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I guess Franklin Richards could be a candidate.

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Need help with doing so, got any thoughts based on following factors

Emerson was purchased last year from Wal-Mart, and has a trio of five plug ins for those Red/Yellow/White plugs: from bottom up red, white, red, blue, green

X-Box is white version

Not technical, I may warn you.

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Recently read an interesting article, and curious on opinions on it,manual

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@oscars94: Avengers vs X-Men or an expanded Age of Ultron

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@krspacet: Toonami came back??? Where?

Toonami: 11:30 to Six Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, only on Adult Swim

Next week's schedule, in order being Attack on Titan, Bleach, Space Dandy, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Gurren Laggan, Beware the Batman, Hellsing Ultimate (Hour long), Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Cowboy Bebop, Star Wars the Clone Wars and Samurai Jack.

Soul Eater aired on it earlier in the run, in tangem with Sword Art Online, Blue Exorcist and FLCL. It was replaced by Black Lagoon.

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@raffels: Mock faith? Define that, exactly. Show me an example. Etc etc etc

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@raffels: Let's compare Roman 'accepted faiths' to Christianity, shall we?

Greek, Roman, Egyptian mythos, etc etc: Rome was tolerant of them because they did acknowledge that Roman Gods existed just as their own did. They were not opposed to a shared universe, or crossover, you get the picture.

They also respected the emperor's authority.

Christains did not. They did not recognize any faith but their own, and mocked the emperor.

....Christians were jerks then as they can be now. They thus got dealt with, as anarchists, or terrorists, might be now: with death. Just more publically than we do in Guantanamo.

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@raffels said:

LGBT hate speech is a modern phenemonom where as religous freedom has a long existence in the U.S.A.

Christians have been persecuted a lot longer then some fake LGBT community which is not even a real community since there is no united community holding them together besides sex and I guess love idk.

Tolerant societies are a mess for a reason…that's why most of the countries are openly less tolerant then the good ole U.s.A….this will be a failed experiment….Be a black person in Isreal and try not to notice the racisim.

Actually there is a long history of this in America alone. For example, a proposed law from 1636 Massachussets

"Unnatural filthiness, to be punished with death, whether sodomy, which is carnal fellowship of man with man, or woman with woman or buggery......(It then goes into beastality for some reason)"

Then in 1649, you actually had convictions of lesbians in again, Puritan Mass.

But enough on American History.....

Tolerance of different people is important. A society doesn't develop much without contact with other people. At the same time, if one cannot tolerate other people, it bites them in the butt.

The Spanish weren't tolerant of the Moors or Jews back in the middle ages-early reinassance era. So they kicked them out. And guess what...they were the people who understood how money worked.

Spain went bankrupt quickly.

Many of histories great empires, such as Rome, the Mongols and Persia, had long runs because they were tolerant of local peoples. They were allowed to practice their faiths, and that led to far less internal strife. Forcing a conquered people to change what they believe in or how they act never ends well.

Tolerance of others is the hallmark of good civilizations.

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@rd189: Well, they are known terrorists, and it is unfair to only shoot missiles at islamic terrorists....

You ask the message of not letting them speak, but the message of letting them speak is worse. We give them the right to speak, and we hurt everyone they hate in doing so. We let them speak, we lead to whites who want to blame their problems on something mugging hispanics, killing african americans and terrorising LGBT people. The ideal system, of course, would not allow any hate group to speak: with the KKK and the Black Panther's monitored the same.

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@arcus said:

@krspacet: Everyone has freedom of speech, its a right that we have to apply to everyone, even if we don't like it, otherwise eventually no one would have it

Free speech has limits though. Hate speech leads to violence, and we have laws about speech causing violence or damages.