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I'm evil because ""It's fun to do bad things," "I wanted to do hood-rat stuff for my friend.""

--Shout out to the 7 year old gangsta

But seriously my character is "evil" because of how she grew up & she is modeled after the ideals and motivations that her father instilled into her. (Do anythnig to win; be ruthless, be decietful, be selfish, be better than the rest. Winning is key) So Krav doesn't think twice about if what she's doing is wrong, if it benefits her in the end, then its always right.

Her view of good & evil is so distorted that she would never outright say "I'm evil" or apologize for what she's done.

Whether its money, power, or respect. Whatever it is, in her mind the ends justify the means.

(And this isn't to say that she would never do a good deed, its just that for every 1 good thing she'll do, there's still 10 bad things she'll gladly do also. If saving lost puppies lands her an coveted spot on an elite team, then so be it. But she'll just as quickly slaughter those puppies if she's getting a 7 figure check made out to her)
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Great, just PM a time when we can arrang something. I'm not a total RPing noob, just never RP @ comicvine
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Can I join in on this training?

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Strength; ability to lift weight above one's head with arms fully extended.

1 Normal; ability to lift less than ones body weight

Speed; ability to move by running or flying

2 Normal; peak range 25-29 mph

Agility; ability to move the body with flexibility and coordination

4 Peak Human; significantly above average

Stamina; ability to sustain peak exertion before fatigue impairs performance

4 Enhanced Human; able to sustain for several hours

(Can resist chronic degrading fatigue)

Durability; ability to resist or recover from bodily injury or disease

4 Enhanced Human; difficult to permanently injure

(Immunity to all toxins, adroit healing factor, slowed aging)

Intelligence; ability to think and comprehend

3 Above Average; higher than average IQ

Mental Powers; ability to control and alter minds, moving things with thoughts

5 Seer; ability to affect people within sight

Energy Projection; ability to control or shoot blasts of energies from body

5 Superhuman; can manipulate, create and resist against a single element to a higher degree

(Create/control various poisons)

Fighting Ability; Trained in weapons and hand to hand techniques.

4 Martial Artist; knowledgeable of multiple arts and weapons, or fighting for up to 10 years

(Aikijutsu, Zen, & Atemi)

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I'd like some training as well.

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I don't even see why this is news worthy or why people would react negatively to it.

If you feel taking on your wife's last name makes you more of a "bitch", then I genuinely feel sad for you. Its just a name & I doubt the couple's or any of our last name's mean or signify much of anything in terms of our overall character.

It is pretty ridiculous that they actually had to pay an increased fee just based on the fact that it was a woman's last name instead of man's.

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pixelized says:

"All my faves retained their abilities so i'm cool with it for the most part.
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Right there with ya

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Where would be a good place to go here, for a relative Comicvine RPG virgin?

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I'd be interested in joining one. I've participated in a few before, but not any at Comicvine, yet

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  Peak-Able to lift up to 800 pounds






 Super Human

Energy Projection


 Medium range, medium duration, various energy (poison) types. Able to discharge multiple forms of energy (poisons) ---See character bio for more info---

Fighting Ability


  Master of several forms of combat