DC civil war Lineup, Another version

Llevenger allowed me to make my own version, so now comes V2, with some A vs X elements in it, aka the match up comments

New United States President Sal Chigrign, taking immense alarm to the formation of Batman Inc, believing it to be evidence that Batman and Bruce Wayne had teamed up to overthrow the free world.....as he saw it.

And he wasn't the only one worried.

So, the President chooses to have Batman taken into custody, and Bruce Wayne destroyed.

Using the Government to aid Lex Luthor, who in this world never lost Lex Corp, to drive Wayne Tech out of business, he has the F.B.I arrest Pa and Ma Kent, both alive after he arranged for the telepathic villain Psimon to gather Superman's secret identity from him.

Psimon was one of the hundreds of super villains that were captured after a major conflict between the Hero Teams and a Injustice League, the conflict leveling most of Interior Texas and killing many heroes and villains, which further made Sal, and the public, wary of more heroes.

With his parents laced with nanites like the Suicide Squad, any action that Sal doesn't like that Superman does, will cost the farmers their lives. With their lives in the balance, Superman has no choice, and also manages to coerce Superboy, Supergirl and Wonder Girl to his side in the same fashion; the two other supers fearing for Pa and Ma as well, and Wonder Girl being Superboy's fiance...and pregnant with his child.

Due to the giant Super villain-Superhero battle, which took the place of Infinite Crisis....they had what they thought would be their last night, it wasn't and Wondergirl was impregnated by the Half Human as a result (To be fair, seeing as Kryptonians can't have children with humans, they had assumed it was the same with half Kryptonians....)

As a result of these gains, Sal forces Superman to go and capture Batman, while he sends the three teen heroes to go and capture Red Robin at Titan's tower.

While Superman captures Batman at Wayne Manor (keeping that part hidden from Sal), the teenage heroes arrive at Titan's Tower, while Red Robin, Blue Beetle and Ravager were the only heroes present at the tower. The Scarab senses their hostile intent, and alerts Jaime, Rose and Tim, as a fight breaks out.

Blue Beetle vs Supergirl

Red Robin vs Superboy

Ravager vs Wonder Girl

Meanwhile, Superman brings Batman to Sal, but before Sal can take the mask, Batman changes into his real form, Martian Manhunter. The powerful Manhunter fights Superman, warns Sal to release the Kent's or else, and escapes with Density Shifting

Martian Manhunter vs Superman

Using this as publicity, he claims that Batman was out to overthrow the Government, and has the army mustered for a war 'against Batman', and orders any hero who does not follow the Government captured, and tried as a criminal

Meanwhile, the Teen Titans are fractured. Miss Martian, Kid Devil and Static, and new recruit Rocket join Batman's side, while Solstice, Bombshell, Kid Flash and Aquagirl join Wonder Girl.

The fallout is not pretty

Miss Maritan vs Kid Flash

Static vs Solstice

Kid Devil vs Bombshell

Rocket vs Aquagirl

It is not just them, several other teams are being affected

First the Justice League, with members Firestorm, Black Lightning, Red Arrow, Flash, John Stewart and Captain Atom following the Government for various reasons, while members Black Canary, Red Tornado, Vixen, Icon, Zatanna and Kyle Rayner do not agree

Icon vs Captain Atom

Black Canary vs Red Arrow

Kyle vs John

Zatanna vs Firestorm

Vixen vs Flash

Red Tornado vs Black Lightning

Then a similar split occured in the JSA, with Flash, Stargirl and Wildcat being coerced by the Government, with Power Girl and Atlee managing to escape without conflict

However......other skirmish's begin to occur as other heroes have their loved ones threatened

Batman vs Hal Jordan

Nightwing vs Flash (Wally)

Static vs Superboy

Vixen vs Wild Cat

Atlee vs Supergirl

Icon vs Superman

Rocket vs Stargirl

After some work, Batman manages to create a way to remove the nanites that are in Pa and Ma Kent, along with Lin, Linda, Joan and all the other loved ones. However, Sal sends the heroes he has to either take them 'or see your loves ones be blown up'

And so, the final battle begins

Static vs Black Lightning

Halo vs Solstice

Power Girl vs Supergirl

Rocket vs Wonder Girl

Miss Martian vs Wonder Girl

Nightwing vs Red Arrow

Blue Beetle vs Superboy

Ravager vs Stargirl

Kid Devil vs Stargirl

Red Robin vs Kid Flash

Batman vs Wildcat

Metamorpho vs Firestorm

Kyle Rayner vs Hal Jordan

Martian Manhunter vs Firestorm

Static vs Superboy

Icon vs Black Lightning

Zatanna vs John Stewart

Batman vs Superman......

Does anyone win?

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