Quick & Simple Rating of Week 2 DC New 52 Comics (September)

My Quick & Simple Rating of DC "The New 52" Comics

Week Two of September 2011

Batman and Robin #1 - Excellent! Great storytelling and layout of the story. I love how Bruce and Damian's relationship and interactions are. An extra plus to mentioning Damian's time with Dick.

Deathstroke #1 - Very Good! Slade Wilson is still the way he should be, a badass skilled mercenary. This is an excellent starting point for new readers and brings interesting twists and turns that should unfold for even better stories to come. It's one of the few issues that feels self-contained while setting up a story arc. Good choice for the casual reader.

Green Lantern #1 - The story continues from the aftermath of the War of the Green Lanterns. Sinestro's a Green Lantern at odds with his Yellow Lantern army and Hal Jordan has no ring. This makes both foes extremely unhappy that they may actually work together to solve their hardships. Good read.

Mister Terrific #1 - Good! Yes, you read that right, I think it was a good comic. I'm new to Michael Holt, so I found no problems with how he was protrayed in the issue. It's great to see Karen Starr as well. Michael is the third smartest man in the world, so what if he's a billionaire superhero who likes the women and is able to be affected by a villain's attack? Try this issue!

Suicide Squad #1 - One of the most f'ed up sickest twisted DC comics you're gonna find. That almost completely sums up this entire series. It was good, but better if you're a horror lover. This series isn't for the faint of heart. I did enjoy Harley Quinn as herself and wished she was in a different series. #1 had a small flashback that relates to Detective Comics #1 and #2. This series isn't new reader friendly.

Resurrection Man #1 - Interesting and mysterious comic that gets our curiosity raised once we learn the overall plot of this story arc. What do all these factions want with Mitch, but more importantly of all, what are they? The comic for you to learn about the afterlifes that exist in the New DC Universe!

Posted by zackattack529

suicide squad is actually new reader fiend. all new readers would have to research is the character bios and backround. other thanthat it was enjoyable to dedicated AND new readers alike i thought. and issue 2 was even more cool! :)