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I see Dakota City hidden on the Black Canary one.

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Here's a thought; you know that old stereotype of overprotective dads who attempt to scare off any boy who looks at their daughter funny?

Yet somehow you never see that with sons who bring home daughters (Except perhaps with the mother).

So, how would it work if, say, a son was to bring a boy home or a daughter bring a daughter home in a same sex relationship? Assuming there is no homophobia present, would the father react in this manner to one of those scenarios?

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Sony or 20th Century Fox? AKA, will the Spider movies end before the X and FF movies, or vice versa. P.S, giving up F.F but keeping the X-Men counts as 20th century giving up in the same context as Sony giving up Spidey

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Here's a thought; in the Star Wars Universe the Sith possess an ability to mask their force from the jedi. This is why a Sith was able to lead the republic, plus the 1000 odd years of hiding the Sith pulled off between Russan and the Naboo Invasion.

Now, this is not something that animals are able to be affected by. The Zilllo beast was able to sense that Palpatine was an evil bastard, for the most familiar example. Now, what about the Spider Sense.

If for some reason Peter was within the vicinity of the most feared Sith Lord in all of history, would his spider sense go off

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Which Pokemon trainer is more badass

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I'm curious here, how do you all think Anakin would have turned out if Sidious wasn't actively working to turn him? Or perhaps at what point in Anakin's life prior to Revenge of the Sith, or perhaps prior to Mace's death would Anakin be past the point of (could fall to the dark side) and be at (Will fall to the dark side at some point?) if Sidious was around up to that point?

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Just as Satyrs are Greek and Wizards are English, what would you call American mythology?

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Recently I was reading TV Tropes on some of the disney DTV movies, I happened to notice that one of the more derided ones, Little Mermaid 2, lists the characters Melody as a breakout character, stating "fans may not have liked the characters, but they loved her".

How exactly does that work, a bad story, movie, book, comic, cartoon, ect that fans dislike creates a characters fans rather like?

What other characters are like that?

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Recently, it has been confirmed that the formation of the rebellion, as seen in the game Force Unleashed, is no longer canon. Do you think that the entire thing is no longer canon, or just that part?

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How well would this work in your opinion? What era would he deal with, what characters would he write?