Quick & Simple Rating of Week 1 DC New 52 Comics (September)

My Quick & Simple Rating of DC "The New 52" Comics

Week One of September 2011

Justice League #1 - Very Good - Part 1, taking place 5 years before the present.

Action Comics #1 - Excellent, must buy - takes place sometime before Justice League #1. The way Superman stories should be told!

Animal Man #1 - WTF in a good way, must try if you like horror. Art isn't my style, but the story sells it.

Batgirl #1 - Good, but undecided. Waiting on next issue. Present day with flashbacks from three years.

Batwing #1 - Very Good, very solid story with depth and as an introduction. Batman makes an appearance which is great. Must read for Batman fans.

Detective Comics #1 - Very Good and sick, The Joker is back with 114 kills under his belt, Batman doesn't know how far the Joker will take the games to a new level. Must read for Joker fans.

Green Arrow #1 - Action-pack classic of what you expect from a superhero comic traditionally, but the characters don't draw me in too much. I'm undecided.

Justice League International #1 - OK, but a disappointment for me. It's a very very straight forward issue that feels like it's not actually apart of the relaunch in terms of writing and art quality. It almost feels like its from the 90's maybe. I'm gonna give the next issue a chance though.

Hawk and Dove #1 - Good Fun, less serious. Surprisingly reconnects itself with the old DCU with Hawk's brother and his death. Art could be better.

Men of War #1 - The way military stories should be told in the DC Universe, very good starring Joseph Rock, Sgt. Rock's grandson. Very good storytelling mixed with the existence of meta-humans makes it ideal. The backup story at the end of the comic, Navy Seals, Part 1, is not good at all. It's a very straight forward unappealing military story of some Navy Seals fighting in the Middle East.

O.M.A.C. #1 - Action-packed Fun, less serious. Newly chosen O.M.A.C. warrior.

Stormwatch #1 - Very Good - Part 1, Martian Manhunter revealed to be on both teams, Stormwatch and Justice League. Are the Stormwatch the first and original metahuman team protectors of Earth? We'll wait to find out.

Static Shock #1 - Not bad, but only for specific taste. Acknowledge and purpose to Hawkins moving from Dakota to NYC and having a new outfit, but not explained yet. Hawkins does talk way too much though.

Swamp Thing #1 - Alec Holland Returns and really wants nothing to do with Swamp Thing. Nice cameos of other DCU heroes. Interesting, but need to way for issue 2 to see how it goes.

If you have any questions in relation to the issues I have read, please feel free to ask me either as a private message or as comments on this blog. Thanks for reading!

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