Leaked photos of MEGAN FOX as April O'Neil

The first thing you notice, red hair. So at least TMNT is on the path to something right.

Is this more proof of TMNT and your faith in Michael Bay's abilities to pull off a (better) movie about classic cartoon characters? Or is their a need for more evidence in his skills? Ninja Turtles is set for theateres in 2014.

See all the pictures here at: http://www.superherohype.com/news/articles/176777-megan-fox-gets-april-oneils-yellow-jacket-in-new-ninja-turtles-set-photos


Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Four Issue Miniseries!

What would happen if Deadpool as Merc bent on killing every hero and villain in the Marvel Universe? The result: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe! Written by Cullen Bunn and with artwork by Dalibor Talajic, Deadpool will be going through four issues of chaos as he is going to kill every single character in the Marvel Universe. "Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe" is a What if? story. Bunn said this:

I don't think there's any subterfuge in the title. This is Deadpool murdering the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe we know and love. On another level, though, it's kind of a tragic story about being the puppet of greater forces -- and how far one might go to be free of all that.

If anyone remembers, Marvel did this same thing years ago (1995 to be exact) with the Punisher. Titled "Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe". It was written by Garth Ennis with artwork by Doug Braithwaite. It only had one issue and was also a What If? story.

So there you have it, and if you still don't have enough of what Bunn said above, check out these covers to the series (covers by Kaare Andrews).


Batman Arkham City next Add on- Teased photo

From the official Twitter account for Batman: Arkham City, they are teasing something great and also something that is possibly centered around Harley Quinn.

The photo had no details at all. But the photo obviously is Harley Quinn.

Trophies for the new DLC was released earlier this month: Trophies. Are you psyched for the new Story based DLC, or still need proof before buying it?


New Quest/Set Line Of Fire

  Set -- Line of Fire 
Quest Numbers -- Five  

Get Up To No Good

Line of Fire!!! 

The NTSF:SD:SUV team faces Terrorism every day. Visit the concept page and practice your counter-terrorism skills. 

1. Something ________ participate in.    

We've Seen Some Stuff


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Visit the Detective concept page and check out this thread titled "Who is the best comic book detective of all time?" 

1. Keyword: Koncept

Good and Evil 

It's a big universe, and sometimes one isn't quite who they say they are. Visit the Characters list page to check out the line-up. 

1. This is where ALL of the comic book characters hang out.  

Too Real For You

It's not easy keeping the peace. Click this link to check out Adult Swim's new hard boiled action show.

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I Was There


We need more than a paper pusher in this elite unit, detective. Check out the NTSF:SD:SUV premiere in the Comic Vine chat at 9pm Eastern on Thursday the 21st to get a taste of the big leagues.

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The Letter "System" Returns To DC Comics!

Ever want to send a letter to your favorite creator, editor, writer, or artist? Have you ever wanted to tell them that their career is just what is keeping comics alive these days? Or have you wanted to just say, what’s up from [Your Name Here]? Well guess what DC Comics is allowing you (yes you) to be able to send a letter to your favorite creative team over any current comics! So what are you waiting for?

Are as excited as I am, or even more? Who can truly know? Anyway, DC Comics will allow anyone that is willing ask questions. Send it by mail, yes that’s right mail not email, and send it to this specific location:

Letters to the Editor

DC Comics

1700 Broadway

New York, NY 10019

Don’t know how to send a letter? Fear not! DC will allow anyone to send messages by computer, however not by personal email. DC Comics has set up a website for those who rather send a message through computer. ALL messages are limited to 500 words, so keep it short! Instructions for this are:

Topic (it is a multiple topic and can be anything)

Your Name





Here's the link to their site. Not all letters will be published, read, or sent back to the sender. So while that’s the downside of things, be the first of your friends, family, and the rest of the world and send your letter to DC Comics!