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Basic Information

Character Name: Kresnik

Human Age: 3,000 years

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Eye Color: Golden

Hair: Golden

Mental Information

Personality: Kresnik is very even-tempered to the point of a near meditative state. This is often mistaken for naivete, but he is wise. He rarely hurries, feeling that very little is worth rushing for. When angered, Kresnik is a ferocious force, losing all reason.

Weaknesses: Kresnik's mellowness often leads him to underestimating the challenges he faces. He is rarely on time, and will not take threats seriously. When he is enraged, Kresnik cannot distinguish between friend and foe, and may go against all his ideals. He can be overly trusting.

Strengths: Kresnik is able to keep a cool head when under pressure. He is an excellent mediator in conflicts, and will almost always think before he acts. Unlike many deities, he is willing to work with mortals as if they were his equals...most of the time. Kresnik will allow bygones to be bygones and hold no grudge if he feels his foe is genuinely repentant.


Strengths: Kresnik is a god of sun, storms, and the solstice. He is able to manipulate and create sunfire. He is able to creature tempestuous storms, capable of sinking an island, as well as lightning manipulation. Kresnik is capable of undergoing rebirth during the solstice, recovering from any wounds (fatal or not) he may have suffered.

He is also an adept wielder of most short-range combat weapons (ex, sword, ax, club).


Kresnik's strength is directly proportional to the time of year, peaking at the summer solstice, with the weakest time at the winter solstice. He can only use his full range of powers during spring and summer. During fall and winter he grows sickly.

Kresnik is also weak to beings of a serpentine or cthonic abilities.

Hunters and hunting gods feel an intense hatred for him, and are capable of causing him more harm than other beings (with the exception of serpents/cthonic creatures). It is said that to possess Kresnik's antlers is to own his powers.

History Information

Kresnik is the son of the Creator, Perun. (Or perhaps merely A creator...for so many take credit for the birth of the Earth. Maybe their combined energies created life). Given free range of the Ninth Country, Kresnik was left to his own devices while his father took care of the day-to-day running of the universe. From upon his glass mountain, Kresnik observed the world...like all gods, he felt an inexplicable attraction to the mortal plane.

Unlike many gods, Kresnik did not consider the Earth his playground. He thought it his duty to keep his father's creation clear of corruption. He turned his attention primarily towards the foul serpents of the Earth, vanquishing them without mercy...until a serpent stole his heart. The daughter of one of the most vile serpents charmed Kresnik, who fell madly in love. She continued to evade his attentions over the centuries, but gods have all the time in the world. Some day Kresnik was sure he would win over Amphibie's heart.

As the years rolled by, many of Kresnik's fellow gods faded away...he remained. As rituals were held in the honor of others with different names (but who were Kresnik in meaning), he remained strong even to the modern times. The serpents still lurked on Earth...though they wore different names and different faces. And he would slay them. He would always slay the serpents, until one would slay him.

And yet, Kresnik's rejuvenation would be his downfall. He never controlled exactly how much he would be 'turned back', how much he would heal, grow younger. And by letting his natural magicks simply try to fix whatever they found, he set himself up for disaster. Kresnik's memories were wiped away. He effectively had three thousand year amnesia.

Now he walks the earth with no memories, but the nagging thought that all serpents must be destroyed...