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She easily beats all of them.

Thor is the only threat to her due to his damage output. However she also has an very impressive damage output. Plus speed. Plus meticulous training under the god of war. She clears.


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When i read alot of people's comment, many has a tendency to overate Jaimie Alexander as a "perfect fit". Come one people! As mush as i like her as a person, she didn't look the part either. Yes she had the hair colour and the blue eyes but that is about it. She's really snowhite in her skintone, almost pale and has a very thin build. She really has that american girl next door looks to her, but nothing at all to pass her as an greek/amazon mediterranean woman. With Gal Gadot, we have that advantage, she has a natural skin tone comparable with the Greeks and her accent (with some twists) will only make her more believable as Wonder Woman.
A agree she doesn't have muscles yet, but that's just a matter of time, she will hit the gym with personal trainers. And by the way, Jaimie Alexander doesn't have the physic either, people always point's out action scenes in Thor, but really we don't see that very physical muscle work from her. Both because the directors have underused her character but mainly because she has a medieval looking armour covering her entire bodyframe.

The biggest concern we all should focus on is her acting ability, does have Gal Gadot have the acting strength to pull of stand alone Wonder Woman, yet alone a supposed franchise? That were the question marks should be, but she got the part. And DC/Warner usually does a great job finding the actors for the right part, so we should assume she did a fantastic screen test.

Wonder Woman is very hard roll part to cast, no doubt about, she's always been described and drawn to be the most perfect woman, strong empathic and the looks of the perfect female specimen ever known to mans world (pun intended). But in all honesty, i haven't seen any actress or model or whatever to fit the part 100%. Because their are non to fit all of our fictional picture of her. With that been said, i believe strongly in what DC are doing, and i'm looking forward to see Gal Gadot blowing all are expectations away.

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Don't know enough about her to comment if she's capable or not to hold of an WW franchise on her shoulders or not. A pretty unknown to the masses, which doesn't translate as a bad casting. WB/DC usally makes good casting calls. Gadot however has the WW/greek look to her so if she just starts exersicing for the roll and have the acting chops this will be a homerun.

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According to latino reviews elayimbe, Wonder Woman has been casted!?

true or bs? thoughts?


  1. elmayimbe ‏@elmayimbe7m

    Wonder Woman is gonna one bad bitch. Looking forward to it.

  2. elmayimbe ‏@elmayimbe8m

    Like I said last week, decision had to be imminent because the holds on the ladies were about to expire.

  3. elmayimbe ‏@elmayimbe9m

    Remember who told ya first about the female role and who was the frontrunner.

  4. elmayimbe ‏@elmayimbe9m

    So female role was Wonder Woman was after all.

  5. elmayimbe ‏@elmayimbe11m

    So after being the frontrunner (like I told ya) for a hot minute, Gal Godot got the gig! Congrats Gal!

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Prefer the clay, eventhough it has some problems. I kind of like some of the aspects of demi-god origin as well, but not the part of Zeus being the father. In a proposed movie i think the could use element of both, something like she's being told the clay origin, but things pointing to she's actually having an god as father, but still being left ambiguous.

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@gularte2000: That won't work since both her tiara and bracelets are non-magnetic. They have never been showed to being affected by any kinds of magnetic fields.

Apocalypse will give her some problem but there's a big chance she clears, her speed advantage will help her alot.

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I was reading through alot of threads in the battle forum and came across quite an few of Wonder Woman vs Thor threads.

Most THOR fans claims multiple fullpowered blows from his hammer would in the end be to much for the amazon. Well it got me thinking, what about her bracelets? Wouldn't they be the perfect countermeasure for the hammer?

Anyway started digging through my WW collection but most of her bracelets feats, which i found, are blocking/deflection projectile or energy/matter blasts. High feats include deflecting superman's heat vision and Darkseid's omega beams and if i'm not mistaken also Zeus high-powered lightnings.

But what about close combat situation? We know WW has a weakness towards piercing weapons, and therefore using her bracelets as shields when she's being attacked with swords, axes or cheetahs claws etc.

But how powerful/durable are the against mighty magical weapons?If were using Thor's hammer as an example, would her bracelets completely block/absorb/cancel out the physical output from the weapon? Kind a like Captain Americas shield? Or would it cancel out just the magical aspekt of a strike, making it more like "just an hammer" against the bracelets? Or would they give no more protection then a staying "unbreakable" but still harming whats beneath them (her lower arms).

Anyone knows how powerful/durable her bracelets are? Or have any scans of high feats countering physical attacks?

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman speedblizes, she's resistant to his magic, better strength feats etc ..... She's beaten him once, and he's only knocked her down twice (not like Wonder Woman hasn't done the same), once when they weren't even fighting and Etrigan was trying to kiss Wonder Woman, the second time was in a legit fight and he used high level magic, she still wasn't down. She's stated that they are nearly equal in strength, but Etrigan still lacks strength feats so even that statement is shaky. In any case, she should be able to blitz him or find a something iron since she knows his weakness already.....

oh, and this has been done before

This, Wonder Woman takes both rounds.

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@racer_cool said:

If she had been using her sword, she would have easily killed him with it, as she's at least as fast and strong as he is, though officially DC will say that he's a little faster and stronger. But c'mon, let's be realistic (yes, I just said that about comic book heroes)...a person with the speed of Hermes, strength of the Earth ("greater than Hercules"), and the fighting skills of "the best melee fighter on earth* ", why would we think she's less in those areas?

And that sword of hers has been shown to cut Superman's skin as easily as a new razor cuts any normal human's skin. Don't remember which story we saw in, but it happened. Superman picked up her sword, and she warned him to be careful with it. But he touched the edge of it, and it sliced his thumb open.

* according to Batman, that's what she is.

She's beast in all of those categories, but Supeman has alot of more feats showing his immense strength and speed, while WW has quite a few herself, but not enough in magnitude of Superman's base power. Give him a sundip as well and his strength is of the charts. Speedwise Superman is faster in terms of traveling speed, but Wonder woman has been stated to have superior combat speed, meaning reaction and reflexes and ability to land punches which also gives her a greater/diverse fighting ability compared to Supes .

Just because she is below Superman in terms of strength doesn't mean she's weak. She's still a powerhouse in every categories and often considered among the top 5 physically strongest heroes in DC comics.

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