500 Reasons Why I Love Comics

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Great list here amazing I when check everyone quite long

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@Leliel: Thanks!
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Nice list!

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WOW! That`s alot of reasons.

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this is an amazingly good list bravo!

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Great list.

Posted by RainEffect

Aw man, and I was really enjoying your reasonings, but they stopped! Nevertheless, amazing list mate, and I particularly enjoyed your justifications (especially Batman's - spot on about Hamlet).

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Awesome list.

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@MoonstoneEvil: @kevin88wk: @NyxEquitis: @RainEffect: @Zaber: @NottheFacePlease: Thanks!

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Great list!

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This list is epic.

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X-Men, Fables, and Wonder Woman all at the top? No this is what I call a good list! Well done!

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Thank you!

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Really cool list!

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Frank Miller ? i guess we should thank him for:

"I touched my mothers breast...it bled on me."

"What are you dense ? Are you retarded or something ? Who the hell do you think i am ? I'M THE GODDAMN BAT MAN."