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I'm a fan of RSS in general, so if you get them up I'll probably use them for one thing or another. The blog feed and new comic feed are both of particular interest.

On a side note, Firefox makes RSS quite simple.

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I'm glad you mentioned that Wasteland has been good as a whole series. For some reason I can't find Oni Press books anywhere, so the only issues I've gotten to read are the few I've downloaded on the internet. I'll have to make sure I pick up the trade whenever it comes out.

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List 5 or less books you recommend getting this week, with a brief explanation of why. Ready, go!

  1. DMZ #16 - Simply one of the best, most relevant titles on the shelf.

  2. Local #8 - Also by Brian Wood. Great one and done stories for the indie comic fan.

  3. Civil War #7 - I don't think anyone really needs this recommended to them. You're either on board, or not. As for me, I'm itching to see how this ends.

  4. Battle Pope #13 - The most completely irreverent fun you'll find anywhere.

  5. Wasteland #7 - I've only read a couple issues of this, but they were pretty good. Its an otherwise slow week, so its definitely worth checking out if you see it.