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@inevitable_one: @jack_: Not that you don't like anime, but the most we have seen of your players was during the invasion crossover they forced on us and they mostly tried to god mod and no sell their way to victory.

For example one my mid tier characters threw a punch to the utmost limit of his strength (Destroying his arm in the process) and one of the invanding CV character barely felt it and whatever damage it was dealt he cured it through regeneration in the next post. It was a Stadium-Town level attack at best and he shrugged it off without even taking a step back.

I also had a positive experience during the Invasion in which one of my AV characters appeared in CV and fought a Bow wielding hero in a Gotham-like city... It was an awesome fight

Here is the Link

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We already opened a new thread and we are filling it up with all our old stuff. Another reason we're making our own forum is to work independently.

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I'm not saying that all of them are bad. I only consider a minority bad.

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We had that in AV, but sooner or later the high tiers decided that was time to swing their dicks around and turned the whole forum into a battlefield for his/her characters to destroy. (it didn't help we never were too many players, so when people tried to be low level most of the others were high level monsters) Luckily after the second reboot most of them left the forum and now we have a good player base that understand the needs for a status quo.

With not to many players and most of them veterans incapable of understanding the concept of using street level characters or depowering characters, AV always ended up in large scale crossovers between characters because when the OP characters started threads the other threads decreased in activity because who doesn't like being part of a larger story. That was what forced the reboots, black holes of Hax that ruined the forum for the guys who wanted to play with Street-mid level characters.

Thankfully those guys run AV RPG now.

Is not that you can do Comic-book type characters in AV. The setting that AV is built upon would be shattered if you make a traditional Comic-book character in AV. That's the problem. You can make a Superhero-esque characters but they would have to be secretive vigilantes, not clearly noticeable parangons of justice that fly around stopping disasters. Still we encourage Anime like characters because is more of what we like.

There are anime and manga with superheroes in western style like Tiger & Bunny or Super Hero Academia, so there is precendent. But they are portrayed a tad differently from Western Superheroes most of the time. But as I said, the setting is the one that blocks the exposed Super Hero, rather than us.

I thank you for your welcoming attitude and I assure you I have no issue with you or the majority of CV.

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@timesiphon: If CV allows anime type characters then more power to CV.

In AV we decided to stick to the theme, and as I mentioned in my previous post we do have a forum wide "masquerade" of supernatural powers from the mundane population of the verse, so a Superhero-type goes against that. The "Hidden World" concept is partially responsible of stopping the Super Powered Arm Races or really broken city busting characters.

Sorry if I sounded hostile, I don't like hearing my friends in AV called "a cesspool of prepubescents caught in a perpetual pissing contest"

That might be the old pre-reboot versions of the forum (That I personally despise) but the current iteration is a leveled playing field for anybody who wants to enter. And we made efforts like spotlight blogs and new and better Welcome and Character Creation blogs to help new players. Some players don't like that we "cut" their inspiration, when truthfully we are just telling them to avoid making broken characters as OP characters tend to isolate people, since nobody wants to get into a clearly mismatched scenario.

Having an OP character makes it difficult to make group threads properly balanced for any of the players, as you need to add dangers that can affect the OP character, and most of those dangers are almost sure kills for more balanced less OP characters. And any obstacles you put for the balanced characters are easily skippable by the way more stronger characters.

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@arquitenens: @the_mercenary: @_grifter_: Is called keeping a theme. I migh be a tad zealous, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

And truthfully I was more worried about the power level of the character than anything else. It's common sense to make anime inspired characters in a RPG called Anime Vice, and I mantain that. And other aspect was that we have a shared concept in the Vice called "Hidden World" in which we explain that the supernatural stuff is kept under wraps by organizations, thus a Superhero-like character would break the Masquerade like setting.

Our biggest confrontation with CV users came when they, without telling anybody, without asking permission, or even testing the waters they started the Invasion thread. Most of the AV players that participated (Still we declarated it non canon) felt like the CV characters where no selling a lot.

So a lot of our negative views from the CV come from that unwelcome intrusion that came out of nowhere and threatened to destroy the Viceverse after we put a lot of effort trying to make it (Effort that was fruitful as currently we have a much bigger and well defined verse)

Still the main issue we care about in fact isn't the theming, but the power level of the characters. Some might say is "restrictive" not allowing that players make uber-monsters that destroy planets. But in AV we know from experience that those kinds of characters are the ones that kills forum.

In the past, thanks to a single player, we had to reboot the forum twice Because he forced upon us a Mega Event that destroyed half of the world. Forcing us to reboot the universe twice to start anew. In fact he abandoned one of the events in the middle of it, and we had no other choice than to reboot as it wasn't only the event what affected the world but the build up.

One of the characters of the player in question nuked Washington DC four times. No other character in the forum was strong enough to stop such attack apart from his own. Basically the final battle of the thread was going to be 4 of his characters fighting each other in an Ego stroking session for the ages.

After the second reboot we keep a very tight ship, as we prefer having a low-power setting that allows new players easy entry and stops older players to tower over everybody with broken characters that never lose. Because you don't play RP to win (One of the biggest trolls in AV history thought that so much we coined a word for each time he throwed a tantrum and tried to destroy a thread by godmodding) you play RP to tell a story.

And like any story the fight against adversity and obstacles is important. To my experience struggling is the core of RP, if your character is doing everything without any effort then you aren't playing correctly.

Thanks for your time.

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@shadowchaos: Don't worry, you might just be able to bring your universe over for a fresh start (or not).

I'm dying to participate in something different. Maybe AV's style suits me better? I dunno. But a Jojo's Bizarred Adventure character, or One Piece, or DBZ, or Bleach, or whichever anime I watch is always interesting.

We have an strict original character only policy in the forum, you can emulate powers, but not flat out copy them or create a OC from a series. We also have great pride in our policies stopping overpowered characters or Super Powered Arms Races, that were the downfall of the AV forum twice in the past.

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@dreadpool10: Kuma is acting as a man who was blocked from playing here in three different occasions because of finding a community too closed up on itself (I would know because I'm Kuma)

And about the Mod. Takashichea has been a torn in the AV RPG forum for a very long time, he has opposed to the majority of users in every turn, he sided with trolls, ignored constant requests for him to stop from modifying the forum without asking for permission and opposed to the point of zealously for the AV RPG got a new mod because he didn't approved it while the Staff (Tom) was the one who granted us our request because Taka had obstaculized our many...many requests for an active moderator in the RPG forum.

I'm just unwinding after a 2 years feud with Taka who was doing some pretty nasty shit and hiding behind his mod title to avoid getting sacked. He exploited a bug in the site to erase one of my blogs after I pointed a mistake he made in the comments. (A tiny mistake) And I will possibly keep going for Taka's throat as he avoided any punishment for his shady actions and I consider I deserve a speck of bad-mouthed retribution. Taka is a Wiki Mod that tries to mod the whole forum to his image and that ain't right. Especially when he didn't knew anything about the RPG forum when he interceded without asking.

Sorry if you feel offended but know I pulled my punches in that post, I would continued ranting for 3 or 4 pages with evidence and everything but I don't see the point at a time like this. The post is also my personal and very confrontative opinion and I would have used more colorful language (My country has a long and very profund tradition in the art of insulting people).

About the Animevice RPG Forum. The Active Player Base (Meaning those with approved characters in canon threads) are making a new forum that might be affiliated with one of the new boards the soon to be former Animevicers are making. We are moving all our canon and our rules and concepts. As well our bios and the finished and ongoing threads.

I speak for myself when I say I wouldn't play on CV, I personally don't like here (Not because of all of you, I'm sure most of you are really nice people) but mostly about a select few that incarnate everything I consider wrong in RPG. I'm not pointing fingers or being an asshole, I'm just explaining my point of view. If anybody feels attacked I'm sorry, but as I said at the beginning, 3 bad experiences are more than enough for me to know this forum isn't my thing.

Thank you for your time.

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We need more of this...We need a Quentin Quire/ Loki Team up... we need a whole damn series of Loki and Quentin pissing off the Marvel Universe...