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I miss Exiles soooo much :(
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i miss comicvine :( stupid viruses killing my com :(

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I miss you team!


Still posting when I can


Just found out a couple days ago my computer's motherboard crashed and I have to get a whole new system! >_<


wHAT A FREAKIN DRAG........oops caps....haha




I miss yall and hope yopu guys havent kicked me off the team.....cuz that would suck


anyway xoxo



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I will write a post up tonight and post it tommarow guys :)
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I miss spending 45% of my time on here :(


Anywhoo gotta go!


Ive been using my aunties computer so now I have to go!! anyway lova yall mwah! mwah! xoxo



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Hey guys :)


Still working on getting my com fixed but it should be back up soon

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If gloomix doesnt post soon I might post around her.... I dunno, she was supposed to make a post a week ago

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Hey guys so sorry I havent posted my COM at home broke down! Damn trojan Virus, so hopefully my hard drive isnt fried, Been trying to get threw the end of this Quarter my grades are bombing so ive been working day and night, along with trying to get a job and helping my aunt out, her stomach cancer is getting really bad...


So ill catch up and post soon, will probably get my COM business worked out this weekend, also if someone could say something to Gambler for the Dark Utopia RPG about what I said up there, cuz im on a school computer and I have to get off quick so ill try my hardest to get on this weekend alright guys TTFN!





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@The Dark Huntress: Thanks gurl! :) 

Yeah you and Y vs me and Surreal would be quite the showdown!
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1st Match: Opening Match

  • Kurrent VS CaptainCockBlock 

2nd Match: CV Tag Team Championship

  • Dark Huntress and Y intercept VS Surreal and Kuchiku

3rd Match: CV Magical Elimination

  • Gloomix VS Umbra Sorcerer

4th Match: CV World Tag Team Heavyweight Championship

  • Hunter and Warsman VS Eternal Chaos and Hawk

5th Match: CV Women's Championship - All For one and One for All

  • Sha vs Mistress Redhead vs Surreal vs Lady Death

Half-time Show:

  • Nicki Minaj and Kid Sister feat. B.O.B and Tech N9ne (OMG if this ever happens you all can be guaranteed i'll be having multiple orgasm's LOL)

6th Match: Underworld Vs Overworld Death Match

  • Darkchild and Final Arrow VS Gambler and Mighty Magneto

7th Match: 4 on 4 Money-in-the-Bank TLC

  • Angeni, Kuchiku, Desderina Redhead, Uchiha Nevann VS Obi wan Kenobi, Switch, Little Sparrow, Dark Huntress

8th Match: Two-on-One Handicap Match

  • Spiderslike & Mr.Mercury vs. Nerx

9th Match: Street Fight

  • Feral nova VS Primavera (power handicap) 

10th Match: CV Ultimate Fighting Championship

  •  Sha vs Kuchiku (It would be an EPIC showdown! But I dont think it would ever happen)