• Date joined:2010-03-13
  • City:San Francisco
  • Gender:Male
  • Alignment:Good
  • Points:-100 Points
  • Ranked:Currently Disabled


Hand To Hand Combat:

I am trained in all major forms of Martial Arts. Of those major martial arts, I've learned nerve strikes which leads to many different things. Example, the nerve strikes I've learned I can inflict major damage, dizziness, paralyzation, unconsciousness, or even death. While I do stick with the motives of not to kill anyone, I know moves that could kill anyone that would stand in my way. I also am a master of all forms of weapons and is a master tracker. My Detective Skills are matched to almost Batman's skills, I am considered one of the greatest minds on the planet. I am a master escape artist, I can break out of nearly every single death trap I've been in, and can get out without waste breath, time, and using only a little energy.

The Suit:

My power suit is a lightweight highly protective armor. While only a few minds on the planet actually know what my suit is made of, lets just say it's got its special abilities. My power suit allows me to move at free will and can protect me from most forms of weapons. The suit also enhances some of my natural abilities. In the suit's cowl, I have built in nightvision that I can turn on/off at any given time, I also have a rebreather and a gas mask which is built in the cowls mask too. I also use/wear a utility belt which holds all of my gadgets. As high tech as the suit, the utility belt has many technical advances that would fit my need against fighting crime. Somethings I cary in my utility belt:

  • Smoke & Explosive Bombs
  • Hacking Tools, Including a Mini Computer
  • Grappling Cable & Bolas
  • Tracking & Sonar Devices
  • Flash, Sonic & Thermal Grenades
  • Brass Knuckles & Tactical Knife
  • Plastique & Mini-Mines
  • Communicators, Cuffs & First Aid Kit

What Started My Early Life

Original Suit

I was born into a family of great wealth and power. However, that wealth/power corrupted my family. While I was still living amongst my parents, I found out that they were operating with the top crime boss of many secret worldwide operations. It turned out that they weren't just trying to gain power, but make an heir to keep that power and eventually send it out into the entire world! Knowing this information, I had no one to turn to. So I decided to put it on myself to not follow in my parents footsteps. Already having my own business by the time I was eighteen, my parents saw it fit to buy up my company from within itself to get me to second guess what I wanted to do in life. However, it didn't faze me what went down, I left soon after I found that my parents had bought my company. Going around the world, I trained with various martial art masters; to learn many of the deadly combats of the known world. But, before training with Martial Art masters, I took up Detective Skills and Psychology to learn about the mind of a criminal. Soon after learning many useful sciences and other forms of Detective work, I went straight to training for Martial Arts. Knowing that I have to know and understand all of the major forms of Martial Art fighting and other forms of fight; I needed my body to be in it's physical peek. Training with many world class acrobats and escape artist, I eventually pushed my body to the limit to become 100% in every area of my physical body. While I was training with Richard Dragon, I met a friend who was also trying to accomplish a mission that he "swore on his parents death", I never caught his name, but he was gone once I finished my training.

After many years of learning multiple forms of combat, I needed a disguise to hide my identity from everyone else. Going out for the first time with just a goon mask, and a few gadgets, I went to look for the drug shipment that my parents were running. Finding out that my mother had died during my trips into the world, I convinced myself that she was only waiting to die because of the crimes she had caused. When I decided that there was no turning back, and that I had given my life to rid crime and protect the innocent, I jumped out of the shadows and revealed myself to the shipping crew. Surprised to see that a "hero" would want to try and stop Boss Jones' (my father) drug shipment, I told everyone to lay on the ground. Thinking that they could handle me, I took them out easily and set fire to the entire dock and shipping of the drugs. Knowing that the police would just say that I was a vigilante, the scum I left tied up was a good jump start for my war against crime. Soon after that, I realized that the first "unofficial" costume needed to get upgraded a whole bunch. First off I needed a symbol that invoked fear in my enemies, them seeing me coming and going doesn't invoke great fear. So I came up with a couple of ideals. The first suit was a hangman type suit; this installed great fear in those I fought. With that, I began my official career against crime.

Against Crime...

Using the disguise after Superman's home planet Krypton, I became a hero of my parents corrupted city of New York. Fighting in New York City was a big step in my hero career, I destroyed lots of drug and corruption divisions in that area and it was easily taken care of by the proper authorities after I had finished what I needed to do. When I was framed and my identity known by my parents, I had to change my name and everything else about me. Making a big mistake in my hero career; I knew I had to end it with being Krypton. So when I went to a weapon shipment, I soon found out that this was only a trap to kill me. With being shot so many times, I used this to fake my death and be plunged into the river. I soon left New York City to head back to my original home town of San Francisco, California. There was so much crime there, I had to do something. However, with them looking for Krypton and his true identity I had to use a different hero name.

Death of my father

Taking up an ideal scheme used by Commander Rogers, I donned a exact and almost identical suit like his. Using this it gave me the stealth capabilities that I needed to go undercover in my parent's business. When I took down the security of my father I soon wanted to have a father and son talk with dear old dad. Still using my regular identity, I invoked fear in him to tell me what I wanted to know about the other companies my parents had owned. When he was about to reveal the information to me - he was shot by a sniper of unknown intent. Either it was better for me to not know or as a back up plan for my father to die, I knew I had to find out the information and needed to gain a new identity. So while their was gun fire was shooting into the building, I soon heard the security guards beating on the door.

As security broke themselves into the office, the sniper fire ceased and they saw me holding the body of my now dead father. Thinking that I was the one who used the sniper, I had to defeat these guys quickly in gain the information I needed. So without thinking I beat them up; locked them in a closet, and jumped out of the window. Thinking that I should've covered more of the crime scene, I knew I just needed to get away and figure out the certain people who knew about my Father's plans. When I found out their were others who wanted justice in their lives that my father had caused - I had no right to say no to them when they wanted to join me. Armed with a new team I gained insight that I needed to finish the mission that I swore that I would complete, so now I'm not just one, but I am many! I am Foreshadow!

New Team, And New Mission

Knight Squadron

With the new team, I knew we needed to have a base. Using the resources I had, we built a base underground so that no one could try to find us if we ever needed to run from the law. As Foreshadow, I still hadn't thought of any ideals of what new name I was going to make for myself and also what new heroic persona I was going to create! As the Knight Squadron, we only worked at night and only in the day if necessary. As the leader of the Knight Squadron I had to pick each mission and see what certain areas we needed to take down to expose corruption. We are an off scale sort of team. No one knows we exist, until it is too late. For them that is! Upholding the rule of being heroes to the end, we wouldn't kill.

Knight Squadron Mission and Leaving

As I wasn't alone fighting against corruption, I knew that I had to keep one another together and not tear one another apart. So we all had to work with each other and make sure that we trusted in one's abilities. When everything was cleared and that a business man (my father) was killed by his only son, I had to move fast to clear my good name. We first had to destroy the incriminating evidence of me "seemingly" killing my father. Once that occurred, some robot drones came up and had was programed to destroy everything (files, us, and everyone in the building) so that no one would know the "other" files that were located in the computer. I gave my teammate (whom was "Super" at stealing hacked information) a flashdrive to hack into the information, however when we saw the twenty second timer I had to pull my team out of their and try to contain the explosion. When it was just me and hacker I tried to disarm the bomb, but it had a touchy timer and it speeded up to five seconds. With hacker not even done, he pushed me out and the bomb exploded.

Back at base, I regretted working with a team and I eventually told them I had to leave. Giving command to the second in command, I finally knew that working with a team could lead to great tragedy.

Solo Once Again

New Look
New Suit

After leaving the Knight Squadron, I knew I had to leave the base and the team still standing. The Knight Squadron was great, and if I ever get passed my regret of the death of a good teammate and friend - I might actually come back! However, now I'm solo and I've got to create a new identity. With the world still thinking that Rick Ryder was dead, I changed my last name to Jones. Rick Jones was my regular everyday name, however I changed my hair color also. Dyeing it from blond to black, I finally had a new identity and new outlook of what I needed to do. No longer a member of the Knight Squadron, I still operated in San Francisco, California. Not worrying about if my teammates would recognized; even if I would work with them, I had to trust in my new identity and everything else that was changed about me. The next step was creating the new heroic persona. Making my suit out of a new flexible metal, It was as unknown to me as it was when I found out how to make it into my new suit. Gadgets were needed, and I soon made myself a base of operations in my new underground base. I also had a second base which was shrunk down so that I could place mostly anything in it (e.g. villains). This was located on a location secretly built into my "so called" underground cave.

Team-ups, villains, and promises

With so many skills and knowledge of so many combat forms, I knew that I had to create a suit that would also have mobility and control. Using that unknown nano/metal fiber, I created a suit that would install great fear in the hearts of criminals. Using the suit I had it resembling Batman's suit - thinking that he wouldn't mind. With everything beginning new in my life, I still had to come up with a new heroic persona name. Choosing the name - 6thKnown (and also going by the name; Fault Zone), I began my nights on the streets. With installing great fear, I also became a member of Batman Incorporated as a helper for that team, and I also got to see my old team in action. While I was making my rounds on the night, I met up with the Knight Squadron. Seeing that I was a new hero in town and all of the good that I had accomplished, they asked me if I would join their team. Saying that I wasn't ready yet, I offered my help in cracking a case against the team. With them being seen in the building that exploded with the robot detonator drones, I knew I had to help them find the man or woman, behind this plot. Finding out the location to Warehouse X, I had to take all of the weapons inside of this place and keep it in the stationary location that I had built and shrunk down in my base of operations. Working with the Knight Squadron, not as a member, but as their friend was great. Me and the team took down all of the security and a friend of mine from the team, Star asked me to keep a promise. He told me to look out for Rick Ryder whom was the founder and leader of the Knight Squadron. I told him I would keep that promise and I'll soon find their friend.

With the team safe and sound; with their names cleared, we parted ways. Soon enough, I met the man behind the destruction of my dead father and also my framing. This assassin went by the name of, Kill Shot. Kill Shot was one of the greatest snipers in the world and wanted my father's wealth and power. Soon gaining all of that after he died, Kill Shot knew he had to kill his son. Thinking that I was still dead, he didn't know that I was Rick Ryder! With that element, I took him with my unarmed combat skills (martial arts). So with that he looked like a fighter and knocked me off my feet. However, I was prepared for anything. Backing up, I had a smirk on my face and rushed up towards him. Without him even seeing me I hit the nerves in his arms and legs and he fell down hard. Taking him down was pretty easy, however I heard the police coming and left him temporary paralyzed on the ground.


Virtual, Intelligent, Electronic Device, I had went back to Warehouse X and took every weapon and file, and placed it into my small secret bunker. Keeping everything shrunk down so that no villain could ever use the technology and weapons of Warehouse X, I new that I had succeeded in one thing (hopefully). Creating V.I.E.D. would help me capture certain events that would happen throughout my life. Keeping this it would have a virtual keyboard that would appear when I touched a certain area on this device, I keep this in my utility belt at all times.


Unternet Suit

Soon after I had taken and cleaned out most crime in San Francisco, I followed a distress call inside the Unternet. While only a few heroes know about this villainous world, I knew I had to follow this call. Soon finding out that it was fake to just grab me into this world, I had to help other heroes that were locked in this world free themselves so that the heroes can run things. Instead of the villains! Making myself a Suit in this world; the power in this place was immense. I could and did many things with the power in the Unternet, while not fully letting myself go, I did have a great time with this awesome ability. While in the Unternet it was full of evil villains, and I soon became more self aware of what the Villains were trying to accomplish. They were trying to bring the Unternet into the real world! Having to stop them I soon was joined by a female friend named Keeper. Keeper was mostly quite and didn't say a lot, but she soon did when I had to rescue her from an attempt on her life.

Regaining Control Over The Unternet

While fighting in this world, the heroes eventually won in the end, and every villain was locked out. Now with the heroes running things I returned to the real world; and created a direct feed to the Unternet using V.I.E.D. With this I could enter this world, just in case a villain would find himself/herself into this world. I am one of the many protectors of the Unternet and when it comes to beating the bad guys - you better have me on your side. I frequently leave and enter the Unternet many times, always protecting my city as the forever watching protector!