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We need more of this...We need a Quentin Quire/ Loki Team up... we need a whole damn series of Loki and Quentin pissing off the Marvel Universe...

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Having the same Casting Director (Sarah Noonan) as Avatar doesnt hurts either.

Is a great show, I like seeing Splinter a bit younger and much more badass than usual. All the characters are fucking awesome

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I liked the designs, but I still think Shredder's armor is made of recycled transformers.

I also curious to Donnie and Raph with glasses and the costume of Raph also showed he haves glasses...why so many glasses? Are they planning to go CSI Miami all the time? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!

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I think the turtles are using steroids...

I like their personalized design, with Raphael looking like Adult Muay Thai Alien Turtle, Leonardo is Adult Samurai Alien Turtle, Donatello is Adult Gadgeteer Alien Turtle and Mikey... well he seems like Adult Jersery Shore Alien Turtle, with the chain on his neck, the glasses and the swimsuit-esque pants and tattoos.

Shredder made his armor from a dead transformer

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-That man is crazy; he is willing to destroy a whole building? - Falken thought to himself as his sensors picked up what Kurt was attempting. –Tsk, pragmatic but inelegant, but I can also be pragmatic, if life gives you shaking skyscrapers you make weapons with it. - The Mercenary had an idea, as he saw the shattered support beams fall apart like old bread, hearing the cracking of the concrete and glass around him. He swiftly accessed the building schematics and choose the correct pillars, as all around him started to vibrate like a bell, the floor rumbling. Furniture shaking, the ceiling was starting to curve, as the weight increased and Falken marked all the objectives on his HUD. He wasn’t doing this for the weapons, he could easily take the fragments imbedded in him and would be enough, thanks to their unique composition, but he was doing this for a more personal reason, a statement if you want. “Nobody fucks with Falken Degiraz, not even in another Dimension.”

He went as close as he could to the window and smirked while waving and muttering goodbye, then he started to run, as he passed he shoot the marked supports with the Links Unicorn Blaster, shooting high powered shrapnel that ate through concrete and steel, melting it. The expert shooting pay off, forcing the building to tilt towards Kurt and start falling over the Gothic Guardian, the Mercenary, that was no stranger to tactical retreats, ran over the already tilting building and broke through the window in the opposite side of the building, sliding down the slant that started to form with expert skill. He would vanish into the night, retrieve the pieces from inside his body and call it a job well done. He was amazed at this world; maybe he would explore it a bit more, maybe he could take another souvenir. It was a shame he couldn’t access his full arsenal, he could have destroyed Kurt and taken the bow, but the unknown metal would have to suffice for now.

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Falken to the rescue!

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@pyrogram: Are you planning to post or should we end the fight right now?

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