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Karli Krawford is the second of three daughters to Americans Alistair & Ava Krawford, in Balham, London. Karli & her sisters were raised in the “high society” of British elite. She had lived the life every proper member of the aristocracy should, even attending finishing school to polish her social manners. Having been home schooled to the age of ten; she would then attend Balham Private School where she excelled in both scholastic and physical activities. Having always been ambitious in her endeavors since childhood, at 16 her parents decided to enroll her in one of the best "boarding schools" in Europe.

The Krawford family appeared to have an extremely pleasant life to almost everyone including their closest friends, but it was more or less just a façade. The internal politics of the family would indeed play a profound role in shaping Karli’s future objectives & personality. Alistair was the sole inheritor of a mass oil tycoon but was also a domineering tyrant of a man who set unfeasibly high standards for his children. It was also revealed that he was a mid-tier mutant telepath, who had taken part in various devious dealings. Ava was an attractive woman and former model who spent very little time with her children to instead have numerous flings with various suitors & deadened the strains of her marriage with an alcohol addiction.

Karli’s sisters felt the same amount of pressures that she faced from their father but more often then not, failed to meet his ideals. Karli however was different & determined to please her father through any means necessary; for she knew the pay off of his approval would outweigh the costs of her sisters’ admiration. As such, Karli seized the opportunity to exploit their shortcomings to the fullest, as best fit for herself. This change of attitude put her at odds with her siblings indefinitely. This came to a head after a heated argument, her eldest sister began to get increasingly violently ill. Quickly realizing that Karli was coming into her mutant powers of toxin emission, she seized the opportunity to permanently remove her sisters from the picture. After more than a week of serious health issues, her parents decided to send their eldest daughter away to an extensive rehabilitation clinic for the severely ill; still unbeknownst to them that it was Karli who caused her condition. With one sister gone, Karli quickly revealed herself as a mutant to her younger sister & threatened to do the same to her unless she did as told & act out in order to be sent away to a reform school for the remainder of her studies. With both sisters taken care of, Karli was fully prepped to be the apple of daddy’s eye.

However, not long after her sisters left, Karli was approached by her father and told her that he knew she was a mutant & knew all she had done. To her astonishment Alistair declared that he was deeply disturbed and impressed by her ruthlessness & willingness to remove the competition. For he had been mentally monitoring all of his children for some time, but knew that she would stand out in the end.

He then relayed a proposition to Karli. He offered her the opportunity to join a select few wealthy mutant offspring in an organization that doubled as a Boarding School of Higher Learning. There she would not only continue her standard academic career, but she would also learn to better control her abilities. He also admitted that the institute was there to callously select the next great mutant leaders through an iniquity program designed to exterminate the weak undesirable mutants from around the world that would do little, if anything to further the cause of mutant superiority. It would revolve around a competitive point-scale, which was based on the mutant's power, assassination skills, and general importance in the world.

Being the vain, arrogant, & brash woman that she is, Karli seized the opportunity; having taken on the moniker of "Krave"