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Could Vixen match Bravestarr's strength of the bear? Which is far greater than a bear's strength btw.

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Sorry for the double thread. I got an error message at first so I clicked post thread again. Y'all can delete this thread if you want

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Who wins?

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Who wins?

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Master roshi was using the kamehameha (an amplifying attack) when he destroyed the moon. When Goku fired the Kamehameha at raditz, his power level went from 416 to over 924 because the kamehameka momentarily amplified his power. That means master roshi destroyed the moon with a power level of around 400. But we see weighted piccolo who had a PL of 322, destroy the moon with a casual blast, so I'll assume that's the minimum PL needed to blow up the moon.

Now the energy needed to blow up the moon is basically its gravitational binding energy:


which comes out to 1.24 x 10^29 joules

The energy needed to blow up the earth is also basically its gravitational binding energy


which comes out to 2.24 x 10^32 joules.

If you divide the greater amount by the smaller amount, you will see that you need over 1,800 times more energy to blow up the earth than is needed to blow up the moon.

So I'll assume that you need a PL 1800 times larger than a PL of 322 to destroy the moon. If you carry out the multiplication it comes to a power level of 580,000 to be able to destroy the earth. First form frieza blew up planet vegeta with a PL of 530,000, but perhaps he core busted planet vegeta like he did namek. This also means Vegeta could not have blown up the earth with his galick gun in the saiyan saga since his galick gun(an amplification attack) only had a PL of 53,000 max. Though it probably would have caused the planet to be uninhabitable and basically destroyed all life on earth. I guess that sorta counts as destroying the planet.

Now according to Wikipedia the gravitational binding energy of the sun is 6.9 x 10^41 joules. That's comes out to an energy amount 3.08 billion times greater than needed to blow up the earth. I will assume you need a PL 3.08 billion times greater than 580,000 to blow up the sun. That comes out to a Power Level of about 1.8 quadrillion that is needed to star bust.

How strong is Goku? In battle of the Gods, which takes place 4 years after the buu saga, the god of destruction Beerus, comments how he doesn’t think base goku can defeat frieza. Now he also didn’t say Goku would lose either. So let’s be charitable and assume Beerus only sees base Goku stalemating freiza, which would mean they are evenly matched. The official power level for 100% final form frieza is 120 million, so I’ll place Base Goku at 120 million as well. Using the official Super saiyan multipliers of

SSJ=50x base


SSJ3=4x SSJ2

We have SSJ Goku at 6 billion, SSJ2 Goku at 12 billion, and SSJ3 Goku at 48 billion.

Basically this means that Super Perfect Cell who is only around SSJ2 Goku’s level was bluffing when he said he could destroy the solar system. He’s nowhere near that level. And neither is SSJ3 Goku apparently. Or kid buu who was only around ssj3 goku’s level.

Now the Potara fusion is officially said to multiply the fusion members power level by one another, so that Super Saiyan Vegetto’s power level is SSJ Goku’s PL x SSJ Vegeta’s PL. Now logically both Goku and Vegeta are stronger in Battle of the Gods than in the buu saga since they would have trained in the intervening 4 years like Akira Toriyama said they do during times of peace. So I’ll say that Goku had a PL of 5.25 billion while using SSJ1 in the buu saga and vegeta as well after he received the majin boost which put him dead even with goku, disregarding ssj3. So SSJ Vegetto’s PL is (5.25 billion)^2 which comes out to 27.5 quintillion. And Super saiyan God Goku says that his God powers are beyond anything he had ever known, which includes super vegetto. So Super saiyan God Goku> Super Vegetto. With a power level of over 27.5 quintillion, SSG Goku has more than enough power to destroy the Sun and the entire solar system just as Beerus was remarked to be able to do by his master Whis. So the only star busters and solar system busters around would be Super Vegetto, Super saiyan God Goku, Beerus and Whis

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There's no way Goku's power level is 14.4 sextillion in base. Probably not even in God mode.

In Battle of the Gods Beerus comments that he doesn't think base Goku could defeat frieza. Lets be nice to Goku. Beerus didn't actually say that base Goku would lose either, just that he would not win. So we can interpret that to mean that the most Beerus sees Goku doing is stalemating Frieza. The official dbz guide gives frieza's power level as 120 million. So I'll say that's base goku's power level as well. With the 50x super saiyan boost, Goku's PL would rise to 6 billion. With the 2x ssj2 boost it would rise to 12 billion. With the 4x ssj3 boost it would rise to 48 billion. As for Super Saiyan God Goku, all that's said by Goku is that its the greatest power he has ever felt, and since he felt super vegetto's power, that means Super Sayan God Goku>Super Vegetto. . So How strong is Super Vegetto?

The official guide says Vegetto who was the result of a potara fusion, had a power level equal to goku's and vegeta's PL multiplied by each other.


Goku and Vegeta post majin were completely even up to ssj2, so I calculate Both of them to be at 5.25 billion in SSJ mode during the buu saga. So Super Saiyan Vegetto should be at 27.5 quintillion

or 27,500,000,000,000,000,000.

Ridiculous, I know. And Super Saiyan God Goku is higher than that. Still much lower than 1.03e+46 though which is what the OP claims.

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Castiel can guard his vessel against physical damage if he wants to. Supermans attacks should not be effective against even his vessel. Cass turns superman into an action hero toy. He wins.

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Goku states that Dabura is about as strong as Cell was. He was probably talking about the Cell he fought rather than Full power Perfect Cell or Super Perfect Cell. Cell would win hands down if he went full power, but at normal level Dabura has a good chance of winning.

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Why is nobody giving justin a chance? If he landed a kamehameha siperman would be toast.