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I'm guessing that he had a bat tool to steal the wheels off the bat mobile. This is going to be good

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@inferiorego said:
" @Hawk: She still cheated on him numerous times! "
I also bring to your attention about the Man of steel himself! And More Details about Lois Lane. Continuing where you left off. 
No. 6 
    Super-man Giving kisses for charity. This fiend was asking for 1$ for his super kisses. This is clearly a crime against all things that Super-man stands for. Super-man is also getting tickets from the women that he kisses, how far will he go? Lois tears them up and says that she rather kiss Dracula. 
No. 7 
Super-man marrying Lana lang. Like you said in your case about Lois committing adultery, Super-man is also doing the same thing. He is not only dating Lana, but he is married to her, this is not only wrong, but also evil. Super-man is just trying to show that he can marry more than one girl. 
No. 8 
Super-man does not like jealous girls. Yes, this might be the reason that Supes ditched Lois for other women, and under the emotional machine it shows all of Lois' true colors! Lois & Lana will always be rivals, they fight over Super-man like 2 lions over 1 piece of meat. 
No. 9 
Super-man is a two-timer. He is dating Lois and Lana at the same time, while he dates a alien girl. I'm guessing that the Man of steel can't pick between his two favorite loves and this new love in his life. I also say that the only way that Lois and Lana found this out is if super-man asked someone to take their picture. So he can tease and get Lois and Lana to be jealous of him. 
No. 10 
 Super-man must really love girls. He even goes after the three women that tried to kill him or mind control him. This is really, really dumb Super-man must have really been under love if he still loves these girls!
No. 10 
 Super-pictures of old girlfriends. Tsk, tsk, tsk, the man of steel keeping pictures of past girlfriends in a steel safe. Lois reacts to this by calling Supes a "Super-wolf", which is what Super-man was because he kept those pictures. Lois throws kitchen equipment at super-man's head, which makes no since because he is invulnerable. 
No. 11 
I always knew that Supes had to date Wonder Woman at some point in time, but to what extent? Here we get to see Super-man encouraging Wonder woman to throw Lois off, Super-man might not kill Lois, but that does not stop him from telling another hero to do it. 
No. 12 
Murder. Murder is a crime even if a hero commits it. Here we see Super-man getting his hands dirty, by strapping Lois to a truck where she will die. This is just wrong if he does not like lois, why does he have to kill her? Can't he just leave and never speak to her again? NO! He has to go out and kill her. 
  No. 13 Final 
Murder (Again). Super-man is once again trying to kill Lois Lane. His first attempt on her life must have failed, so he's going to try again. If Super-man is known for one thing in this case "He Does the job right". He snaps Lois' cord to the space shuttle, and also the oxygen. He does this with a smile! 
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So earth-12 bat boy returns. 

Batman Beyond
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Is supposed to be modern day cap but does not have a modern day cap picture!

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I have never changed my icon picture
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I do not have a dog. is not bullseye any more because he became hawkeye.
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@SUPER-MAN 23:  
I Am The Batman(Dick Grayson)   

said something out of curiosity 
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 Corrected me 
Did not correct me
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has corrected me

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Again posted before me