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Soldier Zero #2: A Bigger Step For Man 0

Soldier Zero continues! As wheelchair user, Stewart Trautmann, recently bonded with an alien parasite called, Soldier Zero, both will have to adjust and learn how to live with one another to become one of the greatest heroes known to Earth. While Stuart’s older brother, James, isn’t to sure about the alien parasite living on Stuart, James will have to accept his brother’s decision and stop being overprotective of Stuart. With all this and more Soldier Zero is being written by Paul Cornell, artwo...

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Soldier Zero 0

  Half human. Half alien. All hero. Wheelchair user and astronomy TA, Stuart Trautmann, was bonded to a high-tech alien parasite after it crashed on Earth. When both realized that they need one another to survive, the two became one. Forming a symbiotic relationship, Stuart Trautmann and his new partner must now work together to keep Earth safe from an extraterrestrial war. Containing work by writer Paul Cornell and artist Javier Pina. Stan Lee is the inspiration of Soldier Zero. Good  ...

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Batman - Prelude To "The Main Event" 0

Gateway me a giant Taco.  The prelude is unleashed, and begins the journey back for Bruce Wayne. With Bruce Wayne (not) here yet, Return of Bruce Wayne by Grant Morrison, has only two issues left. With the missing pages of R.I.P. and Final Crisis (also by Grant Morrison), he is currently focusing on Road Home, Return Of Bruce Wayne, and Batman INC. Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth all star in this amazing issue of the prelude that will start everything! Written by Fab...

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Superman/Batman - How They Made It To 75! 0

 You Also Get To Find Out What This Is. Superman/Batman celebrate their 600th, um, 75th issue anniversary! Everyone (who buys this comic at least) is invited to fly, grapple and time travel to this amazing issue! 75! Superman/Batman's series is an elseworld/alternate earth and a whole bunch of other things, story line. It is unknown if this is actually "claimed" as a "elseworld" story line, or a "mainstream" story line, however this is a series that crossover between main and alternate world...

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Wonder Woman - She Can Save The "Entire" World! 0

 Wonder Woman And Her Female Friends! ATTACK! Wonder Woman's 600th Issue is here! Woohooo! You, you, not you (just kidding), are all invited to celebrate this iconic character. Who else really deserves a anniversary issue other than Wonder Woman? Never mind, Batman and Superman already had theirs, now it's time for the symbol of Love and peace. If Superman had a conversation with Wonder Woman, I bet he would talk about her outfit. She practically copies his colors. This has nothing to do wit...

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Batgirl - Who Do You Trust? 0

 Who is he talking to? Batgirl is fighting the mythical (but real) creature known as Clayface! Will Batgirl survive? Yeah Steph will survive, she is Batgirl! With the help of her sidekick Wendy Harris (Just kidding), Steph won't be over her head. Penciler Mr. Pere Perez is joined by Smallville writer, Bryan Q. Miller (no relation to Frank Miller) who have already taken over Batgirl by storm! Giving awesome team-ups and thrilling battles, Steph Brown is not without friends, because in t...

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Birds Of Prey - Endrun, Breaking Eggs! 0

 The Main Members The Birds Of Prey Are Reborn! It's good to see (one of my) favorite teams making a comeback. The Birds aren't any kind of team, they are the team that saves the heroes from themselves! Now what kind of team would want to do that? These guys, Uh i mean Girls, will! Oracle, Huntress, Lady Black Hawk and Black Canary hit the streets once again, trying to stop someone from exposing their entire life! Don't call these girls wimps, because when you see them in action, you might w...

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Red Hood Lost "My" Days- School Time! 0

 Don't Call Me School Boy. What Jason Is, is a weapon! A human armory is what I call him. Call him a tormented soul, a brat of Batman if you may, but never call him a school boy! I'm serious. Anyway, Jason Todd has his own "strange" untold tail in his life. The change of him being a hero to the dark side of the force. Judd Winick (the guy that created Batman under the hood) takes Jason once again on a amazing adventure. This story is full of violence, and well, violence. Jason Todd isn't a c...

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Secret 6 - Six Guns Blazing Fire! 0

 Look At This Logo! Secret Six are in the wild west? No way? WAY! Yup, Thats right Bane, Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll and others are all cowboy's (and girls) of the wild west. I always liked the Secret Six Logo. You gotta say it's an awesome logo, anyway back to the review. Writer Gail Simone, well, writes about the Six in their mysterious wild adventure. She is joined by Jim Calafiore who will be taking on the art duties of drawing Secret Six. This isn't a heroes story, while at times the team...

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Red Robin - The Hit List! 0

 Vicki Vale Needs To Die! Tim Drake's and the entire Bat-family's identity is on the verge of being discovered! Not by an evil villain with a diabolical plan, however by Bruce Wayne's old flame, Vicki Vale! Things will spark as Tim Drake has to get assassinated to play the part of being Red Robin. Will Tim Drake die? Will the entire Bat-Family's identity be found out? Nothing is clear as to what will happen, however writer Fabian Nicieza is taking care of Red Robin, by giving him the story o...

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