being part of this stupid cause, I will run to Wolverine."

"And if he kills you for killing her? You did think about that part, right?"

He shrugged. "Then I will return to Japan and blow this whole thing off like a bad hangover. Or however you say."

"Close enough. I guess I'll stay too."

Kenji raised an eyebrow. "Why? You do not belong with blood on your hands either, Laurie. I am a killer."

"And you're my friend, believe or not. I used to be scared of you. But, you're not as bad as she is." I laughed.

"I will pretend that was not an insult."

"Besides, her blood is the only one I want. And if we have to wait on this damn rock," I looked at the sky and looked back at him. "So be it."

The End

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Comic Books and Religion

I was born Jewish and come from a Jewish family. I am not practicing though. I do like, however that comic books have a wide range of religions. Some of them are portrayed  in a very nice light. Others, I think in a sense, might be overdoing it. For example:  

The Muslim: Dust 
You have Dust, a Muslim.  I think she's portrayed in a very positive light because not only do they show her keeping with her faith and praying, but they also have her wear a traditional outfit. Considering the media and stereotypes people normally give to certain religions, I think this is a great example of how religion doesn't make someone evil. Sooraya is a very soft-spoken person with a kind heart and is always willing to go out of the way to protect her friends. When Icarus died, she blamed herself for not doing more and she's probably one of the most human X-Men around.
The Jewish: Magneto
Then you have Magneto, a Jewish Holocaust survivor. There's no doubt that he has PTSD from everything that happened to him. The Holocaust was probably one of the most horrific events in history: I also lost family. His method of coping the first time was rather extreme: he did not want mutants to face the same thing. However, he has learned to survive and he uses his instincts that he used back then to be less extreme. He knows the horror he survived and always relates everything to his experiences. As for his faith, he never forgets it. He and Shadowcat both practice at times. 
   You have Idie Okonkwo, the third "Light" that was activated by Hope. She is a Christian and has upheld her faith very well for a young girl. For example, she believed that her powers were a sin even though everyone else told her she had nothing wrong with her. She also thought that Kitty and Peter being "together" before marriage was immoral (though saying being in a hospital with a crazy baby was safe might have been a little over doing it). When she was talking to Nemesis, she wanted him to fix the sin, claiming everyone was cursed. That part was interesting to me because it showed just how strongly she believed in her faith. Her sales pitch to the crazy baby though, I thought might have overdone it. We understand that she's a young woman who is a strong believer in her faith but saying to a baby that doesn't want to be born that he could be christened and not go to hell might have been a bit much. It's not really of what she said but because almost everything she says is religion based and I think that's getting in the way of development.    
The Christian: Idie
Then you have people like Reverend Stryker and Reverend Craig who kill others in the name of "God." They condone murder because they think being a mutant is a sin of God whereas they commit the bigger sin by murder. I think that's not only hypocritical but I also believe that it's such a bad view of religion. There are a lot of views that people die in the name of religion (I won't lie, I agree with this), however that does not make every religion BAD or everyone from a certain faith EVIL. These two men show a double view of intolerance and while I know they were supposed to be evil, I think blaming deaths on a higher power is a bit much and shows a lot of negative stereotypes about some faiths.  
I have no problem with any religion, before you comment. I believe in tolerance for all, whether you're Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Buhddist, whatever. 
What do you guys think though about how Religion is portrayed in comics? 

Schism: Who Will you Side with? The Pros and Cons

So the grudge match of the century is going to be coming up: Cyke vs Wolverine in an all out battle to determine who really has the bigger set of cahonas..and of course the fate of the X-Men and stuff. 

In this corner we have the first X-Men, He's the original one-eyed wonder! He likes telepaths, cheating on his wife with blondes, angsting, making reckless decisions, and burlesque dancing. Give it up for CYYYYYYYCLOPS.

In this other corner we have the best there is at what he does! He likes redheads, beer, wrestling, more beer, poonani, even more beer, and blackjack. Give it up for WOOOLLLVERINE!

Of course you've got the two big guys who also hate each other:

He's the magic cueball, the man with no legs who sometimes has them. Founder and creator of Children of the Atom! Likes watching young mutants at play and avoiding Chris Hansen. Give it up for Prooooffffffffffffffffffeeessssssor X!!!

And the Master of Magnetism, the arch rival and best buddy of Professor X. Likes: Doing whatever he wants and watching DBZ Abridged for the Krillin OWND count. Give it up for MAAAGNNEEETOO!

So, now we got the players. Now let's be logical: sure there's people out there who have their own preferences. Of course, Emma Frost is in Scott's pants and she'd probably run off to him faster than you'd say meow. If Legion were all together, he might side with his father. But there's a lot of wildcards. Take Rogue for example. Why the hell would she go near Cyke? He was a jerk. She's really close friends with Wolverine but she's had some loyal ties to Magneto as well. And Gambit would probably go wherever she went. Don't forget the copious amount of young x-men students. But what are the pros and cons of each side? Lets find out as we study in depth and I will try to be as objective as possible:



Most Likely Tactics: Motivational speeches, running on sheer force of will and well thought out strategies.

Pros: Careful planning of strategies (even ones that suck), a strong willingness to take offensive, most likely really good health benefits, high level of recognition.

Cons: Low party morale, a lot of doubt can result, leader's own guilt can be a problem to lead effectively, possible resurrection of dead wife might completely kill his nerve to lead and therefore, force Emma to take over. Plus, leader's reputation can be damaging.


Most Likely Tactics: Destruction, Destruction, lot of planning, running on good strategies, sheer force of will, and lots of destruction

Pros: Always willing to be on the offensive, but also willing to hold back for planning. A very good balance. High party morale (especially if they don't want to be gutted by Wolverine). Good reputation, respectful leader and a lot of initiative. Also, most likely to be able to work together as a team.

Cons: Health benefits most likely low to non-existent, high risk, some tactics possibly too brutal, and due to Wolverine being spontaneous at times, some things can become unpredictable.

Professor X

Most Likely Tactics: Diplomacy, Non-violence, some violence if necessary, strategies and a lot of talking

Pros: Less of a health risk, wonderful health benefits, high party morale (especially if they're not going to die), high reputation (due to him being the founder of the X-men) .

Cons: A lot of Professor X's recent actions nullify trust for him, lack of willingness to fight can be costly, most likely a lot of in fighting due to people trying to take over.


Most Likely Tactics: Wear each side down through force and persuasion, some strategy.

Pros: Strong willingness to fight, moderate party morale, high reputation, lot of action.

Cons: Strategies mostly unpredictable at times due to Magneto being unpredictable, some force may be too excessive, leader may have plans of his own that can conflict with members. Most likely a lot of in fighting.


Wolverine, of course. :)

What about you guys?

(PS i'm creating demotivational posters for all four sides so stay tuned!)


Plotline for Hellion's Journey Story Arc Two:Payback's a Bitch

Hellion and X-23 finally admit their feelings for each other and for a time everything is peaceful. But when you're a crippled telekinetic and a clone of a natural born killer, nothing ever remains the same. 
After thinking about the dream he had when Miss Sinister attacked him, Julian Keller decides to seek out his parents with Laura, leaving Logan and Remy behind. But when he shows up at his parents house, it is in flames and the bodies of both of Julian's parents are on the front lawn. Before either of them can react, out from the flames emerges the one woman that X-23 fears the most...that's right, Kimura's back!  
Unfortunately, she has the body of Megan Kinney with her. Fortunately Daken shows up and this time permanently joins the duo...but is he really trying to help out or does he have his own agenda!? And will it be enough? 
Of course that's not the entire arc. For when the flames die, and the bodies fall, it's time for a confrontation long overdue: The battle of the ages: X-23 vs Wind Dancer. 
This is my proposed idea so far. I might have a few people guest star. Any thoughts?


Hellion's Journey 4: See Who I Am

She was here. The one girl who scared me since the first day I met her was here in front of me. She killed people, she tortured others, and she was not afraid to harm other people, so I thought. Laura, X-23 was freaky, terrifying and utterly insane. I knew she never wanted to, but she did. 
That made me care for her even more. I turned her over on her back and placed Laura's unconscious figure on my lap using my TK, getting rid of my hands.I looked at Gambit. "What happened to her?" 
He shrugged. "We had just escaped from Sinister, ja? An' Laura here met someone who looked like her 'n the two of them duked in out. Then it turned into a d'mon and sa' somethin' bout her soul before slashing her to pieces. Petite took on helluva blow, and I didn' fare so well myself." Remy removed his trench coat to reveal a large slash wound. Julian looked up at him but Gambit placed his hand in front. " 'M fine mate. B't I don't know what happen to the fraulein. First time I ever saw her cry though. Mon ami, she was callin for ya." 
I blinked and stared at Laura's body. Without warning, I found myself throwing my arms around her and letting out a tear. I turned to Gambit. "I hate to ask this but can you give us a minute?" 
He shrugged. "Ahh l'amour. Y' be a good boy now, 'less you want Logan t' flay ye alive."  Gambit walked further away. 
I looked back at the unconscious girl and sat up again, forming my TK hands and placing it in hers. "Laura. X-23. It doesn't matter to me. You were created as the clone of a killer whereas I was born as the rich son of a stuck up couple. I was arrogant and I had everything while had nothing. But it doesn't matter because we're not different at all. You and me, we've been walked on forever by people we trusted...but I'm not leaving your side anymore. Together..we're always together." 
"Oh please, you're a damn candidate for an Oscar. Don't make me sick, Keller." I turned my head and noticed blood on Daken's claws.  
"Would it kill you for two seconds to let me have a moment with her!? Goddammit Daken why are you appearing every ten seconds?" 
What a shock. The trademark Daken laugh. "I got a call from my father..unfortunately. I told him where you guys are and he's coming to get you. Just thought you'd know. And don't worry about Sinister. He's dead...for now at least." 
Was this guy really helping us out or was he being crazy? I voted for the latter but shrugged it off. Take what I get I guess. "Thanks. Um...want your sunglasses back, man?" 
"Keep em, I have 600." He let out a half-assed wave and walked away. 
I turned back to Laura and leaned against her..would it hurt if I tried to kiss her was I thinking..did I really..ok..maybe I do love her. Or think I do.. I leaned in only to see her open her eyes. 
"You do know I have been awake this entire time? Your speech was..rather fascinating, Julian." 
I fell backwards and landed in the sand. " now I swear I wasn't trying ..well..okay so maybe I was..but..the thing is I-I-I." Yes. That's right, Julian. Stammer like an idiot.  
Laura stood up weakly and sat down next to me. "You need to breathe, it is not good to be tense."  
I formed my TK hands and grabbed her arms. "Laura." Ok. That's a start. Say her name. 
She raised an eyebrow but turned her head and I swore I saw her blushing. "I am.. embarrassed. Most people think someone like me does not get like that but..I am embarrassed." 
"Laura! You're not a killer. You're the nicest person I've ever met and you're one of the most compassionate people I know. You're my best friend and..." 
Laura turned her head and looked directly at me. "J..Julian what not stare at me like that. I am not a normal person, you should know that. evil. I could probably kill you within seconds and---" 
"I wouldn't care. Laura, you're my best friend. You ARE good." I wrapped her in a tight hug, smiling at her expression of shock. Eventually she smiled and leaned into it. "Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. They're idiots. Besides, I just killed someone myself and got kicked off of Utopia. So I'm no better." 
I nodded. "Omega Sentinel asked me to, but then everyone on Utopia tried killing me, even Santo. They blamed you for changing me..I'm sorry they..." 
"You have changed me, Julian. I do not understand, but..when I think of good in this world, I think of you. Perhaps it is love, I do not know." 
I smiled. "What do you think it is, Laura?" 
"Whatever you want it to be, Julian." 
I planted a kiss on a forehead and held her tightly. I never thought I'd see the day coming where I would have an emotional talk with Laura Kinney, aka X-23. After all we've been through, everyone who's hurt us and every person that has ever screwed us over, you would think it would all stop. But it won't it never will. And we knew that. We knew nothing would ever change because we wanted it to. We would just have to make it change ourselves. 
Laura and I turned to face each other and without intending to....our faces grew closer and our lips barely touched when a loud  "Hey, bub! Keep your hands off of X or I'll send you home in pieces," came from the background. I let out an exasperated sigh when Laura leaned in and planted her lips on mine lightly and quickly. " dislike it?" 
I smiled and held her tighter. "Did you?" 
A smile. It was odd to see but beautiful and tragic at the same time. "I had asked you first, Julian." 
"I di--" 
"Would you stop making time with my daughter and get your ass over he--" 
Gambit's voice came from the background. " 'Et em be, Mon Ami. Petite waited for this for a long time. So did he." 
A loud growl. "I swear if you do anything and get her pregnant Keller, I will castrate you!" 
Ugh why did he have to be an ass. "I'm not going to do that. She's special to me, now would you shut up? Having a tender moment over here!"  
"Keller learn some respect you--" 
"Logan," Laura said. "It is alright. This is..what I want." 
Why the heck was everybody interrupting everyone? It was getting annoying.  
"Very well, let's get you somewhere, will ya? That's right LeBeau, you're coming with. We're getting some food."  
==An Hour Later== 
"Logan and Remy went out to get Chinese." I lied down on the couch that was in this hotel room that the four of us were sharing, Laura in arms.  
She looked into my eyes. "You're really not afraid of me?" 
 Smile. Again. "Why would I be?" 
I kissed her forcefully and to my surprise she responded equally. 
Perhaps that is love. I do not know.