Favorite characters, comics, concepts, or anything else I lay eyes on.

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Posted by Hawkeye446

Great List, The people I recognize are definetly some of my favourites.

Posted by eldestrisk

Husk and Dazzler are some of my all time favorites.

Posted by krisis
@eldestrisk: Two who are criminally under-served by editorial inconsistency. Has Husk ever had a significant plot outside of Gen X? I was really happy to see her in Necrosha - hopefully she be used more soon.
Posted by eldestrisk
@krisis:  She was recently used in the X-Men Vs. Vampires, but still, not enough. We want and need more of her.
Posted by krisis
@eldestrisk: Oh, I haven't read that! I only do TPBs, so I'm constantly at a 6+ month lag to everyone else. I lucked out with Second Coming coming out so quick in HC, which I buy for the big storylines.
Posted by Warpath Storm

Great list I love my Dazzler very much too