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The current Deadpool series is what I voted, it may not be as legendary as some of the other Deadpool titles, but it is one that I've got the most laughs out of. Deadpool [to me] is a comic book character that really does not have a prominent role in the Marvel continuity, as compared to characters like Captain America or Wolverine. He is in main stream continuity, but every time he is added to a major story arc, he seems to fall short in a certain way. Maybe it is the way that the writers have built up the characters reputation at being able to talk to the readers and actually know that he's fictitious. Or maybe he does not appeal to readers as a comic book character worth checking out. Whatever the reason may be, Deadpool is best alone in his own series because he [at least for now] is used to get readers to laugh or think to themselves "that was funny..."

That is why the current Deadpool title is so successful. The writers [Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan] focus on making Deadpool crazy, funny, and super violent. While not paying attention to what all is going on in the main stream marvel continuity. Daniel Way's Deadpool was great, but it seemed to focus more on trying to get DP more involved with the main continuity instead of focusing on just Deadpool. Posehn and Duggan's current run with Deadpool make readers feel comfortable and excited for the next issue of Deadpool without them thinking, "oh, it's Deadpool. Wolverine's ripoff." And totally passing on the series. Deadpool is best by himself because he's just too weird to fit in with the main stream continuity. Not saying that isn't going to change in the future, however right now Deadpool needs to be by himself. Because the people that are loyal fans of Deadpool will not want to make Deadpool come out of his comfort zone and be [written as] somebody that he's not. That is why Deadpool's current run is the best.

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The best for last. Now give us a release date already than "out this summer". July. I'm thinking July is the release date.

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First Batman was watching, now Joker is watching

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Nolan North

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Brainiac is more than likely going to appear in the sequel

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@dondave said:

The animation is awful

The equivalent of Green Lantern's animation. The two look nearly the same.

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So first they postpone MJ now they want to recast her too? Seriously.

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Lol, Powergirl is not even on the list.

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Don't know who's gonna steal the show in this movie. Hit-Girl stole the show last movie, maybe Jim Carrey this time, because it was not predictable to see him in this movie.

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hey look, Superman and Batman 1,000,000 return!