Summer frost

A list dedicated to Emma Frost and Scot Summers and their family
 created by the one and only Ryonslaught 

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Posted by Leliel

They sure as heck are big family

Posted by crohnos

nice list, i didn't knew them all :)

Posted by KingsCastle

Love the title. Great Idea for a list. ^_^

Posted by MoonstoneEvil

Good list.

Posted by Ultimate JSA
@crohnos said:
"nice list, i didn't knew them all :) "

what he said
Posted by Chesapeake

Rachel Summer should be higher but I respect your opinion.

Posted by davidkenneth
Posted by StormyWeather


Posted by The Myth

You seem to be missing Nate Grey, other wise great list.
Posted by Seraph_Darkholme

I like the list, but you're missing Fontanelle, Black Womb's sister.

Posted by xboy79

I love this list ;)

Posted by SimmosFace

Frost and Summer are obviously opposites, even their names suggest it. But, opposites attract.

Posted by Imperius_Rex

Loved it!